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SBI PO Salary 2020 : SBI PO In Hand Salary, Allowances & Job Profile

The State Bank of India offers very good career growth opportunities through SBI PO recruitment. The SBI PO Salary is comparatively higher when compared to the remuneration of other banks. Here we have updated complete details about SBI PO salary 2020, allowances, perks, etc.

SBI PO Salary:

Career growth in terms of designation, salary, and other allowances is the most important for every employee. It will motivate their work and trigger their spirit towards achieving their goals. SBI going to conduct PO recruitment drive to hire candidates in various branches throughout India. SBI always provided a lucrative salary and other emoluments to their employees. Hence the SBI PO recruitment always grabs the attention of the candidates who want to become the banking authority. So the candidates know about the SBI PO in-hand salary and other related details.

SBI PO Job Profile 2020:

“What is the work of SBI PO?” is a common question among the aspirants. Before knowing about the SBI PO salary in-hand and other details, go through the job role. It is very important for the candidates to understand the work nature. Only then you can excel in your work to attain promotions. The SBI PO appointed freshly shall be on 2-year probation from the date of appointment. In this probation period, the PO will be trained to handle various bank roles which can be clerical work or administrative work. The work profile is listed below for your reference.

  • The PO trainee will handle accounting, finance and billing related task of the bank.
  • He/she will also act as the PRO for the bank and will act as a bridge between the public and the bank.
  • He/she will take note of the requests, complaints, and grievances of the public and address it on behalf of the bank.
  • With time, the trainee PO will also have to take up managerial work and start taking certain decisions on behalf of the bank.
  • He/she will track the work of the SBI clerks and see that everyone is performing their duty assigned.
  • The PO should also issue ATM cards, Cheque books, and Demand Drafts to the customers.

Along with handling the above tasks, the PO trainee shall keep himself updated from time to time with the latest bank policies, rules, and updates

Once the probation period is over, the SBI PO will secure a permanent position in the bank, following which he/she shall undertake more responsibilities like planning, budgeting, etc. Thus apart from SBI bank PO salary, it essential to understand the job role that will assist for career growth.

SBI PO Salary Structure:

SBI has revealed the basic pay for PO cadre employees in the official notification as Rs.27620/-. SBI PO employees will receive the starting pay with 4 advance increments in the scale of 23700-980/7-30560-1145/2-32850-1310/7-42020. Thus the SBI PO salary slip after 16 years will have a total pay of Rs.42020/-. Candidates those who appointed as the probationary officer can avail Dearness Allowance (DA), House Rent Allowance (HRA)/ Lease rental, City Compensatory Allowance (C.C.A), Medical and other allowances &advantages as per ordinance in force from time to time.

PeriodSBI PO Basic SalaryIncrement
For first 7 years23700980
For next 2 years305601145
Another 7 years328501310


Thus from the table given above the candidates will have periodic increments. Including all the remuneration and allowances, SBI PO employee will receive a minimum of Rs.8.20 Lakhs to a maximum of Rs.13.08 Lakhs as annual income depends on the posting area for Officer Scale 1 employees. The SBI Bank PO salary after 7th pay commission has a good hike.

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Here from the salary of SBI PO there are some deductions. Those deduction details are given below for your reference.

  • PF (10% of Basic) = Rs. 2762
  • NPS (10% of Basic + DA) = Rs. 4000
  • Income Tax = as per government norms.

Take-Home Salary: According to the above earnings and deductions the take home SBI PO Salary is Rs. 40,000/- (Approximate).

SBI PO Allowance Details:

Apart from the SBI PO salary 2020, the employees will enjoy various allowances. The allowance details are given in a detailed manner for your reference.

Dearness Allowance (DA):

The consumer Price Index (CPI) is the base for the calculation of the dearness allowance. On a quarter yearly basis, the dearness allowance will get revised. Also as per the inflation, the dearness allowance will fluctuate. The dearness allowance provided is around 46.9% of the SBI PO Basic salary 2020.

City Compensatory Allowance (CCA): 

The city compensatory allowance is to pay for the living expenses in cities. Based upon your working location the city compensatory allowance will vary. The range of the city compensatory allowance lies between 3% to 4% of the SBI PO basic pay. The approximate value of the CCA will range around Rs. 870.

House Rent Allowance (HRA):

The house rent allowance will also vary depending upon the place of posting. It is provided to compensate your rented accommodation expenses. It will range as 9% or 8% or 7% of the SBI PO basic salary. Its approximate value is Rs.2486. the house rent allowance of the urban areas are higher than that of the rural areas.

Furniture Allowance:

The furniture allowance is provided for the purchase of housing furniture and other needful appliances. It will vary for the officers of different scale. The approximate value of the furniture allowance is Rs.120000.

Medical Insurance:

For the SBI employees, 100% of medical coverage is provided for SBI employees. While for their family members 75% of medical cover is offered.

Travelling Allowance: 

It is also known as conveyance allowance. For official travels, reimbursement of AC 2-tier fare is provided for the employees. It will cover the official travels of employees.

Petrol Allowance:

It is provided as compensation for the fuel expenses of the official travels. The approximate value of the petrol allowance will range between Rs.1100 to 1250.

The SBI also offers a SMART compensation package for the employees. Using this package you can monetize the several elements of the SBI PO salary amount.

Apart from the SBI PO Salary 2020, the perks are being offered to SBI Probationary Officer. There are also several benefits in various forms for the SBI PO. They are,

  • Financial stability
  • Job security
  • Huge growth opportunities
  • Can supervise various departments
  • Work as a major decision-maker
  • Social status

All these benefits will improve the standard of the employee in public society. Thus above the SBI PO in-hand salary and other allowances, candidates aim this job due to this prestigious status.

Career Path of SBI Probationary Officer

Securing the job of an SBI PO is like knocking on a door of opportunities. Once you work hard and crack the SBI PO exam that consists of 2 rounds: prelims and the main round followed by the final interview. Once you clear the SBI PO exam and get appointed as an SBI PO trainee for 2 years, your focus for that time period is to learn all the banking work and to understand the policies and rules of the bank.

After 2 years when you will secure a permanent PO position, you will undertake various job roles within the bank and outside as mentioned above. During your tenure as an SBI PO which can last up to 6-7 years, you can wear many hats within the bank and work with different departments closely. This role will also give you a chance to get close to the public as you will be directly interacting with them for various bank needs.

If the employee works hard to achieve organization goals, surely that organization will honor the work with promotion and all other benefits. So get promoted from your designation is on the hands of you, employees work will speak to the organization during the promotion period. So clinch your career growth by showing your hard work and loyalty to uplift the organizations growth.

SBI PO Promotional Stages:

From joining as a PO in SBI you can enjoy good salary, allowances, perks, etc. Then for your exceptional career growth there are various promotion options. The promotion stages of the SBI PO are defined in a step wise manner below.

  • Assistant manager (PO) – scale 1
  • Deputy manager – scale 2
  • Manager – scale 3
  • Chief Manager – scale 4
  • Assistant General Manager – scale 5
  • Deputy General Manager – scale 6
  • General Manager – scale 7
  • Chief General Manager – scale 8
  • Deputy Managing Director – scale 9
  • Managing Director – scale 10
  • Chairman – scale 11

Each candidate those who selected through PO recruitment must have work for Probation Period of 2 years like training to know about banking services and responsibilities in the aspects of clerical activities, bank accounts opening, customer service, processing or passing of loans, etc. This training will be provided through retail and rural bank. Scale 1 Officers training will be given in the SBI training institutes. Candidates those who have completed the probation period successfully will attend the screening process conduct by SBI. Those who are qualified will appoint as scale 1 officer or may promote as scale 2 officers.

We hope the above-provided information will enlighten your thoughts about SBI PO salary and career growth. After that, you may release how important is this life-changing career for you. To clinch the SBI PO career, first, you have to apply for SBO PO recruitment 2020 and do hard work to clear all the recruitment process. Only then you can achieve your goal and enjoy the SBI PO salary and other benefits.

Is SBI PO a permanent job?

If you achieve the minimum standards set by the SBI at various levels, then it is a permanent job. The job position is explained in detail here for your convenience

At joining time you have to enter into the agreement by signing a bond of Rs.2 lakhs. The bond depicts that you have to work in the bank for minimum 3 years. If you violate the agreement, then the bank will execute the bond to claim the amount from you.

From the stature of probationary officer, the candidates have to pass in the various assessments to move on to the next level. The next higher level is Junior Management Grade Scale-I (JMGS-I). From this stature, you can go to the next higher level of Middle Management Grade Scale-II (MMGS-II). It can be attained by achieving higher scores / standards set by the bank. If the candidate fails to achieve the set scores / standards, the bank may terminate you from the job.

So, the SBI PO job is a permanent job, as you achieve the standards of the bank. The candidates clearing the tougher exams of SBI PO mains and interview will have no concern about this. So enjoy your work and don’t put pressure on yourself.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Here candidates can refer to the SBI bank PO salary related FAQs. So that you can get a clear vision about it.

Q: Which bank PO gets the highest salary?

A: Without any doubt, it is SBI that offers the highest salary for the PO cadre.

Q: Is any bond will be executed at the time of joining as an SBI PO?

A: Yes, a bond is executed at the time of joining. The value of the bond is Rs.2 lakhs.

Q: what is the training period for the SBI PO?

A: The probation period of the SBI PO is 2 years.

Q: What is the minimum serving period of an SBI PO as per the bond?

A: You have to serve for a minimum period of 3 years in the bank. If you resign before completing 3 years, then the bank will execute the bond against you.