Weekly Current Affairs and GK Quiz- August 1st Week 2015

    Weekly Current Affairs and GK Quiz- August 1st Week 2015
    Weekly Current Affairs and GK Quiz- August 1st Week 2015:                                   
    Weekly Current affairs and GK quiz about the country and world were asked here. Candidates those who are preparing for all competitive and banking exams can use these questions.

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    1).Which of the following sport activity has been planned to host at Beijing in 2022?
    a)   Winter Olympics
    b)   Paralympics
    c)   Football World Cup
    d)   Both 1) and 2)

  • 2).Bibek Debroy Committee is related to which of the following sector?
    a)   Restructuring of government schools
    b)   Restructuring of Indian Railways
    c)   Education sector
    d)   Financial inclusion

  • 3).Which of the following state has announced the Youth Award in the name of Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam?
    a)   Gujarat
    b)   Kerala
    c)   Tamil nadu
    d)   Karnataka

  • 4).Which of the following has designed the India’s first Harbor Defense System commissioned in Kochi?
    a)   Israel Aerospace Industries
    b)   Lockheed Martin
    c)   Boeing
    d)   DRDO

  • 5).Rajat Chauhan is related to which of the following sports?
    a)   Hockey
    b)   Archery
    c)   Tennis
    d)   Cricket

  • 6).Which of the following automobile company has bagged high mobility vehicle (LMV) contract of Rs. 914 crore from the Indian Army?
    a)   Bharat Benz
    b)   Mahindra and Mahindra
    c)   Tata Motors
    d)   Ashok Leyland

  • 7).India is hosting the second edition meeting of FIPIC on 21st August. Here FIPIC stands for- Forum for India-__________ Islands Cooperation.
    a)   Pacific
    b)   Partnership
    c)   Performance
    d)   Protect

  • 8).Which among the following company has acquired YTS Solutions?
    a)   Reliance
    b)   Airtel
    c)   Alibaba
    d)   Vodafone

  • 9).Which of the following country has grounded its fleet of Anti-Armor Attack Helicopter Mi 28?
    a)   USA
    b)   China
    c)   Russia
    d)   India

  • 10). Which of the following country has recently joined as the member of The European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN)?
    a)   Pakistan
    b)   Switzerland
    c)   Ukraine
    d)   Thailand

  • 11). Indian Government has signed a peace accord with which of the following organization?
    a)   LTTE
    b)   BODO
    c)   ULFA
    d)   National Socialist Council of Nagaland

  • 12). Who among the following has won India’s first-ever individual medal in the World Archery Championship?
    a)   Deepika Kumari
    b)   Rajat Chauhan
    c)   Hiten Barua
    d)   Ashish Manjhi

  • 13). Multi-Application Solar Telescope (MAST) is the Asia’s Biggest Telescope which was recently inaugurated at__________.
    a)   Meghalaya
    b)   Assam
    c)   Himachal Pradesh
    d)   Rajasthan

  • 14).Name the Mathematician who won the Ramanujan Prize 2015?
    a)   Dr. Amalendu Krishna
    b)   Anand Kumar
    c)   Vashishtha Singh
    d)   Rajeeva Laxman Karandikar

  • 15).Which of the following bank is launching Green Bonds in India?
    a)   Standard Chartered Bank
    b)   CITI Bank
    c)   HSBC
    d)   ICICI

  • 16).Which of the following e-Commerce Company has launched a new website name as Findmystyle.in to help customers to pick products?
    a)   eBay
    b)   Amazan
    c)   Flipkart
    d)   Snapdeal

  • 17).India has signed a MoU with which of the following country to boost the relationship in Renewable Energy Sector?
    a)   Mozambique
    b)   Russia
    c)   Australia
    d)   Japan

  • 18).Airtel has launched its first high-speed 4G services in which of the following city in India?
    a)   Mumbai
    b)   Kolkata
    c)   Delhi
    d)   Bangalore

  • 19).India has extended the Anti-Dumping Duty on imports of all forms& grades of Vitamin C from ________.
    a)   Indonesia
    b)   China
    c)   Russia
    d)   Japan

  • 20).The Negotiable Instruments (Amendment) Bill 2015 has been passed in Lok Sabha which amends the Negotiable Instruments Act, __________.
    a)   1881
    b)   1991
    c)   1999
    d)   1899

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