SBI PO Mock Test 2020 | Get Mock Tests For SBI PO Prelims & Mains 2020

SBI PO Mock Test packages are added here for preparation purposes. The State bank of India is the authority for the SBI PO recruitment. For your exam practice, we have prepared the SBI PO mock test 2020 packages. Use these test series effectively.

The selected candidates will be posted as the probationary officers in the SBI branches across the country. Clearing the SBI PO exam is not an easy task. For that heavy practice is needed. The one factor that will mainly assist you to clear this exam is SBI PO free mock test. This article will deal with the special features and benefits of attending the mock test. That too for this high difficult exam, mock test practice is the main key for success.

SBI conducts national level competitive examinations for PO recruitment drive. Candidates have to groom their selves with high-quality as significant as prepare with important study materials. Because SBI PO mock test series 2020 will guide you to strengthen your weaken sections and aid you more confident about SBI PO exams 2020. Practice and analyze your skills and polish your problem-solving ability and boost up your time management which surely helps you in the SBI PO online exams.

SBI PO Selection Process:

The SBI PO 2020 recruitment contains three-stage selection levels. They are given below in the actual order,

  • Online preliminary exam – Stage 1
  • Online main exam – Stage 2
  • Group Exercise & Interview – Stage 3

Each stage will act as a knockout round. If you fail to qualify in any of these rounds, you will be rejected from this recruitment. So practice with the SBI PO prelims mock test 2020 packages to give your best in both the preliminary and mains exam. For each stage, separate mock test packages are available.

SBI PO Prelims Exam Pattern:

The Prelims exam is the 1st stage of this recruitment process. Practice more SBI PO prelims mock test 2020 packages. This exam is easier when compared to the difficulty level of the mains exam. So with a uniform practice, you can easily crack this exam. Also for the prelims exam success, the mock test practice will give you the required speed and accuracy. The candidates clearing the prelims overall cut off will attend the mains exam. The exam pattern for the prelims exam is explained in a detailed manner in the table given below. Refer to the exam pattern and practice the SBI PO prelims free mock test 2020 series.

S No. Section No. Of questions Maximum marks Duration Negative marks  Cut off
1. Reasoning ability 35 35 20 minutes 0.25 minus marks for each wrong answer Sectional cut off is not applicable.The overall cutoff is applicable
2. Quantitative  aptitude 35 35 20 minutes
3. English language 30 30 20 minutes
Total 100 100 1 hour    


SBI PO Mains Exam Pattern:

The SBI PO mains exam is one of the toughest exams as per the banking aspirants. This exam consists of four sections and a descriptive test. in the descriptive test, you have to type a letter-writing and an essay. You may clear the prelims exam just like that. But the mains exam is the real litmus test for all the candidates. You have to practice with the SBI PO mock test free 2020 packages of mains exam multiple times. Only then you can handle the exam with ease.

S No. Section No. Of questions Maximum marks Duration Penalty Cut Off
1. Reasoning ability & computer aptitude 45 60 60 minutes 1/4th of marks assigned to the question is deducted as a penalty if your answer is wrong Sectional cut off is not applicable.

The overall cutoff is applicable

2. Data interpretation and analysis 35 60 45 minutes
3. General/ Economy/ Banking awareness 40 40 35 minutes
4. English language 35 40 40 minutes
Total 155 200 3 hours
Descriptive test: Letter and essay writing 2 50 30 minutes
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Free Mock Test for SBI PO 2020:

Some candidates can not afford the price of mock test. Some may have doubts over the quality of the mock test series. For such candidates, we have provided the free SBI PO mock test 2020 series. This is provided as the sample to check the mock test experience and its quality. So candidates use these free test series for your effective practice. Surely you will be impressed by the quality of the mock test.

SBI PO Prelims Free Mock Test 2020

Key Features of SBI PO Mock test Packages:

The SBI PO mock test packages are available for both prelims and mains exams. So that it will be easy for you to practice for both exams in a separate manner. Some of the key features of SBI PO mock test series are,

  • All the real exam features of the SBI PO exam are included in the mock test series.
  • You can attend the exam with pause and resume options. So that you can stop and continue the mock test as per your convenience.
  • The mock test experience is similar to that of the real exam. As you practice more free SBI PO mock tests you will gain enormous experience to handle the real exam with ease.
  • Marking schemes, timings, and negative mark conditions are similar to those of the real SBI PO exam.
  • The mock test is based on the actual SBI PO exam pattern and updated syllabus.
  • You can check the solutions with detailed explanations for all questions after the end of the mock test.

The online mock test for SBI PO preliminary exam 2020 will be useful for you to crack the exam successfully.

Practice with SBI PO Mock Test PDF 2020:

Mock test practice is essential for the exam goers. There are different types of mock test practices such as topic test, sectional test, and full-length test. At each stage of your practice, all these tests are essential for you to boost your confidence. So don’t neglect the free SBI PO mock test free practice before the exam. Here the steps of mock test practice are given in order to improve your standard.

  • First, completely revise the basics of all the topics. Then, take topic tests on all your weak topics in every section. This topic test will improvise your standard in the individual topics of all the sections.
  • After completing the topic tests, you may attain confidence on all the topics. Then come to the sectional mock tests. This test will identify the section in which you lack concentration.
  • After practice of more SBI PO 2020 sectional mock tests, you will have 50% confidence about your performance.
  • Finally, take more full-length mock tests before the exam. This is the real practice for success. This practice will reveal all your strengths, weakness, time managing capability, etc.
  • After the series of full-length mock test practice, you can clear the paper of any hard level.

Benefits of Mock Test in Each Section:

The SBI PO mock test will have more advantages for you to boost up your score. For each section, you can enhance your marks by a good margin. As a result, your overall score will boom up. This will considerably increase your success probability. Some common advantages of the mock test practice are,

  • Your speed and accuracy will attain a new high.
  • You can obtain exceptional time management skills.
  • Your exam fear can be easily neglected.
  • You can be a specialist in all the sections.
  • The mock test will help you to analyze your mistakes
  • You can compete with a larger number of participants in the mock test. So that you can get your national rank. It will help you to analyze your overall standard.

For each section, there are certain benefits on taking mock test practice. they are discussed below.

English Language:

This is one of the difficult sections for almost all candidates. Even some candidates will find it difficult to score in this section for the prelims exam itself. For mains topper candidates also should have a good practice. The impacts of SBI PO mock test practice for this section are given below,

  • As you practice more number of error detection questions, you will find the trick to score easily in error spotting.
  • The mock test packages will have more editorial passages from the newspapers. By practicing continuously, you can score easily in Reading comprehension topics.
  • Also, these editorial passages will be helpful for you to score in the vocabulary part.
  • A lot of mock test practice will make you strong in topics like fillers, sentence rearrangement, etc.

Quantitative Aptitude:

This section will be slightly easy to moderate in the prelims exam. For that speed and accuracy is very important. The SBI PO prelims mock test practice will help you to manage the time in an efficient manner. So that you can attend more questions in an accurate manner. Some of the benefits of mock test practice for this section are,

  • The mock test practice will be very useful especially for the data interpretation topics. You can practice a wide range of DI varieties in the mock test. So you can handle the difficult DI questions easily in the mains exam.
  • You can practice high standard word problems in the mock test packages. For the mains exam, these topics are highly important.
  • Some miscellaneous topics such as data sufficiency, quantity I & quantity II, etc can be practiced from the SBI PO mains mock test packages.

Reasoning Ability:

This section is also easy to moderate in the prelims exam. But in the mains exam, this section will surely test your patience. If you lose your cool there, then it will be a disaster for you. The mock test practice will help you to keep your mind fresh and confident. The benefits of SBI PO mock tests for this section are,

  • For scoring in puzzles and seating arrangements in the mains exam, mock test practice is a must. the mock test packages will contain high-level puzzles and seating arrangements in the mains exam point of view.
  • By practicing and referring to the solutions, you will get excellent ideas to solve the difficult puzzles in a quick manner.
  • The new pattern syllogism, coding-decoding, direction sense, etc are very challenging topics in the mains exam. You can make you strong in all these topics by practicing a variety of model questions.

General Awareness:

This is the most important section to clear the mains exam. In the SBI PO mock test papers, you can find the general awareness questions in the exam point of view. Taking it as a sample, you can prepare for the exam in a confident manner. In this way, you can try to score more marks in the general awareness section.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here some FAQs are added related to the doubts about the mock test. when you have any doubts, you can refer to these FAQs.

Q: Is the offline mode of SBI PO mock test facility is available?

A: No. Only the online mode of the mock test facility is available.

Q: Can I pay the mock test fee in parts?

A: Options such as EMI payment, part payment are not acceptable. You have to pay the full amount in one go.

Q: Does the national rank appear after the completion of the mock test?

A: Yes you will get our all India rank after finishing the mock test. Also, you can analyze various other factors such as the accuracy, time taken for each question, etc.

Q: Can I download the SBI PO test series from the app (to get PDF format)?

A: No, such options are not available.

Q: Can I cancel my purchase of a mock test and ask for the refund of money?

A: No. Once if you have paid the fees for the SBI PO mock test 2020 series, it will not be refunded at any cause.

Q: I want to pay the mock test fees in the offline mode. Is any such option available?

A: No, you can pay the fees only in the online mode. For that, you can use any available options such as credit card, debit card, mobile wallets, etc.

Q: In what are all the languages the SBI PO mock test can be taken?

A: You can take the mock test in either Hindi or English language.

Q: I have completed a mock test. Can I attend the same test again?

A: No you cannot reattempt the completed test. But you can check the solutions for multiple times.