Weekly Current Affairs Quiz- Feb 1st week 2017

Weekly Current Affairs Quiz- Feb 1st Week 2017:                                        

Dear Readers, Weekly Current affairs Quiz was given here for Upcoming SBI PO / TMB Exam 2017 . Candidates those who are preparing for all competitive and banking exams can use these questions.

1).  Water Taxi Services which is recently launched in ______river .
a)    Yamuna    
b)    Narmada     
c)    Chambal      
d)    Sutlej      
e)    Indravati

2). Name the actress who has been recently appointed the new ambassador of the Swachh Bharat campaign.
a)    Deepika Padukone     
b)    Katrina Kaif    
c)    Anushka Sharma     
d)    Priyanka Chopra    
e)    Alia Bhatt

3).Two new All India Institutes of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) institute to be set up in _______  and  _______ .
a)    Kolkata and Hyderabad    
b)    Jaipur  and Surat   
c)    Jharkhand and Gujarat     
d)    Bhopal and Indore     
e)    Raipur and Madurai

4).31st Surajkund International Crafts Mela held at _______
a)    Maharashtra     
b)    Haryana     
c)    Bihar     
d)    Karnataka    
e)    Gujarat  

5). Which among the following country issued ban on visas for travellers belonging to Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq and Syria to prevent entry of radical Islamic terrorists.
a)    Australia    
b)    Germany   
c)    Russia    
d)    USA     
e)    Kuwait

6).  The 2020 Olympic and Paralympic event to be held in _______
a)    Tokyo, Japan      
b)    Beijing, China     
c)    Paris , France     
d)    London , United Kingdom  
e)    Canberra, Australia

7).February 3rd is celebrated as __________ ?
a)    National Women Physicians Day       
b)    World Day of Social Justice      
c)    World Wetland Day        
d)    World consumer rights day        
e)    World Meteorological Day

8).The Apple company is going to start its manufacturing unit in ___________
a)    Ahmadabad    
b)    Pune     
c)    Bangalore     
d)    Amaravathi       
e)    Surat

9).Indian snooker player Pankaj Advani recently won the Indian National Snooker Championship title , which is his ___ national title.
a)    25th   
b)    29th     
c)    27th   
d)    31st    
e)    30th

10).  Who has been appointed as the Chief Business Officer of Uber.
a)    Madhu Kannan    
b)    Amit Jain   
c)    Bhavish Aggarwal     
d)    Nitin Seth   
e)    Aditya Ramesh

11).  Name the shuttle player who recently became become the World No 1 Junior Badminton player. 
a)    Eshan   
b)    Sahil Chandru      
c)    Lakshya Sen     
d)    Jayesh yadhav     
e)    Aayush Singh

12).The 40th anniversary of National Rail Museum is celebrated in ______
a)    Mumbai    
b)    Ahmadabad     
c)    Kanpur     
d)    New Delhi    
e)    Vadodara

13).  Theme of world cancer day 2017 ?
a)    Together , We Can     
b)    We can, only We can     
c)    Together , We fight for it.   
d)    We can. I can. 
e)    Fight against odds

14). Who has been appointed as the managing director and chief executive officer of National Stock Exchange (NSE)
a)    Vikram Limaye     
b)    Anshu Jain    
c)    Azim Premji     
d)    G. V. Prasad     
e)    Sanjiv Mehta

15).  Name the former  Central Bureau of Investigation director who recently passed away ?
a)    Alok Verma       
b)    Joginder Singh      
c)    D. P. Kohli      
d)    Sunil Kumar Jha     
e)    Rajiv Singh

16).  10th edition of Sula Festival held in ________
a)    Nagpur , Maharashtra    
b)    Jabalpur , Madhya Pradesh        
c)    Cuttack, Odisha      
d)    Nashik, Maharashtra.       
e)    e)Gaya , Bihar 

17).Who has been appointment as the Principal Economic Adviser in the Ministry of Finance?
a)    M. M. Sachdeva       
b)    Pankaj Gupta        
c)    Om Dutt Sharma      
d)    Sanjeev Sanyal        
e)    Rajiv Kumar 

18).World Cancer Day is celebrated on ?
a)    February 12th    
b)    February 15th     
c)    February 4th   
d)    January 28th     
e)    February 2nd

19).Name the England cricketer who recently honoured with Commander of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire (CBE)?
a)    James Anderson    
b)    Andrew Strauss   
c)    Alastair Cook     
d)    Andrew Flintoff     
e)    Graeme Swann

20).  Which of the following has recommended Reserve Bank of India to reduce the interest rate by 0.75%?
a)    SEBI     
b)    Assocham     
c)    SBI      
d)    IMF    
e)    NABARD

21).   The world’s smallest pacemaker which is as big as a large vitamin capsule invented by ________
a)    Indian Scientists    
b)    Russian Scientists    
c)    France Scientists     
d)    Brazil Scientists  
e)    US. Scientists

22).  Which of the following states has recently launched as scheme called Chief Minister Samagra Gramya Unnayan Yojana, (CMSGUY)?
a)    Jharkhand     
b)    Odisha    
c)    Mizoram    
d)    Assam      
e)    West Bengal

23).  2017 FIBA Women’s Asia Cup basketball tournament will be hosted by _______
a)    Malaysia     
b)    Philippines       
c)    Russia      
d)    India    
e)    Bangladesh

24).  Asian Junior Squash Championships 2017 held in _____
a)    China    
b)    Japan    
c)    Hong Kong     
d)    Turkey    
e)    Spain

25).International Day of Zero Tolerance for Female Genital Mutilation is celebrated on ______
a)    16th January     
b)    2nd August       
c)    4th February     
d)    11th March      
e)    6th February

26).  The 17th session of BIMSTEC senior officials’ meeting held in ________
a)    Beijing     
b)    Hong kong      
c)    Dhaka     
d)    Kathmandu       
e)    Panaji

27).  ________ state government has introduced civil service awards for state government employees who excellence in public administration.
a)    Haryana     
b)    Gujarat      
c)    Madhya Pradesh      
d)    Manipur      
e)    Arunachal Pradesh

28).  India Education Fair for Sri Lankan students held at  _______
a)    Kandy     
b)    Colombo      
c)    Chennai     
d)    Galle       
e)    Visakhapatnam

29).  _______ has won Women’s Singles title  of  81st Senior National Badminton Championships tournament played in Patna.
a)    Reshma Karthik       
b)    Najma Roshan     
c)    Saveetha Sandeep     
d)    Rituparna Das     
e)    Aarunya Joseph

30).  __________ has been appointed as the the acting CEO of Prasar Bharati.
a)    T.S.Vijayan       
b)    b)Ugesh Nadhan       
c)    Rajiv Singh       
d)    Akhil Sharma      
e)    Vignesh Rao

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