IBPS SO Salary 2021: Check Allowance, Job Profile & Career Growth

The IBPS SO salary 2021 details are available here. For this year IBPS SO recruitment, 1163 vacancies have been announced in the official notification. The candidates should know the IBPS SO salary, allowances, job profile, and other important details. Here we have provided all the details as per the recent revision.

Hence the candidates can clearly know the correct details about the IBPS SO salary 2021. There are various posts in the IBPS SO recruitment. They are,

  • IT Officer (Scale-I)
  • Agricultural Field Officer (Scale-I)
  • Rajbhasha Adhikari (Scale-I)
  • Law Officer (Scale-I)
  • HR/Personnel Officer (Scale-I)
  • Marketing Officer (Scale-I)

The IBPS SO salary and job profile 2021 are discussed in detail. So candidates can check the details for all the posts here.

IBPS SO Notification 2021

IBPS SO Salary In-hand 2021:

Here all the details regarding IBPS SO salary after revision have been added for your reference. The IBPS SO basic pay salary is Rs.23700/-. They will have increments as mentioned in the table. The IBPS SO basic salary and allowance details are given in the table below.

IBPS SO Salary Structure 2021 23700 – 980 (7) – 30560 – 1145 (2) – 32850 – 1310 (7) – 42021
Dearness Allowance (DA) Dearness allowance is nothing but the cost of living. It is around 36% of the basic pay. The approximate value of the DA is Rs.8605/-
House Rent Allowance (HRA) It bears the accommodation expenses of the employee. The value of HRA will depend upon the city of employee residence. The HRA will be 7% or 8% or 9% of the basic pay.
Special Allowance Incentives and bonuses that are given to the employee based on their performance.
City Compensatory Allowance (CCA) It is given to compensate for the high cost of living, if they work in metropolitan cities. The range of CCA is around 0% or 3% or 4% of the basic salary.
Lease Allowance Instead of city compensatory allowance, sometimes lease allowance is given as per the job location. Up to Rs.29500 may be provided as the lease allowance.
IBPS SO in-hand salary 2021 The IBPS SO gross salary will range between Rs.38000 to 39000. After the deductions, the IBPS SO in-hand salary 2021 will be around Rs.33000 to 35000.


The IBPS SO salary slip after few years will reach a peak with increments.

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IBPS SO Perks:

Apart from the above-mentioned allowances, the IBPS SO will have other perks as follows,

  • Conveyance allowance
  • Newspaper allowance
  • House and furniture allowance
  • Medical allowance
  • Entertainment allowance, etc.

IBPS SO Career Growth Opportunities:

The IBPS SO will have an excellent career growth opportunities in addition to an attractive salary, increments, allowances, and perks. The promotion will be in the following order as follows,

  1. Junior Management – Scale 1 (Officer / Assistant Manager)
  2. Junior Management – Scale 2 (Manager)
  3. Middle Management – Scale 3 (Senior Manager)
  4. Senior Management – Scale 4 (Chief Manager)
  5. Senior Management – Scale 5 (Assistant General Manager)
  6. Top Management – Scale 6 (Deputy General Manager)
  7. Top Management – Scale 7 (General Manager)

As the promotion goes up, pay scale also increases. The IBPS SO salary after 5 years will be a huge sum.

IBPS SO Job Profile- Agriculture Field Officer:

The agriculture field officer is mainly responsible for rural banking. they will have works based on the loan inspections, disbursement, paper works, recovery, etc. Lead generation is another main work of the agriculture field officer. It means they have to bring new business to the branch. Also, their work has to be coordinated with the other RRBs, NABARD and other organizations.

IBPS SO Job Profile- HR/ Personnel Officer:

The work profile of the HR/ Personnel officer will be based on employee recruitment and employee-related works. The recruitment process of the branch will be conducted by them. They are also responsible for maintaining the employee database after recruitment. They will have to evaluate the performance of employees. Apart from these works, they have to design employee welfare schemes, compensation, and promotion policies.

IBPS SO Job Profile- Marketing Officer:

The marketing officer will be responsible for the region or state-wise marketing and promotional activities. Also, they have to advertise the banking products and coordinate with the agencies for the branch business. They have to prepare some market strategies to increase the profit of the branch. Their work profile also involves in the research of new marketing products that are useful for branch growth. Thats why the IBPS SO marketing officer pay scale 2021 is huge.

IBPS SO Job Profile- IT Officer:

The IBPS SO salary IT officer will be almost similar to that of the IBPS PO. Their work profile includes the maintenance of Core Banking Solution (CBS), banking software, and the technological issues in the branch. Another main role for them is to safeguard the bank network security and to stop cybercrime. Also, they have to manage the problems in ATMs, kiosks, mobile/ internet banking, etc. So the IBPS SO IT officer pay scale 2021 will be high.

IBPS SO Job Profile- Law Officer:

Before knowing about the IBPS SO law officer pay scale 2021, refer the job profile. The job profile of the law officer is to take care of the legal documents of the bank. They have to represent the bank in courts, in case of any suits filed. They also have to check the legality of the deals/contracts signed by the bank. Then they have to check whether the bank complies with the norms of RBI.

IBPS SO Job Profile- Raj Bhasha Adhikari:

The work profile of a Raj bhasha Adhikari involves translation of documents. They are also responsible for conducting the language-related workshops. They will have to promote the official language.

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Here we have added some important FAQs regarding the IBPS SO salary 2021 and related topics.

Q: What is the IBPS SO basic salary 2021?

A: The basic IBPS SO grade pay is Rs.23700.


Q: What is the range of House Rent Allowance in the IBPS SO salary?

A: The range of the HRA will lie between 7% or 8% or 9% of the basic pay.


Q: How is special allowance provided in the IBPS SO salary?

A: Based on the performance of the employee, Incentives and bonuses are given.


Q: What is the range of City Compensatory Allowance in the IBPS SO pay scale 2021 salary?

A: The range of CCA will be around 0% or 3% or 4% of the IBPS SO basic salary.


Q: What is the lease allowance provided in the IBPS SO salary?

A: Instead of city compensatory allowance, sometimes lease allowance is given as per the job location  Up to Rs.29500.


Q: What is the IBPS SO in hand salary 2021?

A: The IBPS SO gross salary will range between Rs.38000 to 39000. After the deductions, the IBPS SO in-hand salary 2021 will be around Rs.33000 to 35000

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