Weekly Current Affairs and GK Quiz- March 2nd Week 2015

    Weekly Current Affairs and GK Quiz
    Weekly Current Affairs and GK Quiz- March 2nd Week 2015:                                     
    Weekly Current affairs and GK quiz about the country and world were asked here. Candidates those who are preparing for all competitive and banking exams can use these questions.

    1).As per Forbes report, who is the richest Indian?
    a)   Dilip Shanghvi
    b)   Anil Ambani
    c)   Sunil Bharti Mittal
    d)   Ratan Tata

  • 2).Who is the author of the book- Lucknow Boy?
    a)   Vinod Mehta
    b)   MJ Akbar
    c)   Akhilesh Yadav
    d)   Varun Vats

  • 3).Which of the following state has launched the Aapki Beti Hamari Beti?
    a)   Gujarat
    b)   Haryana
    c)   Punjab
    d)   Delhi

  • 4).What is the name of the solar powered aircraft that took off for its maiden global tour from Abu Dhabi?
    a)   Sun Craft
    b)   Solar Sail
    c)   Solar Impulse
    d)   Power to Sun

  • 5).What is the name of the Military Exercise that was conducted between India and Nepal?
    a)   Ind-Nepal
    b)   Surya-Kiran
    c)   Varun-Kiran
    d)   Bharat-Kiran

  • 6).Who is the winner of Saraswati Samman 2014?
    a)   Veerappa Moily
    b)   Vinod Mehta
    c)   Arjun Vyas
    d)   CK Naidu

  • 7).Where was the first Kissan Call Centre for the North East Region has been opened?
    a)   Itanagar
    b)   Kohima
    c)   Guwahati
    d)   Agartala

  • 8).Who is the New USA Ambassador to Pakistan?
    a)   Luis Levy
    b)   John Maclane
    c)   David Hale
    d)   David Bond

  • 9).Which of the following body is investing Rs. 1.5 Lakh crores in Indian Railways in next 5 years?
    a)   ICICI
    b)   SBI
    c)   LIC
    d)   RBI

  • 10).Name the Indian Company which was chosen as the top employer in Europe for the third consecutive time?
    a)   TCS
    b)   Infosys
    c)   Wipro
    d)   CTS

  • 11).During Narendra Modi’s maiden visit to Sri Lanka, India has signed four agreements, which of the following NOT comes under that list?
    a)   Youth Development
    b)   Sports
    c)   Customs
    d)   Visa

  • 12).Name the Pakistan’s First indigenous armed drone and laser guided missile?
    a)   Barq
    b)   Khaatma
    c)   Haq
    d)   Zila

  • 13).Which is the No.1 University in World Reputation Rankings 2015?
    a)   Harvard University
    b)   Stanford University
    c)   MIT
    d)   IIM University

  • 14).Who is the new brand ambassador for the North East Region?
    a)   Amitabh Bhachan
    b)   Ashish Nandy
    c)   Baichung Bhutia
    d)   Mary Kom

  • 15).For the first time, _____ has decided to recruit women officers.
    a)   CISF
    b)   Delhi
    c)   IAF
    d)   ITBP

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