100 Most Important Banking Awareness One Liner PDF for IBPS RRB PO/Clerk Mains 2017 (Day-8) | Download in PDF

100 Most Important Banking Awareness PDF One Liner for IBPS RRB PO/Clerk Mains 2017 (Day-8):

Dear Readers, IBPS RRB PO/Clerk Mains examination is approaching very shortly, we hope that all you have started you preparation well. To make your Preparation Perfect we have planned to provide 100 Most Important Banking Awareness PDF One Liners regularly, which will cover all important points about Banking Awareness. Aspirants those who are preparing for IBPS RRB PO/Clerk Mains examination can make use this.

In upcoming days we will provide more set of 100 Most Important Banking One Liners, follow us daily.

A2Z Banking Awareness Capsule especially for IBPS RRB/Clerk/PO 2017-18

TOP 2000 – Important Banking Awareness Questions eBook

Types of Banking

1). In India banks are classified into ————— different types. – 2

2). Scheduled banks are classified under —————— Act. – RBI Act 1934

3). The Scheduled banks must have paid up capital and reserves atleastRs.  – 5 lakh

4). What is very restricted form of banking, where the institution is not allowed to take risks by giving fresh loans to business? – Narrow Banking

5). What is the provision of accessing the banking and related services online without actually going to the bank branch/office in person? – Virtual Banking

6). What the provision of services by a bank to individual consumers, rather than to companies, corporations or other banks? – Retail Banking

7). —————— type of banking that promote clean energy technologies.  – Green Banking

8). What is a form of banking when a small group of individuals control three or more banks which are independently chartered? – Chain Banking

9). What refers to all the non-bank financial intermediaries that provide services similar to those of traditional commercial banks? – Shadow Banking

10). What is a banking system in which banks provide a wide variety of financial services, including commercial and investment services? – Universal banking

11). Which committee recommended the Universal Banking concept? – R.H Khan Committee

12). What is an approach where banks undertake both commercial and industrial banking? – Mixed Banking

13). What is a system of banking wherein a bank operates in a limited area, does not open any branches in other places and is more responsive to local needs? – Unit Banking

14). What is a profitable way of doing business by banks in foreign countries in which they don’t have physical presence or limited operational permissions? – Correspondent Banking

15). When a bank accepts currencies of countries abroad, such an activity is known as – Offshore Banking

Mixed Quiz:

16). Expand the term FRBM. – Fiscal Responsibility and Budget Management

17).Reverse Repo is a tool used by RBI to – Absorb liquidity

18).Many times we read a term CBS used in banking operations. What is the full form of the letter ‘C’ in the term ‘CBS’? – Core

19).The main function of the IMF is –  to help solve balance-of-payments problems of member countries

20).Which of the following is the most active segment of the money market in India? – Call Money/Notice Money Market

21).Which of the following bodies promoted Securities Trading Corporation of India Limited (STCI) jointly with the Public Sector Banks?– Reserve Bank of India

22).The expansion for BIFR, in the context of the Indian industry, is– Bureau for Industrial and Financial Revolution

23).GNP stands for– Gross National Product

24).As per notification issued by RBI, circulation of which of the following coins shall be ceased which effective from 29th June, 2011?– 25 paise

25).Which of the following would result in a fall in asset prices?– Low liquidity in the economy

26).FIMMDA stands for? –  Fixed Income Money Markets and Derivatives Association

27).What is Gross Domestic Product? – It is the market value of all final goods and services made within the borders of a country in a year.

28).What is ‘financial inclusion’?– Availability of cheap credits through appropriately designed loans for poor and low income households and small entrepreneur

29).Which of the following rates signals the RBI’s long-term outlook on interest rates? – Bank Rate

30).Expand the term SWIFT. – Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunications.

31). Which of the following agencies in India is responsible for computation of national income? – CSO

32).Bancassurance is known as –The bank insurance model (BIM), also sometimes known as bancassurance or allfinanz, is the partnership or relationship between a bank and an insurance company, or a single integrated organisation, whereby the insurance company uses the bank sales channel in order to sell insurance products, an arrangement in which a bank and an insurance company form a partnership so that the insurance company can sell its products to the bank’s client base.

33).Which of the following Acts was framed specially to deal more effectively with the problem of Non-Performing Assets in banking system? – SARFAESI Act

34).Bridge loans refer to – Short term loan allowed by banks to their customers, pending disbursement of term loans by financial institutions

35).Structure of Basel II is based on how many pillars? – Three

36).Which of the following documents is/are considered as officially valid document to satisfy KYC norms for opening a Bank account?

  • Passport
  • PAN
  • Aadhar number issued by Unique Identification Authority of India

37).Fiscal Policy is concerned with which of the following? – Revenue and Expenditure

38).Which of the following is the apex institution that handles refinance for agriculture and rural development in India? – NABARD

39).Foreign Exchange Reserves of India are kept in the custody of which of the following? – Reserve Bank of India

40).Banks borrow money from the RBI on which of the following rates? – Repo Rate

41).The Reverse Mortgage scheme is launched to give benefit to which of the following groups of the society? – Senior citizens

42).One of the major challenges banking industry is facing these days is deliberate efforts of some people to bring money earned through illegal activities in circulation. Which of the following acts has been passed to prevent this activity? – Prevention of Money Laundering Act

43).Which of the following organisations provides guarantee to the exporters? –  Export Credit Guarantee Corporation

44).What is the full form of IRR as used in banking/financial sector? –  Internal Rate of Return

45).Which of the following organisations provides credit history of the borrowers? – CIBIL

46).Which authority / organization is the major share holder in NABARD? –Government of India

47).Which international organization helps in prevention of money laundering? – FATF

48).SLR refers to – That portion of total deposit of a commercial bank which it has to keep with itself in the form of gold or securities

49).What is known as the Open Market Operations of RBI? – Trading in Securities

50).Basel committee on banking supervision is associated with which of the following? – Bank for International Supervision

51).Fiat money is best described by which of the following? – Inconvertible paper money made legal tender by a government decree

52).Which among the following is NOT a credit rating agencies? – Experian

53).What is the term used to explain the gap between total expenditure and total receipts including both the capital and revenue expenditure and receipts? – Budget deficit

54).When was the Banking Regulation Act enacted in India? – 1949

55).Which of the following is a fully owned subsidiary of RBI? –   NHB

56). “Your Tech-friendly bank” is the tagline of  – Indian Bank

57). Public and private sector banks which have a shortfall in lending to the priority sector are required to contribute allocated amounts to a designated fund to meet their obligations. Which is this special account? –  The Rural Infrastructure Development Fund with NABARD

58). In case of foreign banks which do not meet the target of 32% lending to the priority sector, the shortfall has to be deposited with which authority? – SIDBI

59). Which is the contract/agreement under which an issuing bank at the request of the importer undertakes to make payment to the exporter against certain specified documents?–  Letter of credit

60). Banks have the benefit of using substantial amount of money when cheques are sent in clearing as there is usually 2-3 days gap between debit of the account holder’s account and credit to the account of the payee/beneficiary of the cheque. What is this money known as? – Float money

61). A confirmed letter of credit is  –  Confirmed by a bank ( other than the issuing bank) in the exporter’s country

62). Factoring services is meant for exporters mainly. How is it described? – It guarantees realization of dues from buyer debtors

63). Which of the following instruments cannot be presented for payment in a clearing house? –  Fixed deposit receipt

64).  Cost of funds is an important element in deter-mining the base rate of lending by banks. Which explains aptly the cost of funds? –  Interest paid on deposits plus interest paid on borrowings divided by total deposits and borrowings

65). What is the maximum period for which a fixed deposit can be accepted by a commercial bank? – 10 years

66). ICICI Bank headquarters located in – Mumbai

67). In case of personal loans from banks the interest rate applicable is which of the following? – Higher than the base rate

68). Which of the following ways of charging interest on loans is most beneficial to the borrower? –  Daily reducing balance

69). What is the target for priority sector lending that foreign banks having more than 20 branches in India are required to fulfil? – 40%

70). Why do banks prefer customers to use ATMs to withdraw cash rather than coming to branches for this purpose? –  Cost of ATM operations to the bank is much less

71). All deposits under small saving schemes of Post Offices are credited to the –National Small Saving Fund

72). Which of the following is a public sector bank? –IDBI bank

73). Banks earn income from fee based activities. Which of the following qualify as fee based business? – Selling insurance products

74). Banks are not comfortable in lending to the infrastructure sector. What are the reasons for this? – Banks find it difficult to fund infrastructure projects of 15 years and more,   infrastructure projects require large scale funding,   Infrastructure financing becomes a asset liability problem for banks

75).Who is the MD and CEO of UCO Bank? – Ravi KrishanTakkar

76). Cash balances held in the currency chests are the property of which of the following?–  Reserve Bank of India

77). Which of the following statements is true about RBI’s branch licensing policy for banks? – Banks are permitted to open branches freely in Tier 2 to Tier 6 centres

78). Which of the following comes under financial inclusion ?

Opening of accounts of all the job card holders under MGNREGA, SukanyaSamriddhi Account,  Accounts opened under PradhanMantri Jan DhanYojana

79). What is the maximum denomination of currency notes that can be printed in India? – Rs. 10,000

80). “Trust and Excellene since 1904” is the tagline of –  City Union Bank

81). A savings account is considered to be an inoperative account if there is no operation in the account for a continuous period. What is this time period? – 2 years

82). Which of the following is a punishable offence for a bank account holder? – For bouncing of cheques issued by him

83). In case a public provident fund account does not have a nomination, what is the maximum amount that the legal heirs may get without a succession certificate? – Rs. 1,00,000

84). Expand IFAD? – International Fund for Agricultural Development

85). The rate of interest banks charge to its customers on credit facilities is linked to which bench-mark rate? – Base rate lending

86). Which of the following is at times mentioned as a direct debit facility? – ECS

87). Which of the following is necessary to transfer funds through the RTGS facility? – eneficiary’s bank account number,  The IFSC number of the beneficiary’s bank branch,  There is a minimum amount specified for transfer

88). How can an Indian Financial Services Code number be identified? – It is a 11 digit alpha numeric code,  It is available on the cheque leaves of an individual’s cheque book,  It is provided by the bank if asked

89). Which of the following cards require the monthly out standings in the card account to be paid in full within the due date of payment every month? – Charge card

90). Which of the following instruments cannot be presented for payment in a clearing house? – Fixed deposit receipt

91). Which of the following schemes available in the financial markets is not meant for investment purposes? – Letter of credit

92). Interest payable in savings account is  – not regulated by RBI

93). Which of the following can be a nominee in respect of a deposit account? – Any individual

94). “The Bank for the changing world” is the tagline of  – BNP Paribas

95). Which of the following cannot open a bank account? – Person of unsound mind

96). Small savings scheme like national savings certificates, public provident fund, monthly income schemes are popular among the salaried people. Which financial institutions manage these schemes? – Post offices

97). Which of the following do you think is the accepted practice? – Banks offer higher interestrates to senior citizens on their fixed deposits as compared to others

98). A bank customer could not get his grievance resolved by his bank even after referring his complaint to the designated official. Whom should he approach next? – Banking ombudsman

99). Make it happen” is the tagline of  – Royal Bank of Scotland

100). What is common between Equity Linked Savings Schemes, National Savings Certificates and Public Provident Funds? – These are tax saving schemes

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