Weekly Current Affairs and GK Quiz- June 1st Week 2015

    Weekly Current Affairs and GK Quiz
    Weekly Current Affairs and GK Quiz- June 1st Week 2015:                                     
    Weekly Current affairs and GK quiz about the country and world were asked here. Candidates those who are preparing for all competitive and banking exams can use these questions.

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    1).Who has been honored with the Friends of Bangladesh Liberation War Award?
    a)   Mamta Banerjee
    b)   Atal Bihari
    c)   Narendra Modi
    d)   APJ Abdul Kalam

  • 2).Who is the new executive director of RBI?
    a)   Devendra Kaul
    b)   Meena Hemchandra
    c)   Aditi Malik
    d)   Amit Vats

  • 3).According to SBI, what is the expected growth in GDP for this fiscal year?
    a)   6.9%
    b)   6.5%
    c)   7.9%
    d)   8.4%

  • 4).Reserve Bank of India has reduced the Repo rate to ________, in its second bi-monthly policy.
    a)   6.8%
    b)   7%
    c)   7.25%
    d)   7.1%

  • 5).Who is the New President of Mauritius?
    a)   Ameenah Gurib Fakim
    b)   Monique Ohsan Bellepeau
    c)   Kailash Purryag
    d)   Sir Anerood Jugnauth

  • 6).Recently the Service tax has been increased to ______ from 12.36%.
    a)   13%
    b)   13.5%
    c)   14%
    d)   14.2%

  • 7).Irwin Rose has died recently; he is the Nobel Prize Winner for________.
    a)   Economics
    b)   Peace
    c)   Chemistry
    d)   Physics

  • 8).Which among the following state has received $50 million loan from World Bank for Jhelum and Tawi Flood Recovery Project?
    a)   Haryana
    b)   Himachal Pradesh
    c)   Gujarat
    d)   Jammu and Kashmir

  • 9).Which of the following has got approved to do business in Bangladesh?
    a)   SBI
    b)   HDFC
    c)   LIC
    d)   ICICI

  • 10).Which of the following South African Cricketer has crowned as the Cricketer of the year?
    a)   Hashim Amla
    b)   Dale Steyn
    c)   AB De Villiers
    d)   David Miller

  • 11).India’s first Metro Train that runs without driver were launched recently at________.
    a)   Bangalore
    b)   Kolkata
    c)   Mumbai
    d)   Delhi

  • 12).What is the India’s position in FIFA ranking which was released recently?
    a)   141st
    b)   150th
    c)   145th
    d)   138th

  • 13).What is the Theme of the 2015 World Environmental Day?
    a)   Seven Billion Dreams. One Planet. Consume with Care
    b)   Committed to save our Planet
    c)   Act now to Save Earth
    d)   One Planet, One Dream- Save it for the future

  • 14).Who is the India’s special envoy on counter-terror?
    a)   Santhosh Sinha
    b)   Asif Ibrahim
    c)   Ashish Jaiswal
    d)   Aditya Raj

  • 15).Mark Rutte, who is on India Visit, is the Prime Minister of _________.
    a)   Belarus
    b)   Netherlands
    c)   Scotland
    d)   Chile

  • 16).Reliance Power has decided to invest $ 3 billion in which of the following country to set up mega power plants?
    a)   Bangladesh
    b)   Sri Lanka
    c)   Japan
    d)   China

  • 17).Who is the New Coach of India under 19 and India A Cricket Team?
    a)   Rahul Dravid
    b)   VVS Laxman
    c)   Anil Kumble
    d)   Ravi Shastri

  • 18).India’s first green police station was inaugurated at________.
    a)   Punjab
    b)   Gujarat
    c)   Assam
    d)   New Delhi

  • 19).Who is the winner of the UEFA Champions League Trophy 2015?
    a)   Arsenal
    b)   Barcelona
    c)   Juventus
    d)   Paris

  • 20).What is the name of the new scheme which was launched by Union Ministry for Water Resources?
    a)   Jal Hi Jeevan Hai
    b)   Drop by Drop
    c)   Jal Kranti Abhiyan
    d)   Jal Bachao Abhiyan

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