Weekly Current Affairs and GK Quiz- July 1st Week 2015

    Weekly Current Affairs and GK Quiz
    Weekly Current Affairs and GK Quiz- July 1st Week 2015:
    Weekly Current affairs and GK quiz about the country and world were asked here. Candidates those who are preparing for all competitive and banking exams can use these questions.

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    1).Who has been appointed as the New Additional Director in CBI?
    a)   Avinash Kaul
    b)   Y C Modi
    c)   Anjali Raj
    d)   Lalit Modi

  • 2).7thMeeting of India-Thailand Joint Commission was held at_________.
    a)   Mumbai
    b)   Bangkok
    c)   Bangalore
    d)   Delhi
  • 3).What is the theme of National Statistics Day 2015?
    a)   Know your numbers
    b)   Social Data
    c)   Data and You
    d)   Social Development

  • 4).Who is the winner of G D Birla Award 2014?
    a)   Prof. Anjali Noori
    b)   Prof. Pankaj Kapoor
    c)   Prof. Sundeep Sharma
    d)   Prof. Sanjeev Galande

  • 5).As per Global Rating Agency report, what is the expected growth rate of India in 2015?
    a)   7%
    b)   7.8%
    c)   7.5%
    d)   6.9%

  • 6).Who is known as the father of SMS technology?
    a)   Charles Babbage
    b)   Steve Jobs
    c)   Matti Makkonen
    d)   Bill Gates

  • 7).Who is the author of the book- “Transcendence: My Spiritual Experiences with Pramukh Swamiji”?
    a)   Atal Bihari Vaipeyi and Neera Yadav
    b)   APJ Abdul Kalam and Arun Tiwari
    c)   Vishwamohan Bhatt
    d)   Vishwanath Tripathi

  • 8).Who is the newly appointed Interim CMD of Oil India Limited?
    a)   U P Singh
    b)   R P Singh
    c)   Raman Singh
    d)   Ravi K Sachhar

  • 9).Which of the following Insurance Company has launched weather based crop insurance scheme for three districts for Maharashtra?
    a)   ICICI Prudential
    b)   Bajaj Allianz
    c)   Met Life
    d)   National Insurance

  • 10).The Guinness Book of World Records has recognized a record created in ________ on World Hand Washing Day 2014.
    a)   Uttar Pradesh
    b)   Punjab
    c)   Madhya Pradesh
    d)   Karnataka

  • 11).Who is the winner of World Agriculture Prize Laureate?
    a)   R Paul Singh
    b)   Roop Kumar
    c)   James John
    d)   S Arvind Desai

  • 12).Which of the following companies was going to built Military Choppers in India?
    a)   Beoing and Mahindra
    b)   DRDO and Rafael
    c)   Airbus and Mahindra
    d)   Lockhead Martin and DRDO

  • 13).Which is the first country to succeed in the elimination of mother-to-child transmission of HIV and Syphilis?
    a)   Russia
    b)   Cuba
    c)   Japan
    d)   Peru

  • 14).Who is the winner of the World Food Prize 2015?
    a)   Fazle Hasan Abed
    b)   Darshan Jain
    c)   Vikram Seth
    d)   Mahendr Awasthi

  • 15).Whom is the author of the book- “Uniki”?
    a)   Namita Sagar
    b)   Vidyasagar Rao
    c)   Chetan Bhagat
    d)   Manoj Aggarwal

  • 16).Who is the winner of Women’s FIFA World Cup 2015?.
    a)   Brazil
    b)   Japan
    c)   US
    d)   Russia

  • 17).What is the name of the operation that was launched to make Amarnath Yatra Safe?
    a)   Operation Yatra
    b)   Operation Shiva
    c)   Operation Safe
    d)   Operation Amarnath

  • 18).Name the Indian Biologist who has been elected to the Royal Society?
    a)   J C Cheema
    b)   Ravi King
    c)   Kamal Bawa
    d)   R P Sandhu

  • 19).Which of the following country hosts the inaugural meeting of the BRICS-backed New Development Bank?
    a)   Brazil
    b)   Russia
    c)   China
    d)   India

  • 20).MUDRA Yojana is related to which of the following sectors?
    a)   Jute Industry
    b)   Co-Operatives
    c)   Micro Entrepreneurs
    d)   Steel Industry
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