“VIVA Session”- Reasoning (Blood Relations) Solution Updated

    “VIVA Session”- Reasoning (Blood Relations)
    “VIVA Session”- Reasoning (Blood Relations):
    Dear Friends, This session is an initiative of our team which will be conducted daily that mainly concentrates on evaluating skill and knowledge of our viewers. In this session we are going to ask set of questions without giving any options which are important in examination point of view, you need to think on those questions and give answers by commenting below and you can also ask your questions from today’s particular subject. At the end of the day we will give answers.

    1. Pointing to a gentleman, Abdul said, “His only brother is the father of my daughter’sfather”. How is the gentleman related to Abdul?”
    Solution:‘Father of Abdul’s daughter’s father means-Abdul’s father. Thus, the man’s brother is Abdul’s father or the man is the brother of Abdul’s father i.e. Uncle of Abdul. Hence, answer Uncle.
    2. Pointing to a photograph Smita says, “This man’s son’s sister is my mother-in-law.”How is the woman’s husband related to the man in the photograph?
    Solution:Man’s son’s sister i.e. man’s daughter. Man’s daughter is the mother of Smita’s husband i.e. he is the grandson of man in the photograph. Hence, answer is Grandson.
    3. Pointing to a man in a photograph, Malati tells, “His brother’s father is the only son ofmy grandfather.” How is Malati related to the man in the photograph?
    Solution:As the man’s father is the son of Malati’s grandfather, she is the man’s sister. Hence, answer is Sister.
    4. Rekha introduces a man as the son of the brother of her mother. How is the manrelated Rekha.
    Solution:Brother of mother i.e. uncle. Uncle’s son is cousin. Hence, answer is Cousin.
    5. Pointing to Dharmendra, Hema said, “He is the son of my father’s only son.” How isDharmendra’s mother related to Hema?
    Solution:Hema’s father’s only son is Hema’s brother. So, Dharmendra is the son of Hema’s brother. Thus, Dharmendra’s mother is the wife of Hema’s brother. Hence, answer is Sister- in- law.
    6. Pointing towards a girl in the picture, Jaya said, “She is the mother of Amita whosefather is my son.” How is Jaya related to the girl in the picture?
    Solution:Amita is the daughter of Jaya’s son and the girl is Amita’s mother. So, the girl is Jaya’s son’swife i.e. Jaya is the girl’s mother-in-law. Hence, answer is Mother-in-law.
    7. If Nitesh says, “Priya’s mother is the only daughter of my mother”, how is Niteshrelated to Priya?
    Solution:‘Only daughter of Nitesh’s’ mother means Nitesh’s sister. Priya’s mother is the Nitesh’s sister. So, Nitesh is Priya’s maternal uncle. Hence, answer is Uncle.
    8. R is the brother of P’s father’s wife. What is the relation of P with R?
    Solution:R is brother of P’s mother. R is maternal uncle of P. P is thus nephew of R. So answer is Nephew.
    9. Introducing Nitin, Rohit said, “He is the only son of my father’s only son. How is Rohitrelated to Nitin?
    Solution:Rohit father’s only son means Rohit himself. So, Nitin is Rohit’s son i.e. Rohit is Nitin’s father. Hence, answer is Father.
    10. ‘Anil ’ and ‘Meena’ are married couple. ‘Arjun’ and ‘Laksh are brothers. ‘Arjun’ is thebrother of ‘Anil’. How is ‘Laksh’ related to ‘Meena’?

    Solution:‘Anil’ and ‘Meena’ are husband and wife. Since Arjun’ and ‘Laksh are brothers and ‘Arjun’ is the brother of ‘Anil’, ‘Laksh’ is also the brother of ‘Anil’. Thus, ‘Laksh’ is the brother-in-law of ‘Meena. Hence, answer is Brother-in-law.
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