5 common mistakes that every government job aspirant must avoid

Securing a government job in India is a dream for many people. Despite the availability of many high-paying and chic corporate jobs, a lot of us aspire for a government job. The selection process for most government jobs is very stringent. Candidates often need to work very hard and qualify multiple rounds of exams before finally getting appointed.

Lakhs of aspirants all over the country aspire to secure a good rank in government exams, which means, the competition is very high. A difference of 1 or 2 marks can result in a missed opportunity, so candidates need to prepare for the exams with full sincerity and concentration. The huge competition, performance pressure, and high expectations can sometimes mislead candidates from their goals. Before it’s too late to realize, check out the 5 common mistakes that every government job aspirant do and how to avoid them

1. Discipline and focus going for a toss

A lot of aspirants stop trying hard after a few unsuccessful attempts. If you end up losing hope easily or strain yourself too much with the pressure to perform the best, you’ll often end up losing focus after some time. The competition in any government exam is huge and failure is a part of life. If you fail once, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you can never succeed. Keep your focus straight, let go of your previous failures and work consistently without taking too much stress and you will definitely see success.

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2. Succumbing under peer pressure

Indian society is well known for creating unnecessary expectations from children and youth since they are the future of the country. Due to this, sometimes even our parents, friends, relatives, and even neighbors start pressuring us to perform better which in turn can create a lot of stress for any aspirant. If you are confident about your preparation and performance and think that you are giving 100% to reach your goal, it is more than enough to keep you going. Listen to what people say but don’t think too much about everyone’s expectations. Ultimately, it is you who need to prepare and crack the exam, if you are happy with what you are doing, nobody’s opinion should matter.

3. Getting distracted easily

Put someone inside a room with too many books and study material and he’s sure to get distracted. If you spend most of your time preparing for your exams without taking a break or doing something for your own recreation, you will lose focus easily and start drifting away from studies. Work hard and achieve your target but not at the cost of your sanity.

4. Procrastinating

For most government exams, the official notification with exam date is released 2-3 months in advance which give candidates enough time to prepare. While most candidates create a proper study plan and stick to it, some tend to procrastinate and delay their preparation. Procrastinating can only lead to failure, so candidates should proactively start preparing for their exams, especially when the dates are around the corner.

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5. Facing a dilemma

All government jobs aspirants have faced this common dilemma of whether to wait and keep trying to crack government exams or whether to go for a different career option. This is one question that candidates should ask themselves before they start taking any government exams. If you are already immersed in the process of preparing and taking government exams then patience is the key to your dilemma. Small hurdles like failure to qualify in the first few attempts, unable to create a proper study plan for yourself and failure to complete the exam syllabus are only temporary problems and can be solved with a little help. You can only concentrate on completely on your goal to crack government exams if you let go of the dilemma.

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