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    “VIVA” – A Skill Enhancement Session Answers:
    Dear Friends, This session is an initiative of our team which will start daily at 10:30am which mainly concentrates on evaluating skill and knowledge of our viewers. In this session we are going to ask set of questions without giving any options which are important in examination point of view, you need to think on those questions and give answers by commenting below and you can also ask your questions from today’s particular subject. At the end of the day we will give answers with detailed explanation.

    Today’s VIVA Questions on Current Affairs:
    1). “Anticipate, Absorb, Reshape” to build climate resilience is an initiative launched by which country?
    EXPLINATION:TheUnited Nations (UN) Secretary-General, Mr. Ban Ki-moon along with 13 agencies of the UN system has launched the new initiative titled “Anticipate, Absorb, Reshape” to build climate resilience in the world’s most vulnerable countries.
    ·        The 13 UN organisations participating in the Initiative are FAO, UNEP, UNFCCC, UN-Habitat, UNFPA, UNICEF, UNESCO, UNOPS, UNISDR, WFP, OCHA, WHO, and WMO.
    ·        The initiative has been launched during the United Nations climate change conference (COP21) in Paris.
    ·        The initiative will enhance the ability of the countries to anticipate climate hazards, absorb consequences and reshape development to reduce risks from climate hazards.
    ·        The initiative will also work on mobilizing finance and knowledge and to create and operationalize partnerships to fight against climate change.
    2). Which country has imposed economic sanctions against Turkey, recently?
    EXPLINATION:Russia has imposed economic sanctions against Turkey, a NATO member over the issue of downing of a Russian Sukhoi 24 warplane on the Syrian border. In this regard, Russian President Vladimir Putin has signed a decree adopting a series of retaliatory economic measures against Turkey. The economic sanctions covers ban on imports from Turkey, work of Turkish companies in Russia and any Turkish nationals working for Russian companies.
    3). What was the campaign that was launched by the Union Government for differently-abled people?
    EXPLINATION:The Union Government has launched the“Accessible India Campaign” (Sugamya Bharat Abhiyan). The campaign seeks to make at least 50 % of all government buildings in the national capital and all state capitals “fully accessible” for the disabled by July 2018.
    ·        It is a nationwide flagship campaign for achieving universal accessibility for persons with disabilities and to create an enabling and barrier free environment, with a focus on Built Environment, Public Transportation and Information and Communication Technologies.
    ·        The campaign would involve making transport, public space, tourist places, international airports, railway stations and information and communication technology in India differently-able friendly.
    4). Which was the scheme launched by the Union Government that enters into Guinness Book of World records recently?
    EXPLINATION:Union Government of India’s ambitiousPratyakshaHastaantaritLaabh (PAHAL)entered into The Guinness Book of World Recordsas the world’s largest cash transfer program (households).
    ·        Under the scheme, subsidized Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) cylinders are sold at market rates and consumers are entitled to receive LPG subsidy directly into their bank accounts. It is done either through bank account or Aadhaar linkage. Cash advance is transferred into the beneficiary account on first enrollment and another installment is given the moment another LPG refill is booked.
    ·        Currently the scheme covers more than 9.75 crore LPG consumers across the country.
    ·        The scheme aims at reducing eliminating duplication or bogus LPG connections and its diversion.
    ·        It also seeks to meet substantive savings in LPG subsidy.

    5). According to the 2015 Edition FIFA World Ranking what was India’s rank in the global football rankings?
    EXPLINATION:India jumped six places to the166th spot in the global football rankings in the list released by FIFA. India was 172nd in last month’s rankings after losing five consecutive 2018 World Cup qualifying matches.
    ·        As per latest list released by FIFA World Rankings, Belgium retained their top position after grabbing it for the first time and World Cup 2014 runners-up Argentina moved up a spot to the second, displacing leading world champions Germany from the spot who dropped to fourth position.
    ·        Way down in 25th place is France, host of Euro 2016 and British bookies joint favorites with Germany to win the tournament. The bookies make Belgium fifth favorite to win the summer event.
    ·        Chile was the biggest climbers among the top 10 teams, rising four places to emerge fifth. Both England and Austria climbed up one notch to take ninth and 10th place respectively.

    6). International Day of Commemoration and Dignity of the Victims of the Crime of Genocide observed on?
    EXPLINATION:On 9 December 2015International Day of Commemoration and Dignity of the Victims of the Crime of Genocide and of the Prevention of this Crime was observed globally.
    ·        To raise awareness of the Genocide Convention and its role in combating and preventing the crime of genocide and to commemorate and honour its victims
    ·        Genocide is deliberate killing of a large group of people, especially those of a particular nation or ethnic group.

    7). International Conference on the Policy of Neutrality held at which country recently?
    EXPLINATION:International Conference on the Policy of Neutrality held atTurkmenistan capital Ashgabat. The event was held under the theme of the Cooperation for peace, security and development’.
    ·        Heads of States and Heads of Governments from 20 countries and high ranking delegates from many countries including Japan, China, Russian Federation, Afghanistan, Pakistan and India as well as representatives of UN and other international organisations has participated in the Conference.
    ·        Vice-President Mohammad Hamid Ansari has also attended the event with the Indian delegation.

    8). India signed a protocol with which country for amending the double taxation avoidance pact?
    EXPLINATION:The Government of India and theGovernment of Japan has signed a Protocol for amending the existing Convention for the avoidance of double taxation and for the prevention of fiscal evasion with respect to taxes on income.
    Features of Amended Protocol
    ·        Protocol provides for internationally accepted standards for effective exchange of information on tax matters.
    ·        It includes sharing of bank information and information without domestic tax interest.
    ·        Facilitates sharing of the information received from Japan of Indian resident with other law enforcement agencies with authorisation of the competent authority and vice versa.
    ·        Under it both countries shall assist each other in the collection of revenue claims.
    ·        It further provides for exemption of interest income from taxation in the source country. This exemption will be with respect to debt-claims insured by the Government or Government owned financial institutions.

    9). Who was appointed as the CEO of NITI Aayog recently?
    EXPLINATION:The Appointments Committee of the Cabinet, presided by Prime Minister NarendraModi, gaveAmitabh Kant the additional responsibility of being Chief Executive Officer of NITI Aayog.
    About NITI Aayog:
         The National Institution for Transforming India Aayog (NITI Aayog) is a Government of India policy think-tank.
         It was formed on 1 January 2015 by Prime Minister NarendraModi to replace the Planning Commission.
         The Aayog aims at fostering involvement and participation in the economic policy-making process by the State Governments of India.
         One of the important mandates of NITI Aayog is to bring cooperative competitive federalism.

    10). Who was named as the Yahoo’s Personality of the Year 2015?
    EXPLINATION:Search engine giant Yahoo namedCowas the Personality of the Year 2015.
         The animal managed to top the list over other high-profile contenders for the spot in Yahoo’s list of 2015 Year in Review (YIR) for India.
         As per Yahoo India, it all started after the announcement of beef ban in Maharashtra, which led to massive debates and arguments.

         The Beef Controversy was fuelled further by Dadri lynching and Award Wapsi campaign, and the cow soon became the icon of discussions on intolerance.

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