“VIVA Session”- on Marketing Awareness (Answers Updated)

    “VIVA Session”- on Marketing Awareness

    “VIVA Session”- on Marketing Awareness:
    Dear Friends, This session is an initiative of our team which will start daily at 10:30am which mainly concentrates on evaluating skill and knowledge of our viewers. In this session we are going to ask set of questions without giving any options which are important in examination point of view, you need to think on those questions and give answers by commenting below and you can also ask your questions from today’s particular subject. After 2 hours we will give answers.

    Today’s VIVA Answers:

    1.Second step in the process of selection of salesman is
    Answer:Security of Application

    2.Vacancies created by retirement or death or resignation or termination of old employees, can be filled with
    Answer:New Appointments

    3.________ describes changes in an individual’s behavior arising from experience.

    4._______ is the general term for buying and selling process that is supported by electronics means.
    Answer:Electronic commerce

    5.The sole aim of marketing is to
    Answer:Increase sales

    6.Value added services means
    Answer:Additional services

    7.Bancasurrance can be sold to
    Answer:All existing and prospective bank customers

    8.Effective selling skills depends on
    Answer:Peer Strength

    9.CRM stands for
    Answer:Customer Relationship Management

    10.Market-driven strategy includes

    Answer:Positioning the organization and its brands in the market place

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