Weekly Current Affairs Quiz- June 3rd Week 2016

Weekly Current Affairs Quiz- June 3rd Week 2016:                                        
Dear Readers, Weekly Current affairs Quiz about the country and world were asked here. Candidates those who are preparing for all competitive and banking exams can use these questions.

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1). President Pranab Mukherjee receives award of Ivory Coast, the highest civilian award of the
a)  Africa
b)  Australia
c)  Europe
d)  America
e)  None of the above

2). Public Sector Power equipment manufacturer Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited (BHEL) has commissioned 195 MW unit at Muzaffarpur Thermal Power Station. Muzaffarpur Thermal Power Station is located at _____.
a)  Maharashtra
b)  Bihar
c)  Punjab
d)  West Bengal
e)  Gujarat

3). Which among the following countries has developed a camera-based meteor detection network, called the Fireball Recovery and Inter Planetary Observation Network (FRIPON)?
a)  Italy
b)  Germany
c)  France
d)  Netherlands
e)  USA

4). Ashok Vemuri recently appointed as the CEO of
a)  Oracle
b)  EMC
d)  Adobe
e)  Xerox

5). India has been given a wildcard by the Association Mundial de Futsal (AMF) to participate in the upcoming U-17 Futsal World Cup.The tournament will be held in
a)  Bolivia
b)  Argentina
c)  Paraguay
d)  Uruguay
e)  Colombia

6). “RajasvaGyanSangam”, the first joint annual conference of the Central Board of Direct Taxes (CBDT) and the Central Board of Excise and Customs (CBEC) is going to held on 16th and 17th of June 2016 in
a)  Gujarat
b)  New Delhi
c)  Mumbai
d)  Kolkata
e)  Bangalore

7). “Panchayat Pratikar” a bilingual grievance redressal app is of which state?
a)  Maharashtra
b)  Andhra Pradesh
c)  Karnataka
d)  West Bengal
e)  None of these

8). Ryugyong Hotel is the world’s tallest unoccupied building, according to Guinness World Records. Where the hotel is located?
a)  North Korea
b)  South Korea
c)  Sudan
d)  USA
e)  Germany

9). Who has been appointed as Managing Director of the Kerala Industrial Infrastructure Development Corporation (KINFRA), a statutory body of the Kerala Government?
a)  Abhishek Kumar
b)  Bijin Krishna
c)  PriyankaSingal
d)  Rajarshi Mishra
e)  M Beena

10). Which bank has appointed Niraj Mittal as the Managing Director and Head of Institutional Banking for the country?
a)  American Express
b)  United Overseas Bank
c)  DBS Bank
d)  First Rand Bank
e)  HSBC

11). Which state has set up a garment bank for new born babies?
a)  Himachal Pradesh
b)  Madhya Pradesh
c)  Arunachal Pradesh
d)  Andhra Pradesh
e)  Uttar Pradesh

12). Name the most powerful nuclear icebreaker launched by Russia.
a)  Arktika
b)  Akshya
c)  Amritha
d)  Amogha
e)  Aangirasa

13). Senior IAS officer Supriya Sahu was appointed as Director General of
a)  Coal India Limited
b)  Doordarshan
c)  Electronics Corporation of India
d)  Food Corporation of India
e)  None of these

14). Syed Nayeemuddin conferred with Mohun Bagan Ratna. He is a football coach for which country?
a)  Bangladesh
b)  Pakistan
c)  India
d)  Nepal
e)  Malaysia

15). Thailand Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha visited world famous Mahabodhi temple. The temple is located in
a)  Punjab
b)  Maharashtra
c)  Bihar
d)  West Bengal
e)  Madhya Pradesh

16). Which Indian former cricketer has been named the chairman of the National Institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT)?
a)  Chetan Sharma
b)  Chetan Chauhan
c)  Chandra Sekhar Gadkari
d)  Devang Gandhi
e)  None of the above

17). Who has been named “the hottest woman in the world” by the magazine ‘Maxim India’ as part of its ‘Maxim Hot 100’ list?
a)  Katrina Kaif
b)  Kareena Kapoor
c)  Deepika Padukone
d)  Anushka Sharma
e)  Priyanka Chopra

18). _______ has been named the World’s Best Tourism Destination for 2016 by the ‘European Council on Tourism and Trade’ (ECTT).
a)  France
b)  Colombia
c)  Cambodia
d)  Poland
e)  Spain

19). Who won the final of Champions Trophy Hockey tournament in London?
a)  India
b)  Australia
c)  Germany
d)  Belgium
e)  None of these

20). Which state government has given its approval to set up an AYUSH (Ayurveda, Yoga and Naturopathy, Unani, Siddha and Homoeopathy) University, the first-of-its-kind in India.
a)  Andhra Pradesh
b)  Punjab
c)  Telangana
d)  Haryana
e)  West Bengal

21). Name the Android mobile app launched by IRCTC which enables booking of air tickets for travel within India and abroad.
a)  IRCTC Air
b)  IRCTC Hava
c)  IRCTC Vegam
d)  IRCTC Flight

22). Greenfield Electronic Park spread over an area of 203 acres is going to come in which state?
a)  Odisha
b)  Tamil Nadu
c)  Haryana
d)  Andhra Pradesh
e)  Maharashtra

23). Mobile app launched to enhance consumer connect with Urban Power Distribution sector is
a)  UAJA
b)  UKJA
c)  UMJA
d)  URJA
e)  ULJA

24). Which state government has launched Rs.640 crore project for skill development under which multipurpose training centres will be set up in rural areas?
a)  Madhya Pradesh
b)  Punjab
c)  Jammu and Kashmir
d)  Rajasthan
e)  Himachal Pradesh

25). Who was appointed as the President of Gujarat Chamber of Commerce and Industry (GCCI) for the term 2016-17 succeeding Rohit J Patel?
a)  Aithav Chandra
b)  Gaurav Sharma
c)  Vikram Chandra
d)  Bipin R Patel
e)  Chandra Shekar Patel

26). International Cricket Council (ICC) suspended Sri Lanka’s fast bowler _______ after an assessment of his bowling action.
a)  Kulashekara
b)  Kapugedara
c)  Shaminda Eranga
d)  Chaturanga De Silva
e)  Shehan Jayasuriya

27). Which state has launched an online portal to facilitate loans to financially weak students who wish to pursue higher studies in the city after class 12?
a)  Maharashtra
b)  Delhi
c)  Madhya Pradesh
d)  Bihar
e)  Jharkhand

28). Which state government signed an MoU with Chinese heavy machinery manufacturing firm Sany Group for working on investment proposals worth $1 billion?
a)  Andhra Pradesh
b)  Arunachal Pradesh
c)  Himachal Pradesh
d)  Madhya Pradesh
e)  Uttar Pradesh

29). Tata Advanced Systems Limited (TASL) and Boeing celebrated the foundation laying of a new facility for its joint venture named Tata Boeing Aerospace (TBAL). The venture is going to come up in which city?
a)  Bangalore
b)  Chennai
c)  Hyderabad
d)  Tirupati
e)  Vishakhapatnam

30). Kazuyoshi Miura is a famous sports person. He belongs to which sport?
a)  Formula one
b)  Golf
c)  Foot Ball
d)  Squash
e)  Tennis

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