LIC AAO General Awareness Questions Day – 153

Dear Aspirants, As we all know the importance of LIC AAO General Awareness section. Because it a a very easy scoring part only when you are updated on every day. So, IG team has taken majestic step to make you score more in the LIC AAO General Awareness Part. We amalgamated Banking awareness and Static Gk sections to make you score more. The Aspirants can make use of it, to improve score in LIC AAO General awareness part.

Start the Quiz to know your level in LIC AAO General Awareness Section. Validate and enhance your skill by practicing more.

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1) Which among the following imposes a moratorium on the operations of a bank if affairs at the bank are not operated properly?

a) Reserve Bank of India

b) Ministry of Finance

c) PMO

d) The President

e) Other than those given in options

2)To issue CP (Commercial Paper), what should be the minimum tangible net worth of the company as per latest audited balance sheet?

a) Rs. 10crores

b) Rs. 5 crores

c) Rs. 4 crores

d) Rs. 8 crores

e) Rs. 25 crores

3) Which of the following relations between Central Government and SEBI is correct?

a) The central government can issue directions to SEBI board

b) The central government cannot supersede the SEBI board

c) The Central Government has power to give any guideline and make regulations and rules for SEBI and its operation

d) Only a) and c)

e) All a), b) and c)

4)‘BCBS’ is the primary global standard setter for the prudential regulation of banks and provides a forum for regular cooperation on banking supervisory matters. What is the full form of BCBS?

a) Banking Committees of Backward States

b) Basel Committee on Banking Supervision

c) Basel Commission on Business Simplification

d) BRICS Countries Business Subgroup

e) Bankers Committee of BRICS States

5) What is the daily limit for BHIM app transaction?

a) Rs. 10,000

b) Rs. 20,000

c) Rs. 40,000

d) Rs. 5,000

e) Rs. 50,000

6)“Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO)” is headquartered at?

a) Vienna

b) Madrid

c) Rome

d) New York

e) London

7) What is the currency of Poland?

a) Zloty

b) Peso

c) Koruna

d) Krone

e) Guarani

8)“Saila Dance” is associated with which state of India?

a) Tripura

b) Jharkhand

c) Odisha

d) Chhattisgarh

e) Uttarakhand

9)Balimela Dam is located in which of the following Indian states?

a) Sikkim

b) Odisha

c) Punjab

d) Kerala

e) Gujarat

10)Headquarters of APEC (Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation) is located at which place?

a) Manila

b) Jakarta

c) Singapore

d) Port Louis

e) Brisbane

Answers :

1) Answer: a)

Reserve Bank of India imposes a moratorium on the operations of a bank if affairs at the bank are not operated properly.The Reserve Bank of India has the authority to freeze the operations of a bank in case all the extant guidelines are not properly and regularly by the bank. This is like a temporary delay and the time for which this can be done depends on the regulator but it is for a short time period only.

2) Answer: c)

The tangible net worth of the company, as per the latest audited balance sheet, must not be less than Rs. 4 crores.

3) Answer: d)

Central Government and SEBI:

The central government has power to issue directions to SEBI board, supersede (replace) the board and if necessary can call for returns and reports.

The Central Government has power to give any guideline and make regulations and rules for SEBI and its operation.

The activities of SEBI are financed by grants from Central Government.

The fund called SEBI General Fund has been setup, to which all fees and charges are credited. This fund is used to meet the expenses of Board and to pay salaries to staff and board members.

4) Answer: b)

The Basel Committee on Banking Supervision (BCBS) is a committee of banking supervisory authorities that was established by the central bank governors of the group of ten countries in 1974. The Committee’s Secretariat is located at the Bank for International Settlements (BIS) in Basel, Switzerland.

5) Answer: c)

There are 3 types of transaction limits of BHIM.

Per transaction Limit

Through the BHIM, you can’t pay more than ₹20 thousand in a transaction.

Daily Limit

The daily limit for BHIM app transaction is ₹40,000.

Number of Transaction

There is also a limit to the number of transactions through the BHIM app. The UPI prohibits more than 20 transactions by a user.

6) Answer: c)

The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations is a specialized agency of the United Nations that leads international efforts to defeat hunger. Headquarters of FAO is situated in Italy’s capital Rome.

7) Answer: a)

The currency of Poland isZloty.

8) Answer: d)

Saila dance is performed by the young boys of Chhattisgarh after the successful completion of harvest.

9) Answer: b)         

Balimela Dam is located in the state of Odisha.

10) Answer: c)

Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) headquartered at Singapore, is an inter-governmental forum for 21 Pacific Rim member economies that promotes free trade throughout the Asia-Pacific region.


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