Weekly Current Affairs Quiz- September 3rd Week 2015

    Weekly Current Affairs Quiz- September 3rd Week 2015
    Weekly Current Affairs Quiz- September 3rd Week 2015:                                          
    Weekly Current affairs Quiz about the country and world were asked here. Candidates those who are preparing for all competitive and banking exams can use these questions.

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    Take the Weekly Current Affairs Test given below and Comment your Score out of 30 in the Comment Box

    1).Reserve Bank of India has signed a MoU with which of the following banks on Supervisory Cooperation and Exchange of Supervisory Information?
    a)   Nepal Rastra Bank
    b)   Central Bank of Bangladesh
    c)   Saudi Arabian Monetary Agency
    d)   Monetary Authority of Singapore

  • 2).Which of the Indian State has ranks first in the list of the World Bank’s report Assessment of State Implementation of Business Reforms?
    a)   Chhattisgarh
    b)   Jharkhand
    c)   Andhra Pradesh
    d)   Gujarat

  • 3).Union Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports has recognized which of the following as the Regional Sports Federation (RSF)?
    a)   Indian Wrestling Federation
    b)   Indian Kalarippayattu Federation
    c)   Indian Kabaddi Federation
    d)   Indian Martial Arts Federation

  • 4).Which bank has launched a new credit card SimplyCLICK for online shopping?
    a)   SBI
    b)   ICICI
    c)   HDFC
    d)   Axis

  • 5).What is the theme of International Day of Democracy?
    a)   Space for Civil Society
    b)   Engaging youth on Democracy
    c)   Strengthening Voices for Democracy
    d)   Public Participation for Democracy

  • 6).Andhra Pradesh has created history by linking which of its two rivers by the Pattiseema Lift Irrigation Scheme?
    a)   Penna and Krishna
    b)   Krishna and Godavari
    c)   Arani and Maldevi
    d)   Godavari and Tungabhadra

  • 7).Name the first Indian who has been selected as the Mayor of the German City Bonn?
    a)   Raghu Raj Bahadur
    b)   Ashok-Alexander Sridharan
    c)   Chandrashekar Khare
    d)   Kumble R Subbaswamy

  • 8).What is the Venue of United Nations Sustainable Development Summit 2015 which was yet to be held on 27thSeptember 2015?
    a)   Dhaka
    b)   New York
    c)   Washington
    d)   New Delhi

  • 9).Name the Indian American who has been selected for the Champions of Change Award?
    a)   Ravi Pradip
    b)   Swetha Prabhakaran
    c)   Harshit Jindal
    d)   Mansi Aggarwal

  • 10).India has signed two MoUs with which of the following countries to boost the bilateral cooperation in the field of Tourism and Umbrella Projects?
    a)   Mongolia
    b)   Chile
    c)   Russia
    d)   Cambodia

  • 11).Reserve Bank of India has recently granted the in-principle approval for 10 entities to set up Small Finance Banks to provide basic banking service for small farmers and micro industries. Which among the following is NOT one of them?
    a)   J& K Financiers Ltd
    b)   Utkarsh Micro Finance Pvt Ltd
    c)   Suryoday Micro Finance Pvt Ltd
    d)   Disha Microfin Private Ltd

  • 12).South Indian Fertilizers has planned to setup Kissan Kendra’s and Agri Super Markets across which state?
    a)   Andhra Pradesh
    b)   Tamil Nadu
    c)   Kerala
    d)   Karnataka

  • 13).Name the Indian Shot putter who got qualified for Rio Olympics recently?
    a)   Sourabn Vij
    b)   Manpreet Kaur
    c)   Shakti Singh
    d)   Om Prakash Karhana

  • 14).Which state government has launched the M-Shiksha-Mitra Mobile Application to provide various services and teaching related work to teachers?
    a)   Manipur
    b)   Mizoram
    c)   Madhya Pradesh
    d)   Maharashtra

  • 15).What is the name of the new Scheme that launched by the Union Government which provides welfare for the people and area affected by the Mining related operations?
    a)   Pradhan Mantri Sinchai Yojana
    b)   Pradhan Mantri Saansad Adarsh Gram Yojana
    c)   Pradhan Mantri Suraksha Bima Yojana
    d)   Pradhan Mantri Khanij Kshetra Kalyan Yojana

  • 16).What is the name of the new committee which was formed to restructure the water agencies in India?
    a)   Mihir Shah Committee
    b)   Nair Committee
    c)   Singh Committee
    d)   Sinha Committee

  • 17).Who is the author of the book- “Two Years Eight Months and Twenty Eight Nights”?
    a)   Peter Johnson
    b)   Salman Rushdie
    c)   James Franklin
    d)   Robert Hook

  • 18).President Pranab Mukherjee has presented the Best Rural Tourism Project Award to which state?
    a)   Gujarat
    b)   Kerala
    c)   Andhra Pradesh
    d)   Jammu Kashmir

  • 19).International Textile and Apparel fair “VASTRA” was yet to be held on 28th and 30th September at _________.
    a)   Kolkata, West Bengal
    b)   Jaipur, Rajasthan
    c)   Mumbai, Maharashtra
    d)   Surat, Gujarat

  • 20).Recently India has signed two key MoUs with which of the following countries on Air Services and Quick Impact Projects under the Mekong-Ganga Cooperation (MGC) programme?
    a)   Laos
    b)   South Korea
    c)   Singapore
    d)   Indonesia

  • 21).Which of the following has recently launched the Panch Kranti Abhiyan?
    a)   Golden Jubilee Yuva Morcha
    b)   Indian Young Morcha
    c)   Bharatiya Janata Yuva Morcha
    d)   Youth India Congress

  • 22).What is the name of the operation that rescued 19,000 missing children from slavery and abuse?
    a)   Operation Save
    b)   Operation Beti
    c)   Operation Red Carpet
    d)   Operation Smile

  • 23).Government has organized an exhibition remembering the Indo-Pak war of 1965 “Shauryanjali” which was held at _______.
    a)   Jahanpanah
    b)   Tughlqabad
    c)   Rajpath
    d)   Agra

  • 24).The president of Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI), Jagmohan Dalmiya has passed away recently. He belongs to which state?
    a)   Karnataka
    b)   West Bengal
    c)   Maharashtra
    d)   Uttar Pradesh

  • 25).Name the Indian who has won silver medal in 2015 Korea Open Badminton Tournament?
    a)   Ajay Jayaram
    b)   Chetan Anand
    c)   Aditya Joshi
    d)   Sanave Thomas

  • 26).Name the Indian Cricketer who has received the honorary life membership by the Cricket Club of India?
    a)   M S Dhoni
    b)   Virat Kohli
    c)   Ajinkya Rahane
    d)   Sachin Tendulkar

  • 27).Which of the following country has launched the newly developed smaller version of carrier rocket Long March-6 which has the capable of carrying 20 micro satellites in to the space?
    a)   China
    b)   Russia
    c)   Japan
    d)   US

  • 28).Who is the author of “Hollywood Wives”?
    a)   Viola Davis
    b)   Michael Cristofer
    c)   Jackie Collins
    d)   Kylie Travis

  • 29).International Day of Peace was observed on 21st September 2015. What is its theme for the year 2015?
    a)   Learn to Love-Love Makes Peace
    b)   Make Peace from your Home
    c)   World Needs Peace and Prosperity
    d)   Partnerships for Peace-Dignity for all

  • 30).Who is the first Black Women to win the award for leading actress in the 67th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards 2015?
    a)   Vera Farmiga
    b)   Julianna Margulies
    c)   Viola Davis
    d)   Lizzy Caplan
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