Proficient 30 Days Study Plan for IBPS PO Prelims 2018


30 Days Study Plan for IBPS PO Prelims

Dear Aspirants, IBPS PO Prelims 2018 is scheduled to be take place on 13th, 14th, 20th and 21st October. The prelims exam is near about 30 days away now. We hope that you all have been preparing sincerely for this exam.

We are here to share the study plan that will help you to crack the IBPS PO Prelims in these last 30 days. Make use of this study plan and utilize these remaining days in a better way for cracking the prelims efficiently.

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IBPS PO Preliminary Exam Pattern 2018

Sectional timing has been introduced for the first time in IBPS PO Prelims 2018 exam. Examination pattern has been updated; the sectional timing for Preliminary Examination has been brought for scrutinizing foremost candidates at first stage of selection process itself. The regular practice with high speed is the most essential one for the candidates. Follow our IBPS Guide’s Study Planner for IBPS PO Prelims 2018 created by experts rather than spending your precious time.

 Name of the Subject
 No. of Questions
English Language
 100 Marks
20 Minutes
Quantitative Aptitude
20 Minutes
Reasoning Ability
20 Minutes
1 Hour


30 Days IBPS PO Study Plan for Prelims




Quantitative Aptitude

English Language (Daily Vocabulary for 15 words) 

Reasoning Ability

Day-01Number system shortcutsSingle FillersCoding Decoding
Day-02Simplification & ApproximationDouble FillersBlood Relation
Day-03Number Series (Missing & Wrong term)Cloze TestInequality
Day-04Ratio & ProportionPara JumbleDirection Sense
Day-05AveragePhrase ReplacementSyllogism
Day-06PercentageSentence CompletionOrder & Ranking
Day-07Problems on AgesReading ComprehensionAlphanumeric Series
Day-08PartnershipMost appropriate Synonym/AntonymProblems on Numbers/Alphabets
Day-09Time & WorkSentence ImprovementInput & Output
Day-10Problems on TrainsSentence MatchingSeating Arrangement (Linear based)
Day-11Time & DistanceError SpottingSeating Arrangement (Circle based)
Day-12Pipes & CisternMeaning of Idioms and PhrasesPuzzle (Floor based)
Day-13Boats & StreamsReading ComprehensionPuzzle (Days based)
Day-14Simple InterestCloze TestSeating Arrangement (Square based)
Day-15Compound InterestDouble FillersSeating Arrangement (Linear based)
Day-16Profit & LossJumbled SentencePuzzle (Month & Year based )
Day-17ProbabilityPhrase/Word ReplacementPuzzle (Box based)
Day-18Mixtures & AllegationsSingle FillersData Sufficiency
Day-19MensurationSentence ImprovementCoding Decoding & Seating Arrangement (Linear)
Day-20Data SufficiencyError SpottingBlood Relation & Puzzle (Floors)
Day-21Inequality (Quantity based)Usage of Connection WordsInequality & Seating Arrangement (Circle)
Day-22Quadratic EquationSentence MatchingDirection Sense & Puzzle (Year)
Day-23Data Interpretation (Table & Line)Reading ComprehensionSyllogism & Seating Arrangement (Square)
Day-24Data Interpretation (Bar graph & Pie chart)Double FillersOrder and Ranking & Puzzle (Days)
Day-25Data Interpretation (Caselets)Cloze TestAlphanumeric Series & Seating Arrangement (Parallel rows)
Day-26Number Series & Simplification & DIError SpottingProblems on Numbers/Alphabets
Day-27RevisionRevisionSeating Arrangement & Puzzles
Day-28Mock Test-1
Day-29Mock Test-2
Day-30Mock Test-3

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