Weekly Current Affairs Quiz- April 3rd Week 2016

Weekly Current Affairs Quiz- April 3rd Week 2016
Weekly Current Affairs Quiz- April 3rd Week 2016:                                       
Dear Readers, Weekly Current affairs Quiz about the country and world were asked here. Candidates those who are preparing for all competitive and banking exams can use these questions.

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1). Himachal Pradesh is celebrating _______ Himachal Day on April 15.
a)  68th
b)  67th
c)  69th
d)  70th
e)  71st

2). Government has reconstituted Indira Gandhi National Centre for Arts (IGNCA) board. Who has been appointed as Chairman of the Board.
a)  Ram Bahadur Rai
b)  Dakshinaranjan Basu
c)  Vikram Chandra
d)  David Dev Das
e)  Santosh Kumar

3). India and _________ have agreed to enhance collaboration on tackling offshore tax evasion and increase co-operation in sharing of cross-border tax information.
a)  Germany
b)  Japan
c)  China
d)  USA
e)  None of the above

4). The female boxer who was named as one of the eight ambassadors for the upcoming World Championships by the International Boxing Association (AIBA).
a)  Lila Ali
b)  Tracy Byrd
c)  Jane Couch
d)  Mary Kom
e)  None of the above

5). Manika Batra and Soumyajit Ghosh have qualified for 2016 Rio Olympics. They belong to which sports.
a)  Archery
b)  Diving
c)  Table Tennis
d)  Hockey
e)  Volley Ball

6). Which state has launched the Bhimrao Ambedkar Awas Yojana for widows?
a)  Jammu and Kashmir
b)  Meghalaya
c)  Uttarakhand
d)  Jharkhand
e)  Gujarat

7). According to the latest economic census the state that has the maximum number of woman entrepreneurs in the country is
a)  Tamil Nadu
b)  Andhra Pradesh
c)  Kerala
d)  Karnataka
e)  Maharashtra

8). Volodymyr Groysman appointed as the new Prime Minister of which country?
a)  Hungary
b)  Bulgaria
c)  Ukraine
d)  Turkey
e)  Latvia

9). Scientists create world’s strongest material. The name given to the material is
a)  Dimando
b)  Graphene
c)  Magnesine
d)  Alluminine
e)  None of the above

10). Award-winning photographer, Malick Sidibe, has died at the age of 80. He belongs to which country?
a)  Liberia
b)  Mali
c)  Angola
d)  Niger
e)  Mauritania

11). Name the major exercise conducting in the deserts of Rajasthan to evaluate the capability of the Army to strike deep into enemy territory in an integrated air-land battle environment.
a)  Varuna
c)  AviaIndra
d)  Surya Kiran
e)  Shatrujeet

12). Who gets Mumbai Press Clubs lifetime achievement awardAwarded by The Mumbai Press Club– ‘RedInk Award for Lifetime Achievement in Journalism?
a)  BarkhaDutt
b)  T N Ninan
c)  AmbaGoswami
d)  ArunShourie
e)  PalagummiSainath

13). Name the humanoid robot that can speak, show micro-expressions and move eyes and body that was unveiled by researchersat the University of Science and Technology of China.
a)  Kia Kia
b)  Mia Mia
c)  JiaJia
d)  LiaLia
e)  None of the above

14). Mercedes’ NicoRosberg took pole at the 2016 Chinese Grand Prix. He belongs to which Country?
a)  Argentina
b)  Germany
c)  Netherlands
d)  Poland
e)  Italy

15). International Day for Monuments and Sites observed on April 18th with theme for the year 2016 is
a)  Heritage, a shared wealth of humankind
b)  Heritage of Commemoration
c)  World Heritage Convention
d)  The Heritage of sport
e)  None of the above

16). ThrissurPooram is a traditional festival celebrated in which state?
a)  Andhra Pradesh
b)  Kerala
c)  Gujarat
d)  Haryana
e)  Meghalaya

17). Infosys cofounder S Gopalakrishnan launched a new app that chronicles thefascinating journey of the Indian IT industry since the 1950s. Name the app.
a)  Paramahamsa
b)  Rajahamsa
c)  Itihaasa
d)  Yaaden
e)  Saphalata

18). According to the latest reports released, which is the best country in the world to raise children?
a)  Finland
b)  Denmark
c)  Norway
d)  Switzerland
e)  None of the above

19). Who has appointed as Director General, Fire Services, Civil Defence and Home Guards?
a)  Prakash Mishra
b)  M Akhaya
c)  BinyanandJha
d)  PC Thakur
e)  Arun Kumar Ray

20). Name the first ever Indian gymnast to qualify for Olympics.
a)  Pranathi Das
b)  DipaKarmakar
c)  Priti Das
d)  TumpaDebanath
e)  PranathiNaik

21). Technical Committee on Large Scale Integration of Renewable Energy in India is headed by
a)  Kalraj Mishra
b)  Ananthkumar
c)  PiyushGoyal
d)  ChaudharyBirender Singh         
e)  Radha Mohan Singh

22). According to the study conducted by Assocham-SREI, which state tops in Public Private Partnership project investments?
a)  Madhya Pradesh
b)  Andhra Pradesh
c)  Himachal Pradesh
d)  Uttar Pradesh
e)  Arunachal Pradesh

23). With which country does Uttar Pradesh Government shared contributions to enhance the Road Connectivity of about 400 Kms in major district in Uttar Pradesh State?
a)  Peru
b)  Philippines
c)  Cambodia
d)  Poland
e)  Germany

24). The 14th meeting of the Foreign Ministers of the Russian Federation, the Republic of India and the People’s Republic of China was held in
a)  Saint Petersburg
b)  Beijing
c)  Ahmadabad
d)  Moscow
e)  None of the above

25). Name the Indian-American nominated by US President Barack Obama as the countrys next envoy to Chad.
a)  George Sudarshan
b)  V Mohan Reddy
c)  Geeta Pasi
d)  Ruchi Shangavi
e)  Swapna Chattopadhya

26). Who among the following was appointed by State government of Goa as its new Lokayukta?
a)  P.K. Mishra
b)  Bhaskar Khulbe    
c)  T. V. Somanathan
d)  Tarun Bajaj
e)  Debashree Mukherjee

27). Which bank becomes as the first private sector bank to open dedicated branch for start-ups?
a)  South Indian Bank
b)  Karur Vysya Bank
c)  ICICI Bank
d)  IDBI Bank
e)  RBL Bank

28). Civil Services Day is being observed on
a)  22nd April
b)  23rd April
c)  21st April
d)  24th April
e)  21st August

29). India ranks ____ out of 180 countries listed in the World Press Freedom Index 2016, released by NGO Reporters without Borders.
a)  134
b)  135
c)  133
d)  128
e)  110

30). Who among the following persons has been conferred with one of the highest awards of Cyprus for his work in a number of senior roles within the Commonwealth Secretariat?
a)  AmitavBanerji
b)  Kapil Sharma
c)  Lakshmi Mittal
d)  Indira Nooi
e)  Asghar Khan

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