IBPS RRB Officer Scale I Mains General Awareness Questions Day – 228

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1) Which of the following section of the RBI Act empowers the Central Government to consult and give instructions to the Governor of the RBI to act on certain issues?

a) Section 21

b) Section 7

c) Section 38

d) Section 44

e) None of these

2) Which Act was framed specially to deal with Non-Performing Assets (NPA)?

a) The Credit Information Companies (Regulation) Act, 2005

b) SARFAESI Act, 2002

c) Banking Laws Amendment Act 2012

d) Negotiable Instruments (Amendment) Act, 2015

e) None of these

3) In Notice Money Market, the tenor of the transactions is from ________

a) 1 – 07 days

b) 2-14 days

c) 7-21 days

d) 1-18 days

e) None of these

4) An Asset Reconstruction Company (ARC) in India is associated with-

a) PCR

b) NPA

c) IFL


e) None of these

5) Which of the following is mainly used by the banks in order to meet their temporary requirement of Cash on a daily basis?

a) Saving Account

b) Current Account

c) Call Money


e) None of these

6) Where is the headquarter of Consumers International located?

a) New York

b) Geneva

c) London

d) Paris

e) Copenhagen

7) World Heritage Day is celebrated every year on April 18. What was the 2019 theme of the Day?

a) Heritage of Sports

b) Heritage and Sustainable Tourism

c) Heritage for Generations

d) Rural Landscapes

e) Heritage of Commemoration

8) Karjat city is located on which among the following rivers?

a) Godavari

b) Mula Mutha

c) Ulhas

d) Savitri

e) Krishna

9) Sukhna Wildlife Sanctuary is in which city?

a) Chandigarh

b) Kolkata

c) Panaji

d) Puducherry

e) Guwahati

10) Which city is known as the Health Capital of India?

a) Mumbai

b) Hyderabad

c) New Delhi

d) Bengaluru

e) Chennai

Answers :

1) Answer: b)

The Section 7 of the RBI Act empowers the Central Government to consult and give instructions to the Governor of the RBI to act on certain issues, that the government considers serious and in public interest.

2) Answer: b)

SARFAESI Act (The Securitization and Reconstruction of Financial Assets and Enforcement of Security Interest Act, 2002) was enacted to regulate securitization and reconstruction of financial assets and enforcement of security interest created in respect of Financial Assets to enable realization of such assets.

The SARFAESI Act provides for the manner for enforcement of security interests by a secured creditor without the intervention of a court or tribunal. If any borrower fails to discharge his liability in repayment of any secured debt within 60 days of notice from the date of notice by the secured creditor, the secured creditor is conferred with powers under the SARFAESI Act.

3) Answer: b)

In money market, the amount that is lent for one day is known as “call money” and, if it exceeds one day or two days to 14 days is referred to as “notice money.”

4) Answer: b)

Asset Reconstruction Company (ARC) also known as Securitization company in India helps to unlock the value of non-performing assets (NPA) in banks through Securitization and Reconstruction of Financial Assets and Enforcement of Security Interest (SARFAESI) Act 2002.ARC is regulated by RBI as a Non Banking Financial Company (NBFC).

5) Answer: c)

Call money market is a market for uncollateralized lending and borrowing of funds. This market is predominantly overnight and is open for participation only to scheduled commercial banks and the primary dealers.

6) Answer: c)

Consumer International is the membership organisation for consumer groups around the world headquartered in London, England.The Consumers International Summit 2019 will be held in Estoril, Portugal from 30 April to 1 May. World Consumer Rights Day is celebrated on 15 March every year. The theme for 2019 was ‘Trusted Smart Products’.

7) Answer: d)

The 2019 theme of the World Heritage Day is ‘Rural Landscapes’ which is related to the theme of the 2019 ICOMOS Scientific Symposium on Rural heritage that will take place in Marrakesh, Morocco. April 18 is observed as World Heritage Day every year to celebrate and promote the cultural heritage across the world.

8) Answer: c)

Karjat city in Maharashtra located on Ulhas River. Karjat railway junction is an important railway junction connecting Mumbai suburban to the Central railway.

9) Answer: a)

Sukhna Wildlife Sanctuary is in Shivalik foothills of Chandigarh city, near Sukhna Lake.

Some Important Wildlife Sanctuaries of Punjab

Bir Bhadson Wildlife Sanctuary

Bir Bhunerheri Wildlife Sanctuary

Bir Dosanjh Wildlife Sanctuary

10) Answer: e)

Chennai is known as the Health Capital of India as it attracts about 45% of health tourists from abroad and 30-40% domestic health tourists. Factors behind the tourists’ inflow in the city include low costs, little to no waiting period and top-class facilities offered by the hospitals in the city. Government General Hospital in Chennai is the first medical institute of India.

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