Weekly Current Affairs and GK Quiz- July 4th Week 2015

    Weekly Current Affairs and GK Quiz- July 4th Week 2015
    Weekly Current Affairs and GK Quiz- July 4th Week 2015:
    Weekly Current affairs and GK quiz about the country and world were asked here. Candidates those who are preparing for all competitive and banking exams can use these questions.

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    1).Who has been appointed as the New Chairperson of FSSAI?
    a)   R K Singhal
    b)   Bhanu Pratap Sharma
    c)   Ajay Yadav
    d)   Piyush Dwivedi

  • 2).Who has been appointed as the New Chairperson of Delhi Commission for Women?
    a)   Swati Maliwal
    b)   Anita Bahari
    c)   Neerji Vyas
    d)   Alka Lamba

  • 3).Who is the winner of American Book Award for the year 2015?
    a)   Naomi Shihab Nye
    b)   Anand Gopal
    c)   George Packer
    d)   Naomi Klein
  • 4).Recently UNESCO has announced which of the following as the World Book Capital for 2017?
    a)   Conakry
    b)   New York
    c)   Delhi
    d)   Beijing

  • 5).Who is the author of- “This Changes Everything: Capitalism Vs the Climate”?
    a)   Andrew Klum
    b)   Vito Schnabel
    c)   Paul Newman
    d)   Naomi Klein

  • 6).What is the name of the Scheme that has been launched to create awareness and capacity building on Safe and Hygienic food for all?
    a)   Surakshit Khao, Surakshit Raho
    b)   Wash before you eat
    c)   Surakshit Khadya Abhiyan
    d)   Sab Kae liye Khanna

  • 7).Which of the following is the commercial arm of ISRO?
    a)   Astrium
    b)   Antrix
    c)   Intelsat
    d)   Antrax

  • 8).Which of the following is the First Indian City to get nominated for the Smart City?
    a)   Bangalore
    b)   Puducherry
    c)   Surat
    d)   Kochi

  • 9).India has planned to sign Moto Vehicle Agreement with ________ and _________ on December 2015.
    a)   Bangladesh and Nepal
    b)   Bangladesh and Myanmar
    c)   Myanmar and Thailand
    d)   Thailand and Sri Lanka

  • 10).Name the company which has signed the deal with Tata Discom to provide solar power in Delhi?
    a)   RecPower
    b)   Reliance Power
    c)   SunEdison
    d)   Adani Power

  • 11).Who has become the youngest Chartered Accountant in India?
    a)   Pranov Kumar
    b)   Viraat Basu
    c)   Ravi Mohanty
    d)   Nishchal Narayan

  • 12).Who is the winner of Copley Medal, World’s oldest scientific prize?
    a)   Raymond Pike
    b)   Michelles Rogers
    c)   Charles Ray
    d)   Peter Higgs

  • 13).World Archery Championships 2015 was hosed at__________.
    a)   Denmark
    b)   Japan
    c)   Italy
    d)   Turkey

  • 14).GIB projects will be launched in three Indian states such as Rajasthan, Gujarat and Maharashtra. Here GIB stands for- Great Indian _______.
    a)   Bharat
    b)   Bio-Metric
    c)   Basic
    d)   Bustard

  • 15).Name the country which has recently launched two new satellites using Beidou Systems?
    a)   Japan
    b)   China
    c)   Germany
    d)   South Korea

  • 16).Who is the winner of Hungarian Grand Prix of Formula One (F1) Title 2015?
    a)   Felipe Nasar
    b)   Sebastian Vettel
    c)   Lewis Hamilton
    d)   Max Verstappen

  • 17).Who is the winner of Tour De France 2015?
    a)   Glister James
    b)   Mark Davidson
    c)   Chris Rogers
    d)   Chris Froome

  • 18).Who has been recently appointed as the Director General of The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI)?
    a)   Dinanath Jha
    b)   Ravi Mathur
    c)   Ajay Mathur
    d)   Anil Mishra

  • 19).Among the following which book is NOT written by APJ Abdul Kalam?
    a)   Ignited Minds
    b)   Wings of Fire
    c)   Indomitable Will Power
    d)   India 2020

  • 20).Who is the new Chairman of TRAI?
    a)   R L Mishra
    b)   Amit Jalan
    c)   R S Sharma
    d)   P K Yadav
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