Bank Exam syllabus 2021: Complete Updated Syllabus Of IBPS & SBI Bank Exams

Bank Exam Syllabus 2021: Banking Job is one of the most expecting careers among Job seekers. Moreover, the government is expanding the banking facilities in all rural and urban areas. Also, every year the banking sector calls young and energetic professionals to fill the vacancy in its branches. So aspirants applying for the Banking jobs increases year by year.


As the competition in this sector is very high, candidates need to have good basics in knowledge to crack the online examination. Candidates should go through the Bank exam Syllabus carefully and understand the level of questions asked in the Online examination. In this article, we have provided detailed information about the Bank exam syllabus for Prelims and Mains examination for your reference.


Bank Exams Conducted by IBPS and SBI:

IBPS Clerk, IBPS RRB Office Assistant, and SBI Clerk: The clerical cadre is the entry-level job in SBI and IBPS recruitment. These exams generally have two rounds of selection, namely prelims and mains. There will be no interview for the clerical recruitment in IBPS and SBI. The salary will be in the range of Rs.20000.

IBPS PO, IBPS RRB PO, and SBI PO: This is the post of probationary officer. These exams will have a three-stage selection process. There will be prelims, mains and interview rounds. The salary for this post will range from Rs.30000 to 40000.

IBPS SO and SBI SO: This is the recruitment for the post of specialist officers. This recruitment will also have the prelims, mains and interview rounds.

Other than these many private banks conduct exams for recruitment in their branches.

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Syllabus for Bank Exams:

For any bank exam preparation, syllabus is very much important. Some of the sections that are commonly asked in all the bank exams are,

For your preparation purpose, we are updating the common syllabus of bank exams for all the bank exams. It includes all the topics of prelims and mains exams.


Reasoning Ability:

This section is full of puzzles, seating arrangements, analytical questions, etc. This section will be at an easy level in prelims exams. But in mains exams, the level of questions may be moderate to very high. The common bank exam syllabus 2021 for reasoning ability are given here in the table. It includes almost all the topics of prelims and mains exams.

Syllogism Circular, square, triangle and miscellaneous seating arrangements
Coded Inequalities Floor seating arrangement
Blood relation Linear and parallel seating arrangement
Direction sense Statements and arguments
Alphanumeric series Statements and conclusions
coding-decoding Courses of actions
Input-Output statements and assumptions
Order and ranking Data sufficiency


Quantitative Aptitude:

This section involves lot of calculations with numbers. To ace in this section, you should be aware of formulae and short cut methods. the level of question will differ in prelims and mains exam. The common bank exam updated syllabus 2021 for quantitative aptitude are given here for your reference. It will be useful for your prelims and mains exam preparation.

Simplification and approximation Pipes and cisterns
Missing number and wrong number series Time and work
Quadratic equation Time, Distance and speed
Ratio and proportion Profit and loss
Average Allegation of mixture
Percentage Partnership
Problems on age Probability
Problems on train Permutation and combination
Boats and stream Data sufficiency
Simple interest and compound interest Bar chart
Line graph Pie chart
Caselet DI Mensuration- Cylinder, cone, sphere, circle, square, triangle, rectangle, etc.


English Language:

For this section, grammar knowledge is very important to score more marks. You have to read newspapers in a regular manner to gain knowledge in grammar and vocabulary. So you can learn more new words daily. Also, learn the synonyms and antonyms of those words. This also improves your reading skills. For the English language section, the updated common bank exam syllabus 2021 is given here.

Reading comprehension Paragraph completion
Para jumbles Double fillers
Cloze test Phrases
Error spotting Miscellaneous
Sentence correction Vocabulary
Fill in the blanks Sentence connectors

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Computer Knowledge:

Some exams may include this section also in the mains paper. If you prepare well you can score more marks in very little time. So focus on the preparation of the computer section. It will help you to boost up your overall score. The common updated syllabus for bank exams 2021 in this section is listed below.

History of computers MS PowerPoint
Hardware and software Virus
Computer memory Logic Gates
Internet Computer abbreviations and terminologies
Networking system MS Word
Database MS Excel


General Awareness:

This is the section that might be a game-changer in every aspect. This section includes current affairs, static GK, and baking awareness. Most of the students find it difficult for maintaining accuracy in this section. Because the preparation of this section is very difficult. You have to cover a lot of topics and have to remember it for a very long time.

Current affairs (minimum 4 to 6 months) Banking / financial awareness  

Static GK

Appointments RBI and its functions Airports
Awards and honors Banking regulation and acts National parks, Biosphere reserves, wildlife sanctuaries, bird sanctuaries, and tiger reserves
Books and authors Types of accounts Dams and rivers
Defense News Negotiable instruments State festivals and dances
National and international summits Functions of SEBI, IRDAI, etc Countries capital and currency
Economic news Primary and secondary markets.
      Persons and visits
     Sports news and     tournaments
Reports and index
Government schemes


Reasoning Ability Preparation Methods:

In reasoning, first, give more importance to easier topics in your preparation. Syllogism, inequalities, coding-decoding, direction sense, etc are a few favorite topics for all the candidates. So if you prepare well these topics you can score a bulk amount of marks in a short time period. Then with the help of mock test practice, you can excel in puzzle and seating arrangement topics. Practice in a way to solve all types of puzzles and seating arrangements in a minimum possible time period. In mains exams, puzzles and seating arrangements will be tricky and difficult. So you have to prepare according to those standards. For that refer more previous year questions papers to get an idea.

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 English Language Preparation Methods:

Reading newspaper is the best way to improve your grammar and vocabulary skills. It will help you to score easily in topics like error spotting, cloze test, sentence correction, etc. Also, your reading skills will be developed due to this habit. So you can excel in the reading comprehension topic also. Give more importance to this section as everybody can’t score more marks in this section. So take more mock tests to fine-tune your performance in each topic. If you score more marks in this section then you have great chances of cracking any exam.

Quantitative Aptitude Preparation Methods:

This is the section where more calculations are involved. So first make thorough with your basic maths knowledge. Try to solve the problems in conventional methods. Then learn more short cut methods which will save more time for you. Speed and accuracy are more important. So don’t get panic during this section. Only mock test practice will give you the required speed and accuracy. In the exam follow a unique strategy to manage the time in an efficient manner. First, attend the questions that are simple and easy. You can try number series, quadratic equation, and simplification at the beginning. So that you will get more marks in a very less time period. Then you can go for the application sums and DI which are lengthy and complex in nature. In this way, you can increase your attempts in the exam.

General Awareness Preparation Methods:

This is most probably the game-changer section. Everybody can score in this section at high speed. But for that, very thorough preparation is needed. Also, give special reference to banking awareness in your preparation. Prepare separate notes ad revise it regularly. Online tests will help to improve your accuracy. Use power capsules for the last minute revision purpose. Then attend mock tests in a regular manner. Only then you can correct your mistakes then and there. This section is very difficult to maintain accuracy and to attend more questions.

Computer Knowledge Preparation Methods:

This section is very easy if you prepare well. Also, you can finish this section quickly. Hence you can save more time. In your preparation cover all the topics and take test for each topic. So that you can gain confidence for this section.

Some mains exam will have descriptive tests. In the descriptive test, you have to type a letter-writing and an essay. For that, there will be a time limit. So, improve your typing skills. Prepare more topics for essay and letter writing in the exam point of view.

Mock Test Practice:

  • Your speed is very important in the prelims exam. It will get considerably increased after a number of mock test practices.
  • Like speed, accuracy is also very much important in the exam. Accuracy is the factor that converts all your attempts into a high total score. If your accuracy is bad, then your overall score will be affected by the penalty marks. So, develop your accuracy with continuous mock test practice.
  • With the help of mock test practice, your time management skills are improved lot.
  • After the end of the mock test, you can find detailed solutions for all the questions. All the explanations will be clear and simple.
  • Mock test practice will give you the real exam experience. So that you need not be nervous about the exam. It totally absorbs your exam pressure.

Take Mock Test Here

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