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SBI PO Previous Year Question paper PDF with Solved Answer – Download Now

SBI PO Previous Year Question paper PDF: State Bank of India conducts the SBI PO exam every year. An excellent strategy for candidates is to prepare with the SBI PO previous year question paper PDFs. As it is a difficult exam, practicing with SBI PO previous year question paper pdf is a morale booster.

Practicing with the SBI PO Previous Year Question paper will improve the capability of the candidates. So that they can solve the high standard questions with ease. For each section give your genuine effort with the SBI PO Previous Year Question paper PDF. As a result, you will feel the difference in your performance level. It helps you to understand the level of questions. Also, you can understand the overall standard and practical difficulty of the exam. Practicing SBI PO Previous Year Question paper PDF will surely increase your probability to crack the exam successfully. In normal preparation methods, you may miss out on some important topics. So preparing with SBI PO Previous Year Question paper PDF may help you to cover the topics that were left out. 

Here we are providing the SBI PO previous year question paper PDF for your successful exam preparation. The SBI PO previous year question paper pdf in the Hindi language is also available for your practice. So download the pdf in your convenient language and start the preparation immediately. The selection process of SBI PO 2020 is given below,

  • Online preliminary exam
  • Online main exam
  • Group exercise and interview

Important Dates:

The candidates have to qualify in the prelims exam to face the mains exam. The important dates of various stages are given below in the table. So candidates prepare through the study plan for SBI PO as per the available time. So that you can prepare in an effective manner with some excellent strategies. You have to refer to SBI PO previous year question paper pdf for both prelims and mains exam. Only then you can clear both the rounds and face the final stage of group exercise and interview.

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Activity Exam Dates
Online application start date 14-11-2020
Online application end date 04-12-2020
A download of call letters for Pre-Examination Training 2nd week of December 2020
A download of call letters for online Preliminary Examination 3rd week of December 2020
Conduct of Pre- Examination Training 3rd /4th week of December 2020
Online Preliminary Examination 31st December 2020
2nd, 4th & 5th January 2021
Result of Online Preliminary Examination 3rd week of January 2021
A download of Call letter for Online Main Examination 3rd week of January 2021
Conduct of Online Main Examination 29th January 2021
Declaration of Result of Main Examination 3rd /4th week of February 2021
A download of Call Letter for Group Exercises & Interview 3rd /4th week of February 2021
Conduct of Group Exercises & Interview February/March 2021
Declaration of Final Result Last week of March 2021

Advantages of Practice SBI PO Previous Year Question paper:

Many successful candidates have told that this strategy was very useful to them. They also quoted that practicing the SBI PO Previous Year Question paper PDF was the main reason for their success. So you can also follow this strategy and enhance your performance in the exam. As the prelims exam is the first stage, your preparation is very important to proceed for further stages. There are several advantages in practicing the SBI PO Previous Year Question paper PDF. They are listed below.

  • The SBI PO previous year question paper practice will help you to excel in the prelims exam. The prelims exam time duration is just 60 minutes. So that your result is heavily based on your speed and accuracy. As you practice more old prelims papers, you will get a good touch on the exam.
  • In the prelims exam, you have to select the easier questions correctly in a quick manner. If you have experience with the old question papers you can do it easily.
  • To maintain accuracy in the prelims exam, practicing with previous papers will assist you extensively. At every time of practice with old question papers, you can rectify various mistakes and improve your standard.
  • As you practice more SBI PO previous year question paper pdf, you can gain various skills. One such important skill is time management. With better time management skills, you can attend maximum questions in the exam.

So candidates if you prepare with the previous year’s question papers you can easily clear the first stage.

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Advantages of Previous Year Mains Question Paper Practice:

The SBI PO mains exam is very difficult to clear. The candidates have to put in a lot of effort to crack this stage. So practicing with the SBI PO mains previous year question paper will give you the much-needed confidence. In the mains exam, you cannot attend a lot of questions as in the prelims stage. You have to smartly pick the questions and maintain accuracy. Only then you can post a decent overall score to clear the cut-off. The importance of practicing with the previous year’s mains question papers is given below.

  • The SBI PO mains exam mostly contains high standard difficult questions in all sections. So previous year’s mains paper practice will help you to crack the high-level mains exam.
  • You can get to know about various complex puzzles and seating arrangements. Practicing such questions will give you the ability to solve new pattern questions without any struggle.
  • For the quantitative aptitude section, you can learn to solve various models of unique DI and application sums. So that you can stand out in the huge competition.
  • You can learn the English section with a high difficulty level. So that you can adapt to the exam level.

Thus the SBI PO mains previous year question paper pdf will have a pivotal role in your mains preparation. So don’t ignore this preparation strategy.

SBI PO 2020 Syllabus 2020:

As for 2020, there is no big change in the  SBI PO Syllabus, but there are small changes in the topics asked in the Prelims as well as in the Mains examinations. For instance, the Preliminary Exam in SBI PO consists of Quantitative Aptitude Section, which changes to Data Interpretation and Analysis in Mains examination and comprises questions specifically from this topic. 

Every year SBI PO Cut Off will be released by the State Bank of India after the Result for each Phase. From 2018, there is no sectional cut- off and the only an overall cut-off is there and the same is anticipated for the year 2020.The final selection will be based on the Online test.

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SBI PO Mains Preparation Tips:

Most of the candidates will clear the prelims exam just like that. But the real litmus test begins in the mains exam. Here you have to strive hard to clear the cut-off and enter the final round. If you finish it successfully, half the job is done and dusted. SBI PO previous year’s question paper practice is the trump card for your victory. So practice with full dedication using the old question papers.

Reasoning Ability:

This section is very difficult to handle in the mains exam with a total of 45 questions. For these 45 questions, a total of 1 hour of sectional time is allotted. If the level of this section is extremely difficult, then attending around 20 questions itself is a decent attempt. Such will be the level of this section in the SBI PO mains exam. So practice with SBI PO previous year mains question paper pdf to gain confidence.

Practice more puzzles and seating arrangements. Every puzzle will be tricky. Make all the possible causes and eliminate them one by one. So that you can solve the puzzle without stretching the time. The same trick is applicable to the seating arrangements. The SBI PO mains previous year question paper pdf will contain new pattern questions of syllogism, coding-decoding, blood relation, etc. Practice all the questions and learn the trick to solve them quickly.

Here are a few more important tips to clear the Reasoning ability section easily:

  • Regularly Practice Sample diagrammatic IQ tests. Take practice tests from the IBPS GUIDE to score better in the Mains exam.
  • Make a list of different rules that govern size, shape, numbers, etc. Develop a mental checklist to solve all types of Logical reasoning questions. 
  •  There will be a lot of confusing data, look at one rule at a time. You can check what is important and What’s not important by focusing on a single aspect.
  • Time Management is one of the most important factors while doing the Reasoning ability section if you cannot find an answer for any question, leave it and do it at the end if you have time. Don’t waste time on the same question.
  • Sometimes there will be clues in the answer choices that will help you to derive the answer, look at the answer choices carefully.

Quantitative Aptitude:

This Quantitative Aptitude section also tests your patience in mains, if asked with a high difficulty level. This section has 35 questions with a time limit of 45 minutes. You should focus more on data interpretation and complex word problems in your preparation. The previous year question paper of SBI PO mains will contain a lot of such questions. Practice different kinds of DI topics such as radar graph DI, triangular DI, etc. This type of preparation is purely from the exam point of view. So that in the exam, you can solve the time consuming and lengthy calculative sums with high accuracy.

Even in simple topics like number series, quadratic equations, etc, you can expect very high-level questions. Practice more such questions from the SBI PO mains previous year’s question paper pdf. So that it will be a good experience for you before the exam.

Few more important tips to Solve Quantitative questions:

  • Initially concentrate on easily solvable questions. There will be 15-16 questions that are very easy to solve, solve these questions first to gain confidence.
  • One should have a clear idea of the topic he/she is comfortable with- from the least comfortable to the most comfortable. Firstly, they should solve the set of questions they are comfortable with.
  • You should definitely keep a notebook while preparing for Quantitative Aptitude questions, you should make note of all the important formulas and shortcuts so that you can revise later.
  • The main mistake that most of the aspirants do is, not reading the questions fully which ultimately ends up making mistakes. Please do read the questions carefully.
  • Don’t make blind guesses. As each wrong answer carries negative marks, don’t make guesses. Answer the questions you are confident with.

English Language:

English Language section covers 35 questions in total, with 40 minutes of sectional time duration. In the mains exam, candidates will find it very difficult to score in this section. It is very tough to maintain accuracy in this section. So that your preparation should be of very high standards to do this section well. The SBI PO previous year question paper pdf for the mains exam will help for your thorough preparation. Beyond this, you have to put a lot of effort by means of mock test practice. Only then you can obtain a good score in this section.

Few more tips for the English Language section:

  • One should be thorough with the basics to clear the English language section easily. Brush up the nouns, adjectives, pronouns, verbs and adverbs, etc
  • Take regular Mock tests to get on with the flow.
  • Practice a lot. The English section seems to be easy and also tricky at the same time. So regular practice will definitely give you a helping hand during the Main exam.

General Awareness:

For this General Awareness section prepare with complete dedication. It is in your hands to score more marks in this section. Try various sources for the current affairs preparation. So that you can cover the maximum parts in your preparation. Prepare notes and revise it regularly before the exam. You also refer to the general awareness questions in the previous year’s question paper of SBI PO mains. So that you can get ideas about topics like banking awareness, static GK, etc. Also, attend more quizzes to strengthen yourself in this section. For revision, purposes use power capsules. In this way, you can aim for maximum marks in the general awareness section. Scoring in this section is very important, as it is a game-changing section.

Few more tips to score better in the General Awareness section:

  • Read Newspapers and listen to the news daily to get on with the flow.
  • Read all the information in detail, sometimes all the options look similar. Thorough reading will help you to eliminate the wrong option.
  • The General Awareness section involves mugging up a lot of facts, so proper revision will help you to remember all the information.
  • Don’t attempt the question if you do not have any idea about that.
  • Be thorough with all the Banking terms.

Descriptive Test:

The descriptive test has a time limit of 30 minutes in which you have to type the following,

  • Letter writing
  • Essay

The total marks for the descriptive test are 50. For your reference check the letter writing and essay topics from SBI PO mains previous year question papers.

Few tips to perform better in this section:

  • Cultivate the habit of reading regularly, go through the daily news and newspaper editorials.
  • Write at least two articles per day to get good English language flow.
  • Don’t make tautology and grammatical errors while writing.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Here some FAQs have been added for your reference. So refer here to clarify your doubts.

Q: What are the preparation methods to crack the SBI PO exam?

A: To crack the SBI PO exam, prepare according to your study plan, and cover all the topics thoroughly. Then take a lot of mock tests and rectify your mistakes. Also, solve the SBI PO previous year question paper to get experience. These are some useful preparation methods to crack this exam.

Q: What is the age limit to apply for the SBI PO 2020 recruitment?

A: The minimum age criteria are 21 years and the maximum age limit is 30 years. Apart from this, there are age relaxation norms as per the official notification.

Q: Is the SBI PO Exam Bilingual?

A: SBI PO Exam is conducted in both English and Hindi Language, except for the English language section.

Q: How many attempts are there in the SBI PO Exam?

A: The general candidate can apply only 4 times, while an OBC can apply 7 times. Moreover, SC/ST does not have any restrictions.

Q: Does SBI PO have negative marketing?

A: For every wrong answer, there are 0.25 negative marks.