Static GK for Bank Exams

As you all know that the General Awareness is considered to be a high scoring section in any competitive exam. It is comprised of two types namely Static GK and Dynamic GK. Dynamic GK means it will be changed at any time. But Static GK will never get changed. In this article, we will discuss the significance of Static GK and some significant Static GK topics that are asked in all competitive exams. Want to score high in GK Questions? Then, having knowledge of basic GK topics. Here you can download the PDF of lists of different Static GK topics given here below.

What is Static GK?

Static GK means nothing but the general knowledge related to the facts that are never going to change in the future. Facts in Static GK like places, things, important days, inventions, currencies, dances, etc.

Significance of Static GK:

Nowadays, a good knowledge of general awareness is very important in clearing any competitive exam. Learning static GK helps to enhance the sectional, as well as the overall score in the examination. Mostly the questions asked are factual and direct. It helps candidates to save time while preparing for the exams and can utilize that time for the preparation of tricky sections.

The exams for the higher posts have been significantly covered with current affairs and static GK. If you are a master at this section, it helps candidates to attend the interview rounds very efficiently.

Keeping all this in mind, we have drafted the list of important Static GK topics that you cannot afford to miss while preparing for any competitive examinations.

Static GK Types:

In the General Awareness section, Static GK is an inseparable one. If you want good marks in GA as well as the overall section the Static GK helps you. Generally, the Static GK is classified into three main categories.

They are

(i) Basic GK,

(ii) India GK,

(iii) World GK

These main topics consist of numerous subtopics that will be asked in all the competitive examinations. Here our team of experts has prepared the content for all the Static GK topics which has been explained crystal clear. Candidates shall utilize our materials to boost up your overall score.