Latest Current Affairs 2020 - Prepare Current Affairs for all Competitive Exams

Current Affairs preparation is very essential for all candidates who are preparing for the competitive exams. In fact, most of the candidates who clear competitive exams, have done it because of high scores in current affairs. Here we have given tips on current affairs preparation. Not only tips, but also very good study materials are available for you to prepare. We will update current affairs pdf with very quality content. All news from an exam point of view will be covered here. So use this platform exclusively for the current affairs preparation. The preparation of current affairs is an art. It needs some time, patience and also hard work. Only then can you master this section. Many students miss the victory chance due to low scores, only in this section. So realize the importance and prepare with focus.

Table of Contents:

Current Affairs Topics:

In current affairs, a lot of news topics are available. Candidates should prepare more topics to shine in various competitive exams such as banking, Railways, SSC , UPSC exams, etc. In all these exams current affairs plays a prominent role. So it will benefit the preparation of all these exams. In this section you should cover more topics such as,
  • Banking awareness
  • Important committee and its head.
  • Financial awareness.
  • Defence news.
  • Important appointments, awards, honours.
  • News related to Science and technology
  • Summits, meetings, conferences.
  • Important national and international news.
  • State and central government schemes and policies.
  • Important persons, obituaries.
  • Important sports news.
  • Books and authors, etc.
Candidates should prepare more topics from the exam point of view. Collect previous year question papers and refer to the questions. So that you can get ideas on topics.

Importance of Current Affairs Preparation:

Here we have given some importance to currentSES affairs preparation for competitive exams. Even one mark can decide your fate in the competitive exams. So prepare this section with utmost hard work. So that you can take an edge among most of the candidates.
  • Lot of time is needed to solve reasoning and aptitude sections. Also if you make careless mistakes in any question then the total time spent will be wasted. But in this section you can finish up to 4 to 6 questions in a minute. Thus, current affairs is important to save time.
  • Most of the candidates are strong in aptitude and reasoning. So if you are strong in current affairs, you can easily take a lead in the competition. So this section is very essential.
  • There is no need for complex calculation and logical thinking for this section. Good preparation, enough revision and quiz practice will fetch you more marks in a very less time period.
  • If you take more time in other sections, you can compensate it easily with the current affairs section. For that you have to prepare this section rigorously.
  • Many candidates will feel the pressure and get tired by continuous practice of reasoning and aptitude. In such time you can relax by preparing with the topic wise news pdf.
  • Most of the students will score less in English language section. If you too are weak in English, hard work is must in current affairs preparation to clear the overall cut off for the examination.

Daily Current Affairs:

This is for your daily preparation purpose. The daily current affairs preparation is the base for your revision. If you do it in a correct manner, then you can easily cover all the topics under this section. Also you will get a lot of time for the revision. Here we are adding some links for your reference. Go to the link and check the daily current affairs content on all topics. For every day we will update the newsparation.  

Current Affairs Hindi:

Here we are giving Hindi current affairs pdf. It will support the preparation of candidates all over the nation. So the candidates who want to study daily news in Hindi can use this platform. For reference we have added the links for Hindi current affairs. You can go to these links and continue your daily preparation in Hindi language.

Weekly Current Affairs:

Many people will not spend time on daily preparation. For them weekly current affairs will help to cover all the news across the week. so that you need not put up heavy pressure on current affairs preparation at the exam time. Here we are adding the reference links for weekly current affairs. If you go to the link you can cover all the weekly news on that platform. The news of all topics will be available here.

Monthly Current Affairs:

This is very important for the exam time preparation. So candidates should put hard work in the monthly current affairs preparation. If you study the daily and weekly pdfs without fail, then it is very easy to prepare with the monthly current affairs. So do the preparation in a correct manner to make it simple. Here we have added a few reference links for the monthly current affairs. Go to the link and read all the news of a particular month.

Current Affairs Quiz:

For any preparation quiz is very important. Only then you can analyze your preparation. At the end of each current affairs quiz you can find your preparation standard. Also you can rectify your mistakes to a greater extent. This will help you a lot more to improve your accuracy rate. So that you will not get affected by the negative marking. Hence you can score a bulk amount of marks in the current affairs section. So candidates prepare this section with full focus. Only hard work can help you to score in this section. Also this section is highly important to succeed in the competitive exams. So prepare with the above methods to cover all the topics before the exam. Also give more revision to each topic. Only then your preparation will not go in vain. Also attend more current affairs quiz to improvise your score in the exam.

Current Affairs Quiz in Hindi:

Many candidates may want to attend quiz in the hindi language. For them we have added the Current affairs quiz Hindi page. In this page you can attend the quizzes in Hindi language. Here you can attend the daily quiz for each day in the Hindi language. So that you can improve your accuracy considerably.

Monthly Current Affairs Quiz:

Candidates after preparing in a bulk manner, they want to attend a monthly quiz. So we have added the monthly current affairs quiz page here. So that for each month you can attend the quiz. This will help you to analyze your complete preparation. You can correct all your mistakes together. This will help you to improve accuracy in the exam. So candidates attend more monthly quizzes after the preparation is over.

One Liner PDF:

Many students will get bored in preparation of news stuff. For easy preparation purposes we have made current affairs one liner pdf. So that it will be useful for the last minute preparation. Also for last minute quick revision it will be handy.

Current Affairs FAQs:

Here some FAQs are added related to Current affairs.

Q: Can I get Current Affairs in Hindi language?
A: Yes, you can get current affairs materials in Hindi language also. Even we are providing quiz in Hindi language.

Q: Is it possible to download the current affairs on this page? A: Yes, you can go to the relevant links and download the pdf for your preparation.

Q:In what ways we can get updated with current affairs here?
A: You can get regular current affairs updates in daily, weekly, and monthly manner.