Experts Strategy for SBI PO Preparation Without Coaching

SBI PO Preparation Without Coaching: SBI PO expected to release so soon for the year of 2021-22. Being prepared for SBI PO 2021 will be a right strategy to crack this exam in first attempt. Here details regarding the preparation for the SBI PO Exam without coaching from any institute. Experts’ best strategies have been given for you to prepare for the upcoming SBI PO exams.

SBI PO is one of the most important government exams in the banking sector. The exam is conducted every year to appoint a number of PO in the State Bank of India. As an SBI Probationary Officers, candidates need to carry out various administrative tasks and communicate with the customers as well. To crack the SBI PO exam, a candidate needs to prepare really well.

Many candidates join coaching classes for that, but taking coaching classes might not be a feasible option for every candidate due to many reasons. But, does that stop them from trying to crack SBI PO? Absolutely not. SBI PO exam preparation can be taken without any coaching as well. Mainly candidates have to practice the SBI PO Mock Test reading as we unveil the tricks for you.

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Understand the SBI PO Exam Pattern and Syllabus

The first and foremost requirement to crack a bank exam is to understand the exam pattern very well. Unless you are clear about it, creating a proper study plan can be difficult. SBI PO mainly has 2 written rounds, the Prelims, and the Main Rounds. The Prelims exam pattern is as follows:

SBI PO Prelims Exam Pattern 2021:

Subjects Number of Questions Time Duration
English Language 30 1 Hour( Each Section Caries 20 Minutes)
Quantitative Aptitude 35
Reasoning Ability 35

The Main exam pattern is, however, a little different from the Prelims. The SBI PO Main exam is tougher than the Prelims and requires you to write the test in 2 steps, one objective, like the Prelims paper, and another, an objective paper of 30 minutes. The details about both the exam pattern are given below:

SBI PO Mains Exam Pattern 2021


Subjects Number of Questions Maximum Marks Time Duration
Reasoning & Computer Aptitude 45 Total Max. Marks
60 minutes
Data Analysis & Interpretation 35 45 minutes
 General/ Economy/ Banking Awareness 40 35 minutes
English Language 35 40 minutes
TOTAL 155 3 hours


Descriptive Test: The Descriptive Test of 30 minutes duration will consist of two tasks, a letter-writing and essay writing.

So, from the above exam pattern, we can see that candidates need to prepare for these topics to crack the SBI PO exam:

  • English Language
  • Quantitative Aptitude
  • Reasoning Ability
  • Computer Aptitude
  • Data Analysis & Interpretation
  • General/ Economy/ Banking Awareness

The Final Round is the Group Discussion rounds containing 20 marks and a Personal Interview round containing 30 marks, together with the SBI PO Main score + scores in GD+PI will determine a candidate’s selection as a PO in State Bank of India.

SBI PO Preparation: Points to Remember

Before you start to prepare for the SBI PO preparation without coaching at home, you need to keep a few things in mind that’ll help you to keep going in the right direction.

  • Never underestimate the power of self-preparation
  • Be ready to accept your failures and learn from them
  • Take up new challenges with enthusiasm
  • Never start preparing with the toughest section according to you
  • Start with the easiest and gradually go for the toughest
  • Combine a number of studying methods for preparation
  • Take mock tests when you are halfway through the preparation
  • Don’t stress yourself out
  • Take some time out to watch TV/read news
  • Don’t expect to create a solid study plan from DAY 1
  • Don’t underrate any section or subject

SBI PO Preparation Strategy at Home

Before you implement a subject-wise study plan for SBI PO, a general plan should be in place that will be applicable to all the subjects that you prepare. So here are a few things to do for all the subjects that you prepare for:

  • Structured Plan

A structured SBI PO Study Plan approach to all the subject is necessary for home preparation. Most people tend to start with the toughest subject and then move to the easiest one. But, we tell you to do the reverse, always begin with the easiest one because they are quick to understand and won’t take you much time to cover it. Try to complete as many easy chapters/sections as possible and then move on to the tougher ones that will take you time to understand. In this way, if you don’t end up completing the syllabus, you can at least be confident to answer questions from the easy sections that you’ve already covered.

  • Right Study Material

Find the SBI PO right study material to boost your preparation. Research for best SBI PO preparation study material. Don’t restrict yourself to reading good books only, watch video courses, listen to podcasts, discuss chapters in SBI self-preparation online forums, and find good Ebooks too. All these different types of study material will help you to cover the exam syllabus without monotony.

  • Practice Sectional Mock Tests

Practice section-wise mock tests for all the SBI PO exam sections. Attempt time-bound mock tests in order to improve your speed and accuracy, both. With regular practice, you can easily answer all the SBI PO test questions within the stipulated time.

  • Stay Focused

This is a very important point to remember and implement. With multiple subjects to prepare in a short time, anybody can feel overwhelmed with the preparation, but, don’t try to prepare everything at once. Take up one subject and try to cover a few topics from it per day before moving to other subjects.

Subject-wise Study Plan for SBI PO Preparation at Home

After the general study plan, comes the subject-wise plan for more clarity. With a subject-wise plan, you can implement  Subject-wise, your preparation strategy should be as follows.

1. English Language

  • Read English newspapers and watch news and talk shows on a daily basis.
  • Take note of any new word that you come across
  • Learn 3 new words every day with their meaning and implementation strategy
  • Learn the rules of grammar and make it perfect with regular mock test practice
  • Talk to your friends in English or just speak to yourself loudly, this helps in correcting your pronunciation
  • Focus on synonyms and antonyms, prepositions, conjunctions, tenses, etc.
  • Write anything on any random topic, say about a recent book that you read or a movie that you’ve watched

2. Quantitative Aptitude

  • Practice Mathematics from class 9-12 very well, this will help you solve most questions
  •  Memorize important formulas and tables till 25 to solve maximum questions in the minimum time
  • Practice test papers that ask you to solve questions within a given time
  • Learn how to decipher tricky questions
  • Learn shortcut formulas to solve longer questions.

3. Reasoning Ability

  • Start off your preparation with the easier topics and then move on to the tougher ones
  • Take separate time out for tricky questions and learn how to solve them
  • Work on your speed and accuracy
  • Take note of the solving procedure
  • Revise regularly

4. Computer Aptitude

  • Solve computer quizzes on a daily basis.
  • Practice keyboard shortcuts, Microsoft Office, and all the basic computer functions correctly
  • Refer to good books for general knowledge of computer software and hardware.
  • Jot down important points related to every topic and revise them regularly.

5. Data Analysis & Interpretation

  • Get hold of relevant books that will give you an insight into the subject
  • Learn about all the latest development in the sector
  • Learn various programming language and functions
  • Understand the concept and check your knowledge with mock tests

6. General/ Economy/ Banking Awareness

  • Learn various banking terms
  • Read related books and practice test papers
  • Keep an eye on regular banking news
  • Stay aware of foreign exchange rates

These are the tips for SBI PO Preparation Without Coaching. SBI PO preparation is a time-bound process and can be covered in time if you start preparing with the correct strategy. Usually, SBI gives 2-3 months after it releases the SBI PO notification every year, so candidates can utilize those 90 days to cover the entire SBI PO syllabus and write the exam well.

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