Railway Exam 2016- Important Famous Books of Foreign Writers

    Railway - Important Famous Books of Foreign Writers
    Railway – Important Famous Books of Foreign Writers:
    Dear Readers, here we have given only important famous Books of Foreign Writers for the railway Exams. Candidates those who are preparing for the competitive examinations can use this material.

    William Shakespeare
    ·        Twelfth Night
    ·        Romeo and Juliet
    ·        Antony and Cleopatra
    ·        The Tempest
    ·        Macbeth
    ·        Julius Caesar
    Charles Dickens
    ·        A Tale of Two Cities
    ·        Oliver Twist
    George Bernard Shaw
    ·        Man of Destiny
    ·        Man and superman
    Leo Tolstoy
    ·        War and Peace
    ·        Anna Karenina
    Barack Obama
    ·        Dreams from My Father : A Story of Race and Inheritance
    ·        The Audacity of Hope: Thoughts of Reclaiming the American Dream
    HG Wells
    ·        The war of the worlds
    ·        The Time Machine
    ·        Invisible Man
    John Milton
    ·        Paradise Regained
    ·        Paradise Lost
    Adam Glichrist
    ·        True Colour : My life (Autobiography)
    Adam Smith
    ·        Wealth of Nations
    Andy Marino
    ·        Narender Modi : A Political Biography
    Benazir Bhutto
    ·        Reconcillation : Islam Democracy and the West
    Charles Darwin
    ·        Descent of Man, Origin of Species
    EM Forster
    ·        A Passage to India
    George Orwell
    ·        Ninteen Eighty Four
    Herschele Gibbs
    ·        To the point (Autobiography)
    Isaac Newton
    ·        Principa Mathematica
    JK Rowling
    ·        The Tales of Beedle the Barol
    John Ruskin
    ·        Unto this past
    Karl Marx
    ·        Das Kapital
    Katherine Mayo
    ·        Mother India
    Lord Curzon
    ·        Problems of the East
    Nelson Mandela
    ·        The Conversations with Myself
    Parvez Musharraf
    ·        “ In the Line of Fire”
    ·        The Republic
    Ruskin Bond
    ·        Notes from a Small Room
    Winston Churchill
    ·        Gathering Storm
    ZA Bhutto
    ·        If I am Assassinated The Myth of Independence
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