IBPS PO/Clerk 2018 – General Awareness Day – 20

Dear Aspirants, As we all know the importance of General Awareness section to appear for all the competitive exams. So, IG team has taken majestic step to make you score more in the General Awareness Part. We amalgamated Banking awareness and Static Gk sections to make you score more. The Aspirants can make use of it, to improve score in General awareness part.

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1) How many deputy governors can have by RBI in maximum?

a) 1

b) 2

c) 3

d) 4

e) 5

2) Which section of Banking Regulation Act, 1949 related with amalgamation of two banking companies?

a) Section 11B

b) Section 44A

c) Section 55C

d) Section 28C

e) Section 40R

3) Where is the headquarters of Paytm Payments Bank Limited?

a) Noida

b) New Delhi

c) Bangalore

d) Hyderabad

e) Chennai

4) How much FDI percent is allowed for payment banks?

a) 56%

b) 15%

c) 74%

d) 42%

e) 91%

5) What does ‘D’ stands for in FRDI?

a) Deposit

b) Deduction

c) Delivery

d) Drop-down

e) Down-payment

6) What is the currency of Argentina?

a) Kwanza

b) Ruble

c) Lev

d) Peso

e) Riel

7) What is the state animal of Arunachal Pradesh?

a) Dugong

b) Blackbuck

c) Gayal

d) Red panda

e) Black Bulbul

8) Ganeshi Lal is the current governor of which state?

a) Assam

b) Jammu and Kashmir

c) Bihar

d) West Bengal

e) Odisha

9) National Education Day is celebrated on?

a) 2nd November

b) 30th October

c) 11th November

d) 23rd September

e) 31st October

10) Where is Rewalsar Lake?

a) Haryana

b) Himachal Pradesh

c) Odisha

d) Uttar Pradesh

e) Manipur


1) Answer: d)

There are 4 deputy governors are there in RBI as Maximum

2) Answer: b)

Section 44AThe Reserve Bank has discretionary powers to approve the voluntary amalgamation of two banking companies under the provisions of Section 44A of the Banking Regulation Act, 1949.

3) Answer: a)

Noida, U.P is the headquarters of Paytm Payments Bank Limited.

 4) Answer: c)

FDI of 74% is allowed for payment banks.

5) Answer: a)

FRDI – Financial Resolution and Deposit Insurance

6) Answer: d)

The Argentine Peso is the currency of Argentina.

7) Answer: c)

The state animal of Arunachal Pradesh is the Gayal. The locals call it Mithun.

8) Answer: e)

Ganeshi Lal is the current Governor of Odisha.

9) Answer: c)

National Education Day of India is celebrated on 11 November every year.

10) Answer: b)

Rewalsar Lake is a mid-altitude lake located on a mountain spur in the Mandi district, Himachal Pradesh.

Daily Practice Test Schedule | Good Luck

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