Weekly Current Affairs Quiz- December 3rd Week 2015

Weekly Current Affairs Quiz- December 3rd Week 2015
Weekly Current Affairs Quiz- December 3rd Week 2015:                                             
Dear Readers, Weekly Current affairs Quiz about the country and world were asked here. Candidates those who are preparing for all competitive and banking exams can use these questions.

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Take the Weekly Current Affairs Test given below and Comment your Score out of 30 in the Comment Box

1). Cairn India has planned to launch the World’s largest enhanced oil recovery project in which of the following states?
a)    Haryana
b)    Punjab
c)    Gujarat
d)    Rajasthan

2).Rajasthan has become the first state to submit smart city plan, by submitting the proposals of three cities to the Union Ministry of Urban Development. Which of the following cities is NOT one among them?
a)    Ajmer
b)    Jodhpur
c)    Udaipur
d)    Kota

3). Justice Narasimha Reddy has been appointed as the head of the committee on One Rank One Pension (OROP). He was the former Chief Justice of _______ High Court.
a)    Patna
b)    Hyderabad
c)    Bangalore
d)    Ahmadabad

4).ISRO has planned to launch PSLV-C29 along with six satellites of _______ from Sriharikota.
a)    Indonesia
b)    Russia
c)    Japan
d)    Singapore

5).Who is the winner of the London Classic Chess Tournament?
a)    Magnus Carlsen
b)    Viswanathan Anand
c)    Anish Giri
d)    Alexander Grischuk

6). Who much fund has been approved for the improvement of the urban infrastructure in 474 cities under Atal Mission for Urban Rejuvenation and Transformation (AMRUT)?
a)    Rs. 19,170 cr
b)    Rs. 18,190 cr
c)    Rs. 17,160 cr
d)    Rs. 16, 180 cr

7). Life Insurance Coporation of India (LIC) has recently launched a new plan called “Jeevan Akshay IV” for the people having age group between ______.
a)    35 years to 80 years
b)    30 years to 85 years
c)    25 years to 70 years
d)    20 years to 75 years

8). Who has been appointed as the new Chairman of the Central Board of Direct Taxes (CBDT)?
a)    Arun Kumar
b)    P K Sinha
c)    Najib Shah
d)    Anita Kapur

9).Who has been honored with the 2015 European Tour Golfer of the year award?
a)    Nick Faldo
b)    Jordan Spieth
c)    Tiger Woods
d)    Rory Mcllroy

10). What is the India’s rank in the Forbes list on best countries for doing business?
a)    79th
b)    97th
c)    88th
d)    65th

11). What is the name of the polar satellite vehicle which was recently launched by ISRO along with six satellites of Singapore?
a)    PSLV-C29
b)    PSLV-S27
c)    PSLV-L29
d)    PSLV-D27

12). Who among the following persons has resigned his CEO designation from Jet Airways?
a)    Tim Cook
b)    Dennis Woodside
c)    Veronique Laury
d)    Cramer Ball

13). Which of the following countries has become the first to launch the space telescope in search for signals of dark matter?
a)    US
b)    Russia
c)    China
d)    Japan

14). Srikanth Kidambi is related to which of the following sports?
a)    Kabaddi
b)    Tennis
c)    Badminton
d)    Hockey

15). Who has been recently appointed as the Chief Information Commissioner (CIC)?
a)    H R Khan
b)    R K Mathur
c)    R K Singh
d)    G N Bajpai

16). Sahitya Akademi Awards was recently announced for the year 2015, Who among the following has awarded with Sahitya Akademi Award for Novels?
a)    Maya Rahi
b)    Ram Shankar Awasthi
c)    Madhu Acharya
d)    Rabilal Tudu

17). National Stock Exchange (NSE) has recently launched three separate indices on three corporate houses of India, which of the following is NOT one of them? 
a)    Nifty Mahindra Group Index
b)    Nifty Reliance Group Index
c)    Nifty Tata Group Index
d)    Nifty Aditya Group Index

18).Recently a committee was formed to look into the dispute between Oil and Natural Gas Corporation Ltd and Reliance Industries on Krishna Godavari gas fields, who is the head of that committee?
a)    Ajit Prakash Shah
b)    Pratyush Sinha
c)    T S R Subramaniam
d)    T K Vishwanathan

19). West Bengal Government has recently approved the proposal for the formation of 5 new districts, which of the following is NOT one of them?
a)    Siliguri District
b)    Jhargram District
c)    Sundarbans District
d)    Basirhat District

20). India’s biggest Wildlife Rescue center was recently commissioned at _________.
a)    Mahasamund
b)    Nagaon
c)    Dhanbad
d)    Nagpur

21). As per World Bank Report which of the following countries has become the largest remittance receiving country in 2015?
a)    India
b)    China
c)    US
d)    Singapore

22). Who has been named as the BBC Overseas Sports Personality of the year 2015?
a)    Dan Carter
b)    Roger Federer
c)    Lebron James
d)    Lionel Messi

23). Which of the following bank has signed a MoU with eMudhra for the e-Signature service which able to digitally sign the documents to submit to the bank online?
a)    SBI
b)    Axis Bank
c)    ICICI Bank
d)    HDFC Bank

24). Who among the following persons has become the first Indian to score Pro-Boxing hat-trick?
a)    Satish Kumar
b)    L Devendro Singh
c)    Shiva Thapa
d)    Vijendra Singh

25). Who is the first cricketer to hit 600 sixes in T20 cricket matches?
a)    Suresh Raina
b)    Chirs Gayle
c)    Glenn Maxwell
d)    Brendon McCullum

26). In “IREP”, ‘R’ stands for _______.
a)    Refinery
b)    Reconstruction
c)    Revolution
d)    Reforms

27). Central Government has recently proposed to set up a Multi-purpose Capacity Building Institute at which of the following states?
a)    Manipur
b)    Assam
c)    Arunachal Pradesh
d)    Sikkim

28). Which of the following American Universities has launched the APJ Abdul Kalam Fellowship for Indian Students?
a)    University of Pennsylvania
b)    University of South Florida
c)    Columbia University
d)    University of California

29). Who has been crowned as the Miss Universe at the 64th edition of the Miss Universe which was recently held in Las Vegas, USA?
a)    Mireia Lalaguna Royo
b)    Ariadna Gutierrez
c)    Brenda Castro
d)    Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach

30). Who has been recently appointed as the new MD& CEO of Laxmi Vilas Bank?
a)    Usha Ananthasubramanian
b)    Rakesh Sharma
c)    P S Jayakumar
d)    Parthasarathi Mukherjee

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