Weekly Current Affairs Quiz- February 3rd Week 2016

Weekly Current Affairs Quiz- February 3rd Week 2016

Weekly Current Affairs Quiz- February 3rd Week 2016:                                

Dear Readers, Weekly Current affairs Quiz about the country and world were asked here. Candidates those who are preparing for all competitive and banking exams can use these questions.

Take the Weekly Current Affairs Test given below and Comment your Score out of 30 in the Comment Box

1). Which City will receive the Clean City award from Union Urban Development Minister Venkaiah Naidu in New Delhi?
a)   Bhubaneswar
b)   Ahmadabad
c)   Pune
d)   Mumbai
e)   Kochi

2). Who becomes the first Indian-American to be on the Bench of the US Supreme Court?
a)   Raja Rajeswari
b)   Sri Srinivasan
c)   Abraham Jorge
d)   Bhagat Singh Thind
e)   Sri Subrmanyam

3). Who won the St. Petersburg Ladies Trophy in the women’s doubles category?
a)   SaniaMirza& Martina Hingis
b)   RishikaSunkara& Martina Hingis
c)   Casey Dellacqua and YaroslavaShvedova
d)   Lucie Safarova and Lucie Hradecka
e)   None of the above

4). Who has been named ambassador of the government’s ‘Make in India’ initiative by the Government of India.
a)    S Sambhu Prasad
b)    Lowry F Kline
c)    PiruzKhambatta
d)    AG Krishnamurthy
e)    None of the above

5). NeelakandanVeluKurup passed away in Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala. He was 84. He is a famous
a)   Film Maker
b)   Tennis Coach
c)   Music Director
d)   Poet
e)   None of the above

6). Which Police were all set to launch a mobile application that will make it easy for investigating Officers to immediately get hold of past records of Criminals.
a)   Hyderabad
b)   Bangalore
c)   Kolkata
d)   Mumbai
e)   Chennai

7). SahityaAkademi’s annual Festival of Letters began in New Delhi. Who inaugurated this six day long festival?
a)   Manoj Gupta
b)   Manoj Das
c)   Manoj Kumar
d)   Manoj Jain
e)   Manoj Joshi

8). What was the Wholesale Price Index (WPI)-based inflation in January 2016?
a)   -0.8 percent
b)   -0.9percent
c)   0.9percent
d)   0.8percent
e)   1percent

9). Who was sworn-in as the Chief Justice of the Bombay High Court, at a swearing in ceremony held at Raj Bhavan in Mumbai?
a)   Justice DhirendraHiralalWaghela
b)   Justice Clarence Thomas
c)   Justice Antonin Scalia
d)   Justice Anthony M. Kennedy
e)   None of the above

10). At which place National Woman Sports started on 14 February 2016?
a)   Kolkata, West Bengal
b)   Mumbai, Maharastra
c)   Patna, Bihar
d)   Bengaluru, Karnataka
e)   Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh

11). Which city has received the best city performer in behavioral change communication award?
a)   Trivendram
b)   Visakhapatnam
c)   Mumbai
d)   Tiruchinapalli
e)   Kochi

12). Which village became first smokeless village in Himachal Pradesh?
a)   Chatee
b)   Daral
c)   Samej
d)   Ghadopa
e)   Himri

13). First ‘Silk Road’ train arrives in Tehran from _______.
a)   Japan
b)   Germany
c)   Denmark
d)   China
e)   Finland

14). Which is the first in the largely Muslim country to give Hindu’s the right to register their marriage.
a)   Indonesia
b)   Bangladesh
c)   Pakistan
d)   Iran
e)   Afghanistan

15). What is the name of the India’s lightest gun, a 22-calibre revolver weighing just 250 grams?
a)   Micro-Uzi
b)   Nidar
c)   IMI Negev
d)   Excalibur
e)   None of the above

16). India joins multilateralCobra Gold exercise in _______ with China, Pakistan.
a)   Switzerland
b)   Netherlands
c)   Japan
d)   Thailand
e)   None of the above

17). Who was the Renowned Indologist Professor, awarded the prestigious Israel Prize for Religious Studies for his research into the literature and culture of southern India passed away recently.
a)   Angelou Maya
b)   Armstrong J Scott
c)   David Shulman
d)   Ayers Bill
e)   Carter Jimmy

18). BHEL commissioned a ______ generation unit at the Goindwal Sahib Thermal Power Project of private producer GVK Power& Infra in Punjab.
a)   270 MW
b)   370 MW
c)   250 MW
d)   260 MW
e)   350 MW

19). Which state launched the free bus pass scheme for senior citizens of the state?
a)   Tamil Nadu
b)   Andhra Pradesh
c)   Telangana
d)   Karnataka
e)   Kerala

20). Chennai-based Ramco Systems has opened an engineering lab in _______.
a)   Malaysia
b)   Singapore
c)   Saudi Arabia
d)   Dubai
e)   Philippines

21). Whose autobiographyPlaying It My Way entering the Limca Book of Records?
a)   Saina Nehwal
b)   Sania Mirza
c)   Sachin Tendulkar
d)   Azaruddin
e)   None of the above

22). Who among the following had sworn in as the Chief Minister of Arunachal Pradesh, after the President’s rule was lifted in the State?
a)   NabamTuki
b)   DorjeeKhandu
c)   Rajesh Tacho
d)   Tapir Gao
e)   KalikhoPul

23). Who among the following has been appointed as the Chairman of GST committee?
a)   KM Mani
b)   Amitabh Kanth
c)   AmitMitra
d)   Atulesh Jindal
e)   None of the above

24). _______ appointed Shinjini Kumar as its payments bank Chief Executive Officer.
a)   Paytm
b)   PayUMoney
c)   Mobiwik
d)   Freecharge
e)   Flip Kart

25). The Command Hospital _______, was awarded with the Best Service Hospital.
a)   Western Command
b)   Northern Command
c)   Central command
d)   Eastern command
e)   None of the above

26). Which IT major has appointed Michael Pesch as Chief Executive Officer?
a)   Accenture
b)   Tata Consultancy Services
c)   Wipro
d)   Infosys
e)   HCL Technologies

27). Who created history, by scoring First Triple Hundred in 50 Over Cricket?
a)   Nikhil Naik
b)   Rahul Tripati
c)   AkshayDadekar
d)   Pritam Patel
e)   AnkithBanwe

28). The government is looking at providing banking services in every village of the country by leveraging technology and the network of CSCs. What does CSC stands for?
a)   Common System Centres
b)   Common Services Centres
c)   Commercial Services Centres
d)   Commercial Standing Centres
e)   None of the above

29). Who is the former United Nations Secretary-General,a US-U.N. Saga who died on 16 February 2016 in Cairo, Egypt?
a)   Kofi Annan
b)   Javier Pérez de Cuéllar
c)   Kurt Waldheim
d)   Boutros Boutros-Ghali
e)   None of the above

30). The South Korean state that which agreed to enter into a sister-statehood relationship for development with Haryana?
a)   Chungnam
b)   Gangwon
c)   Jeonbuk
d)   Chungcheonbuk
e)   None of the above

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