RRB Practice Questions in English | General Awareness – Day – 08

Dear Aspirants,

Railway recruitment board (RRB) Examinations is the easiest exam comparing to other competitive exams because there is no English language section and mode of examination is in English (default) and 14 other languages.

RRB examinations like ALP, JE, and NTPC consist of four major parts i.e. Mathematics, Logical reasoning, General awareness and General science. In general awareness section comprises 15 marks in CBT 1 and CBT2 which plays a vital role in boosting up the score for both the stages of examinations. So here by we are providing new pattern questions for improving your marks in both stages of RRB examinations with detail explanation.

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1) Which of the following states of India does not share an International boundary with Bangladesh?

a) Assam

b) Mizoram

c) Sikkim

d) Meghalaya

2) Which of the following Indian states does not share International boundary with Myanmar?

a) Assam

b) Mizoram

c) Manipur

d) Nagaland

3) Which city is known as the eternal city of the world?

a) New York

b) Oxford

c) Venice

d) Rome

4) Which country is known as the land of thousand lakes?

a) Norway

b) Korea

c) Finland

d) Scotland

5) Which of the following mountain ranges lie between the rivers Narmada and Tapi?

a) The Aravallis

b) The Satpuras

c) The Vindhyas

d) Eastern ghats

6) The major producer state of wheat in India is

a) Uttar Pradesh

b) Madhya Pradesh

c) West Bengal

d) Maharashtra

7) The highest mountain peak of plateau of mangolia is ________.

a) Dhoopgarh

b) Ethe

c) Altai

d) Mahabaleshwar

8) Which city of India is known as city of weavers?

a) Varanasi

b) Panipat

c) Pune

d) Kolkata

9) Which of the following highways connects the cities Kolkata and Chennai?

a) NH1

b) NH3

c) NH 5

d) NH7

10) Patna is situated along the river side of

a) Yamuna

b) Tapti

c) Mahanadi

d) Ganga

Answers :

1) Answer: c)

Sikkim does not share International boundary with country Bangladesh.

2) Answer: a)

Assam does not share International boundary with Myanmar.

3) Answer: d)

Rome was known as the “Eternal City” because civilizations had lived there for thousands of years. Between c. 100 B.C to around 400 A.D, the city of Rome was the largest city in the world. Around 500 A.D., Empire’s populace grew to an estimated 50 to 90 million inhabitants. At the time, this was roughly 20% of the world’s population.

4) Answer: c)

Finland is called “the land of thousands of lakes”, as inland lakes and rivers make up 10% of the country. Large areas of forest cover almost two thirds of the land mass. Only six per cent of finland is arable.

5) Answer: b)

The satpuras ranges lies between the rivers Narmada and Tapi. The range rises in Eastern Gujarat state running East through the border of Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh to the east till Chhattisgarh.

6) Answer: a)

The major producers’ state of wheat in India is Uttar Pradesh, Punjab, and Haryana.

7) Answer: c)

Mongolia is largely a plateau, with an average elevation of about 5,180 feet (1,580 metres) above sea level. The highest peaks are in the Mongolian Altai Mountains (Mongol Altain Nuruu) in the southwest, a branch of the Altai Mountains system.

8) Answer: b)

Panipat city is famous in India by the name of City of Weaver. Panipat District has significant place in International Market for “Handloom Production”. Darri, Carpet Mat, Table Cover, Bed sheet, Bed Cover, Curtain etc. are export to Canada, Japan, Germany & Australia.

9) Answer: c)

National Highways in India

NH 1 – Delhi – Jalandhar – Amritsar – Wagah Border

NH 1A – Jalandhar – Jammu – Srinagar – Uri

NH 2 – Delhi – Agra – Allahabad – Kolkata

NH 3 – Agra – Indore – Dhule – Mumbai

NH 4 – Thane – Pune – Bangalore – Chennai

NH 5 – Jharpokaria – Baleshwar – Cuttack – Vijaywada – Chennai

10) Answer: d)

Patna is located on the southern bank of the river Ganges in Eastern India.

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