Interview Experience: – IBPS RRB VI Officer (Scale-1) By Rajesh Nandi


Dear Friends, Myself Mr. Rajesh Nandi attended my IBPS RRB PO Interview recently and here I am sharing my Interview Experience which will be helpful for you all. In RRB, the Personal Interview will be the final screening process for recruiting the candidates. This Interview Experience will to make you familiar with the interview atmosphere to make you to perform in a better way in the upcoming interviews.

Interview Experience: – IBPS RRB VI Officer (Scale-1) By Rajesh Nandi

Name:Rajesh Nandi
Date:23 December 2017
Time:8.30 A.M
Venue:Odisha Gramya Bank Head Office ,Khandagiri,Bhubaneswar
Reached the venue before time and document verification started.
Then the staff took me to a waiting room and finally my turn came at 12.30
There were 8 persons including 1 mam
Me:May I came in .
Chairman of the Panel : Yes ,come in
Me: Good afternoon Mam and Good afternoon sirs
Chairman:Please take your seat.
Chairman: What is your name and where are you from
Me : I am from Bhusandpur,Khurda
Chairman:Why is Bhusandpur famous?
Chairman:How long have you stayed in Bhusandpur and after that what u have done,What is your age right now?.
Me : 15 years in Bhusandpur(Village) and my age is 23 now and 5 years I have studied at BJB College,Bhubaneswar.Then I have worked in TCS for  1.5 years and resigned.Since then I am preparing for Bank exams
(Then next sir 1 asked questions)
Sir1:Why you have resigned from your job?
Me: Answered
Mam:What was your Subject?
Mam:What is E-commerce & how is beneficial for small traders.
Me:Answered & mam satisfied then next sir answered
Sir2:What is your hobby ?
Sir2:have you watched yesterdays match between India and Srilanka?
Sir3:What is KYC in odia?
Me: answered
Sir4: What is money laundering in Odia?
Sir5:Tell me few industrialists of India?
Sir6:What about the 2G scam news?
Me:answered but not properly.
Chairman:Thank You Rajesh & All the best for your result
Me: Thank you Sir and thank you Mam.
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