How to Approach IBPS Clerk Prelims Effectively – Preparation Tips and Strategies

IBPS Clerk Preparation Tips (Prelims) – Important Tips and Strategies:

DEAR ASPIRANTS, First Week of IBPS Clerk Prelims 2017 was completed successfully and everyone know what type of patterns asked in IBPS Clerk prelims 2017,  which was conducted on 2nd and 3rd December, the candidates would have got clear idea to approach the exam to be held on 9th and 10th December. Obviously it is easy to score more marks in clerk preliminary exam 2017. Here we have given Important IBPS Clerk Preparation Tips and Strategy which will help you to Approach the IBPS Clerk Prelims Exam Effectively.

IBPS Clerk Preparation Tips | Section wise Strategy 

QUANTITATIVE APTITUDE:  (Time Allotment: 20-22 minutes)  

Simplification 15 (10minutes)
Number series 5 (4 minutes)
DI 5 (4 minutes)
Application problems 10 (2 minutes -2 or 3 problems)
  • Comparing all sections Aptitude part is easiest one.
  • In simplification, all the problems are very easy

Eg.: 48% of 4800 + 24% of 1260 =?

  • In Number series the pattern like (*1+1 , *2+2 , *3+3)
  • DI is based on simple calculation
  • Application problems are completely based on simple calculations.
Tips to improve your calculation speed:
  • The students must begin with basic and four pillars of the arithmetic to improve the calculation speed.
  • By heart the multiplication tables up to 20 and also learn the square root values from 1 to 30 and Cube root values from 1 to 15.
  • Sharpen your mental math skill and try to visualize the calculations in your brain so that you can save the time.
  • The candidate should be free from the negative thoughts and try to solve the problems.
  • Learn proper techniques and must apply on the spot.

Important Study Links for Quantitative Aptitude

  • TOP 500 Number Series Questions

  • TOP 270 Data Interpretation Questions

REASONING ABILITY( Time Allotment: 20-23 minutes)

1). Puzzles (with single variable)

2). Linear Seating (with single variable)

3). Circular Seating (with single variable)

 15 (10 minutes)
Syllogism            4 (2 minutes)
Alphabet Series            5 (3 minutes)
Inequality             2 (1 minute)
Direction Sense            5  (3 minutes)
Alphabet based questions            2 (1 minute)
Misc            2 (1 minute)
Total            35
  • For reasoning section, you should split your time effectively to score more marks and accuracy should play very important role to score more.
  • First you should start with your strongest part in reasoning, but that should be other than puzzles.
  • Taking puzzle initially will take more time.
Tips to solve Reasoning Ability:
  • Strong Your Basic Reasoning Skills by Practice more.
  • Don’t waste more time on single topic.
  • Your Score depends on your accuracy and speed.
  • Try our IBPS Prelims mock test for reasoning.
  • Also, Check IBPS Prelims Previous Year Papers

Important Study Links for Reasoning Ability

ENGLISH LANGUAGE: (Time Allotment: 15-20 minutes)

In IBPS Clerk Prelims, English section is moderate. You should have sound knowledge in Error Spotting as well as idioms and phrases.

  • Idioms like Abide by (asked in Exam), took off(asked) you should know the meaning.
  • Single fillers are there. You should read the conditions given above in the question carefully.
  • Reading comprehension is lengthy but you can get answer accurately.
  • It will be efficient to score high if you solve the problems within 15 minutes with accuracy.
Tips for English language:
  • Start with the topic that you are most comfortable
  • If you are strong in English, you can first start with it. If you are not well in the English section, then you should solve it after the Reasoning and Quantitative sections.
  • For Reading Comprehension Questions, You should understand the mean of passage first then try to answer.
  • Practice IBPS Clerk Prelims model papers for better Idea of the exact test.
         Topic     No. of Questions
Reading Comprehension (No Synonyms and Antonyms)  

5(2-3 minutes)

Error Spotting (New Pattern)  

10(5 minutes)

Phrasal Replacement 10(5 minutes)
Fill in the Blanks – New Pattern  

5(2-3 minutes)

                                        Total                      30

Important Study Links for English Language

 General tips to overcome from exam pressure:
  • Accuracy is one of the key factors to crack any exam. It will make you to solve multiple questions and make you score high.
  • Manage your time efficiently and effectively.
  • Don’t ignore any topic under IBPS Clerk Syllabus.
  • Maintain a very good speed right from the beginning of the exam.
  • Always start with less time-consuming topics.
  • Do not over-stress yourself at the last moment.
  • Think with Positive attitude and Stay Calm.
Instructions for the candidates before going to exam:
  • Take the print copy of your Admission Letter today itself, don’t wait for the last moment.
  • Take your current ID proof along with its photocopy and paste your recent photograph.
  • Reach the venue of examination well ahead of time. Don’t wait for the last moment reach your exam venue a little early.
  • Stay calm and be confident while attempting questions don’t get struck on any question for too long, maintaining your calm will help you analyze the questions better.

     Motivate yourself and score maximum in this Series …

             All the very best from IBPSGUIDE Team

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