RRB JE Practice Questions in English | General Awareness – Day – 03

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Railway recruitment board (RRB) Examinations is the easiest exam comparing to other competitive exams because there is no English language section and mode of examination is in English (default) and 14 other languages.

RRB JE Free Daily Quiz

RRB examinations like ALP, JE, and NTPC consist of four major parts i.e. Mathematics, Logical reasoning, General awareness and General science. In general awareness section comprises 15 marks in CBT 1 and CBT2 which plays a vital role in boosting up the score for both the stages of examinations. So here by we are providing new pattern questions for improving your marks in both stages of RRB examinations with detail explanation.

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1)  What is the dimension of new Mahatma Gandhi series 500 rs note?

a) 66 X 150 mm²

b) 66 X 160 mm²

c) 66 X 126 mm²

d) 66 X 166 mm²

2) Which of this city is known as Queen of the Mountains?

a) Nainital

b) Mussoorie

c) Manali

d) Jammu Kashmir

3) Name the Chinese ruler who defeated kanishka?

a) How Ti

b) Pan Yang

c) Pen Cho

d) Cho hung

4) Sufi kalam, a devotional music mainly from which state?

a) Rajasthan

b) Jammu Kashmir

c) Uttar Pradesh

d) Bihar

5)  Mirabai chanu is associated with which game?

a) Boxing

d) Wrestling

c) Athlete

d) Weightlifting

6) Which of the following King build The Vijay Stambha?

a) Rana Kumbha

b) Maharana Pratap

c) Baiju Bawara

d) Rana Saga

7) RBI established in which year?

a) 1947

b) 1949

c) 1935

d) 1939

8) Which of the following was the capital of ancient chola Kingdom?

a) Uraiyur

b) Thanjavur

c) Pataliputra

d) Madurai

9) Who discovered the sea route to India?

a) Henry

b) Magellan

c) Columbus

d) Vasco-da-gama

10) Where is khajuraho temple located?

a) Madhya Pradesh

b) Maharashtra

c) Chattisgarh

d) Uttar Pradesh

Answers :

1) Answer: a)

Color – Stone Gray

Image – Red Fort (Delhi)

2) Answer: b)

Mussoorie is in Uttarakhand. In Uttarakhand there are many national PARKS like corbett national park, follower of Valley, rajaji national park, mandatory devi national park.

3) Answer: c)

Pen Chao was the Chinese general who vanquished Kanishka. Kanishka was a Kushan of plausible Yuezhi ethnicity.”Vima Kadphises” is known as the father of kanishka.

4) Answer: b)

Sufi music is the devotional music of the Sufis, inspired by the works of Sufi poets. Qawwali is the most well known form of Sufi music.

5) Answer: d)

2018 Commonwealth Games: Mirabai Chanu wins gold medal in women’s 48 kg Weightlifting. She is from manipur.

6) Answer: a)

It is also known as tower of victory. It is in Chittor. The tower was constructed by the Mewar king, Rana Kumbha, in 1448 to commemorate his victory over the combined armies of Malwa and Gujarat led by Mahmud Khilji. The tower is dedicated to Vishnu.

7) Answer: c)

RBI was established on 1 April 1935 Headquarter of RBI is in Mumbai. Present governor  Shaktikanta Das as of Dec 2018 is 25th governor of RBI.

8) Answer: b)

The founder of the Chola Empire was Vijayalaya chola.The last king of the dynasty was Rajendra Chola III and was defeated by Pandya King Maravarman Kulasekara Pandyan I.

9) Answer: d)

Portuguese explorer Vasco da Gama discovered a sea route to India in 1497-1498. Actually, an unnamed Indian navigator he hired in Kenya directed the journey from the east coast of Africa to what is now Kozhikode.

10) Answer: a)

Khajuraho Temples are among the most beautiful medieval monuments in the country. These temples were built by the Chandella ruler. Lord Shiva is mainly worshiped.


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