SSC CGL EXAMS 2018 | General Awareness Practice Questions (Day-7)

Dear Aspirants, Here we have given the Important SSC Exam 2018 Practice Test Questions. Candidates those who are preparing for SSC 2018 can practice these questions to get more confidence to Crack SSC 2018 Examination.

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1) Who discovered the cholera causing germ?

a) Filippo Pacini

b) Robert Koch

c) M. Leveran

d) Felix Hoffman

2) An expenditure that neither creates assets nor reduces a liability is categorized as _____

a) Expenditure

b) Capital Expenditure

c) Revenue Expenditure

d) Both a) and b)

3) Which of the following dynasty was not found in south India?

a) Hoysal

b) Pandya

c) Kadamba

d) Kalchuri

4) Where is the new moore Island located?

a) In Arabian Sea

b) In gulf od Mannar

c) In bay of Bengal

d) In Andaman sea

5) Which of the following dance in not a classical dance?

a) Sattriya

b) Chhau Dance

c) Mohiniyattam

d) Biku

6) Who authored the book titled ‘Dukham Sukkham ’ , which won the vyas samman 2017?

a) Krishna Sobti

b) Mamta Kalia

c) Mrinal pande

d) Nirmal jain

7) The Global Agriculture Leadership Summit & Awards are organised by _______

a) Ministry of Agriculture & Farmers’ Welfare

b) Ministry of food processing

c) Central Food Technological Research Institute.

d) Indian council of food and agriculture

8) Who is the newly elected prime minister of Sri lanka?

a) Maithripala Sirisena

b) Mahinda Rajapaksa

c) Ranil Wickremesinghe

d) Mangala Samaraweera

9) World Wrestling Championship 2018 events held in which of the following city?

a) Budapest

b) Lime

c) Sol

d) Seoul

10) Who is the winner of UN prize for Human rights prize 2018?

a) Joenia Wapichana

b) Rebeca Gyumi

c) Asma Jahangir

d) All of the above

11) What is the chemical symbol of Antimony?

a) Cu

b) Sn

c) Sb

d) Ag

12) Fe2o3 + 2AI = AI2o3 + 2Fe. The reaction is the example of _________

a) Combination reaction

b) Double Displacement reaction

c) Decomposition reaction

d) Displacement reaction

13) How many All India services in India?

a) 1

b) 2

c) 3

d) 10

14)  The Olfactory receptors in human beings detect ________

a) Taste

b) Smell

c) Touch

d) Hear

15) What is the name of world’s first typhoid vaccine that has received pre qualification from the World Health Organization?

a) Typim VI

b) Typherix

c) Typbar Typhoid Conjugate

d) Vivotiff

Answers :

1) Answer: a)

The Italian scientist, Filippo Pacini, would gain prominence for his discovery of Vibrio cholera, but not until 82 years after his death, when the international committee on nomenclature in 1965 adopted Vibrio cholerae Pacini 1854 as the correct name of the cholera-causing organism.

2) Answer: c)

An expenditure that neither creates assets nor reduces a liability is categorised as revenue expenditure. If it creates an asset or reduces a liability, it is categorised as capital expenditure.

3) Answer:  d)

The Kalachuris (IAST: Kalacuri) were an Indian dynasty that ruled in west-central India between 6th and 7th centuries.

The Kadambas were an ancient royal family of Karnataka, India,

The Pandyan dynasty was an ancient Tamil dynasty, one of the three Tamil dynasties.

The Hoysala Empire was a Kannadiga power originating from the Indian subcontinent that ruled most of what is now Karnataka, India, between the 10th and the 14th centuries.

4) Answer: c)

South Talpatti or New Moore, was a small uninhabited offshore sandbar island in the Bay of Bengal, off the coast of the Ganges-Brahmaputra delta region.

5) Answer: d)

The Bihu dance is an indigenous folk dance from the Indian state of Assam related to the Bihu festival and an important part of Assamese culture.

6) Answer: b)

Renowned Hindi author Mamta Kalia was presented the 27th Vyas Samman – an annual literary award given by the KK Birla Foundation – for her novel Dukkham Sukkham.

7) Answer: d)

Global Leadership Summit & Awards are being organised by Indian Council of Food and Agriculture with support of Ministry of Agriculture and Farmers’ Welfare; Ministry of Food Processing Industries and Ministry of Commerce.

8) Answer: b)

Mahinda Rajapaksa was sworn in as the new prime minister by President Maithripala Sirisena.

9) Answer: a)

The 2018 World Wrestling Championships were fifteenth edition of World Wrestling Championships of combined events and were held from October 20 to 28 in Budapest, Hungary.

10) Answer: d)

The United Nations Prize in the Field of Human Rights (UN Human Rights Prize) was announced recently by María Fernanda Espinosa Garcés, President of the 73rd Session of United Nations General Assembly. The winners of 2018 award are:

Asma Jahangir – Pakistan’s late human rights activist

Rebeca Gyumi – A Tanzanian human rights activist

Joenia Wapichana – Brazil’s first indigenous lawyer

Front Line Defenders – A human rights organisation of Ireland.

11) Answer: c)

Antimony is a chemical element with symbol Sb (from Latin: stibium) and atomic number 51.

12) Answer: d)

13) Answer: c)

There are only three All India Services namely Indian Administrative Service [IAS], Indian Police Service [IPS] and Indian Forest Service [IFS].

14) Answer: b)

Olfactory receptors (ORs), also known as odorant receptors, are expressed in the cell membranes of olfactory receptor neurons and are responsible for the detection of odorants (i.e., compounds that have an odor) which give rise to the sense of smell.

15) Answer: c)

First typhoid conjugate vaccine achieves WHO prequalification, a key step in protecting children and reducing the burden of typhoid.


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