Daily Current Affairs Quiz – 08th May 2020

Dear Readers, Daily Current Affairs Questions Quiz for SBI, IBPS, RBI, RRB, SSC Exam 2020 of 08th May 2020. Daily GK quiz online for bank & competitive exam. Here we have given the Daily Current Affairs Quiz based on the previous days Daily Current Affairs updates. Candidates preparing for IBPS, SBI, RBI, RRB, SSC Exam 2020 & other competitive exams can make use of these Current Affairs Quiz.

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1) The World Red Cross and Red Crescent Day is observed every year on which date to commemorate the birth anniversary of the founder of Red Cross ?

A) May 10

B) May 11

C) May 8

D) May 12

E) May 13

2) What is the theme of the World Thalassaemia Day observed annually on the 8th of May ?

A) Get connected! Share knowledge and experience and fight for a better tomorrow in thalassaemia

B) Thalassaemia past, present and future: Documenting progress and patients’ needs worldwide

C) Give Blood, Give Life

D) Universal access to quality thalassaemia healthcare services: Building bridges with and for patients

E) The dawning of a new era for thalassaemia: Time for a global effort to make novel therapies accessible and affordable to patients

3) Iran’s currency Rial is set to get a new name and will be re-named ________ along with being re-valued.

A) Dinar

B) New Rial

C) Sikey

D) Toman

E) New Toman

4) In which state has a Unique vehicle “Sanjeevani” been developed at the local level to investigate suspected patients without coming in contact with them ?

A) Tamil Nadu

B) Telangana

C) Kerala

D) Madhya Pradesh

E) Haryana

5) Who has launched the ‘AYUSH Sanjivani ’ App and two interdisciplinary studies involving AYUSH interventions for COVID 19 ?

A) Amit Shah

B) Narendra Modi

C) Shripad Yesso Naik

D) Dr. Harsh Vardhan

E) Bhushan Patvardhan

6) The tenure of Dia Mirza as UNEP Goodwill Ambassador has been extended till which year ?

A) 2025

B) 2024

C) 2022

D) 2023

E) 2021

7) Which state/ UT has ranked on top in terms of Internet penetration according to a study by the IAMAI ?

A) Patna

B) Delhi

C) Telangana

D) Chandigarh

E) Kerala

8) According to the latest data by the CMIE, Unemployment rates have soared to _______ percent amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

A) 26.61

B) 27.11

C) 22.48

D) 23.56

E) 25.14

9) Name the Mission launched by the Central Government to bring back stranded Indians from abroad due to the coronavirus lockdown.

A) Jai Bharat

B) Sethusamudram

C) Vande Bharat

D) Rescue Bharat

E) Rescue India

10) The UN has launched a $___________ billion dollar global appeal to fight the covid-19 pandemic, thereby trebling an earlier appeal made by the UN with a focus on vulnerable countries.

A) 3.5

B) 7.8

C) 4.4

D) 6.7

E) 5.5

11) Which bank has cut its benchmark lending rate by 15 basis points and also introduced a special deposit scheme for senior citizens with a higher interest rate ?




D) Axis


12) IMF has approved $18 Billion in Emergency Financing for ______ Countries during the coronavirus pandemic.

A) 30

B) 40

C) 70

D) 50

E) 60

13) ADB has approved $500 million for which country to bolster the efforts of the government to manage the impact of COVID-19 ?

A) Sri Lanka

B) Bangladesh

C) Afghanistan

D) Sri Lanka

E) Philippines

14) What is the estimated economic growth rate of India in FY21 as per Moody’s Investors Service ?

A) 1.2 percent

B) 1 percent

C) 0.5 percent

D) 0 percent

E) 0.2 percent

15) Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank has decided to offer a loan of $ _______ million to aid India’s covid 19 efforts and expand its response capacity.

A) 600

B) 500

C) 450

D) 550

E) 750

16) Name the IIT Delhi start-up that has developed masks which can be  reused upto 50 times and complies with standards of breathability.

A) MyLabs

B) GoSafe

C) Nanosafe Solutions

D) NextGen Life Sciences

E) Forus Health

17) Who among the following will head the five member jury for awarding the JCB Prize for Literature 2020 ?

A) Deepika Sorabjee

B) Aruni Kashyap

C) Ramu Ramanathan

D) Tejaswini Niranjana

E) Leela Samson

18) Which Indian Cricketer has become the brand ambassador for edtech company ELSA Corporation ?

A) MS Dhoni

B) Shikhar Dhawan

C) Ajinkya Rahane

D) Virat Kohli

E) Rohit Sharma

Answers :

1) Answer: C

World Red Cross Day  and Red Crescent Day is observed every year on 8 May to commemorate the birth anniversary of the founder of the Red Cross.

The founder of Red Cross was Henry Dunant as well as the founder of the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC). He was born in Geneva in 1828. He became the first recipient of the 1st Nobel Peace prize.

The day focuses on the need for protecting the lives as well as the dignity of victims of any armed conflicts and all situations of violence.

2) Answer: E

International Thalassaemia Day celebrated on the 8th of May is devoted to raising awareness amongst the general public and decision-makers about thalassaemia, promoting and strengthening the lifelong and difficult struggle of patients against this severe blood disease, and commemorating all the people who are no longer with us, while renewing our promise to keep fighting until the final cure for thalassaemia is found.

Every year since 1994, the Thalassaemia International Federation (TIF) is organising many diverse activities for the International Thalassaemia Day, with the objective to draw the attention of general public, patient associations, public authorities, healthcare professionals, and industry representatives, to fuel discussions and promote actions on a particular theme related to the prevention, management or treatment of the disease in a patient-centre.

Theme 2020 “The dawning of a new era for thalassaemia: Time for a global effort to make novel therapies accessible and affordable to patients”.

3) Answer: D

The head of Iran’s Central Bank announced the nation’s currency was set to be re-named and re-valued.

Iran’s money Rial will soon likely be called the Toman, and an impressive four zeros will be shaved off all denominations.

The 10,000 rials will become one Toman.

The bill to remove four zeros from the national currency was approved by lawmakers. The bill needs to be approved by the clerical body that vets legislation before it takes effect.

The idea of removing four zeros has been floated since 2008, but gained strength after 2018, when U.S. President Donald Trump exited Iran’s 2015 nuclear deal and reimposed sanctions, as the rial lost more than 60% of its value.

4) Answer: D

In Madhya Pradesh, in a first of its kind initiative, a unique vehicle has been developed at the local level. With the help of this vehicle, health workers can investigate any suspected patients without coming into the contact of him. This vehicle has been named Sanjeevani.

This unique vehicle designed at the initiative of Rajnagar administration of Chhatarpur district, is highly useful for health workers.

Health workers will be able to go inside any area by Sanjeevani vehicle and they can investigate any suspect without getting out of the vehicle.

Health workers have been infected extensively by Coronavirus in Madhya Pradesh.

Sanjeevani vehicles are also very useful in these situations. PPE kit also won’t be required in this vehicle.

5) Answer: D

Dr. Harsh Vardhan, Union Health & Family Welfare Minister launched the ‘AYUSH Sanjivani’ App  and two AYUSH based studies related to COVID-19 situation in the presence of Shri Shripad Yesso Naik, MoS (I/c), AYUSH who participated through Video Conferencing from Goa.

The ‘AYUSH Sanjivani ’ mobile app, which has been launched will help to generate data on acceptance and usage of AYUSH advocacies and measures among the population and its impact in prevention of COVID 19. It is developed by the Ministry of AYUSH and MEITY.

The Interdisciplinary Ayush R&D Task Force headed by Dr Bhushan Patvardhan, Vice Chairman, University Grant Commission (UGC), has formulated and designed clinical research protocols for prophylactic studies and add-on interventions in COVID-19 positive cases through thorough review and consultative process of experts of high repute from different organisations across the country for studying four different interventions viz. Ashwagandha, Yashtimadhu, Guduchi +Pippali and a poly herbal formulation (AYUSH-64).

6) Answer: C

The United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) extended environmentalist and actor-producer Dia Mirza’s term as its National Goodwill Ambassador for another two years till the end of 2022.

Dia, who is also a United Nations Sustainable Development Goals Advocate.

One of Dia’s big campaigns during her first tenure as the ambassador was #BeatPlasticPollution helped in highlighting the issue at the highest levels and led to a clarion call from Prime Minister Narendra Modi to make India Single Use Plastics free by 2022.

7) Answer: B

Delhi has registered the highest Internet penetration, while Kerala ranks second, according to a study by Internet and Mobile Association of India (IAMAI).

While Delhi retains top spot in terms of penetration, at a city level, Mumbai has the highest number of Internet users at estimated 13 million, with Delhi coming second with 11.3 million.

Bengaluru comes a distant third with an estimated 6.6 million users, while Kolkata (6.3 million) and Chennai (6 million) complete the top 5 cities in terms or number of users.

Significantly, eastern states together have seen a 24 per cent increase in the Internet population in November 2019 compared with March 2019.

Jharkhand and Bihar witnessed 48 per cent and 36 per cent increase in internet population respectively, which is higher compared to any other Indian states.

In terms of age-wise demographics, two-third of Internet users in India are in the age group of 12-29 years and this age group corresponds to more than 70 percent of Internet users in the rural.

8) Answer: B

India’s unemployment rate surged to 27.11 per cent for the week ended May 3 from the level of 6.74 per cent in the week ended March 15.

The data is from the Centre for Monitoring Indian Economy (CMIE).

Unemployment rate had moderated to 21.05 per cent in the previous week (which ended April 26) from 26.19 per cent in the week before.

Employment in MSMEs and unorganised sector is expected to be hit sharply.

The Mumbai-based think tank stated the rate of unemployment was the highest in the urban areas, which include the majority of the red zones due to the COVID-19 cases, at 29.22 per cent, as against 26.16 per cent for the rural areas. In the previous week ended April 26, the urban unemployment rate had stood at 21.45 per cent and the rural unemployment rate at 20.88 per cent.

9) Answer: C

In one of the largest evacuation exercises named the Vande Bharat Mission, the government is operating 64 flights till 13th May to bring home nearly 14,800 Indian nationals stranded abroad due to the coronavirus lockdown.

Minister of External Affairs S Jaishankar urged the stranded individuals to stay in touch with the Indian embassies in their countries.

The 64 flights will include 10 flights from the UAE, 2 from Qatar, 5 from Saudi Arabia, 7 from the UK, 5 from Singapore, 7 from the United States, 5 from the Philippines, 7 from Bangladesh, 2 from Bahrain, 7 from Malaysia, 5 from Kuwait and 2 flights from Oman. Out of the total, fifteen flights will bring back people to Kerala followed by eleven flights each to Tamil Nadu and Delhi. Seven flights will be flying back people to Maharashtra and Telangana whereas five flights are slated for Gujarat.

10) Answer: D

The United Nations and partner agencies have launched a 6.7 billion US dollar global appeal to fight the COVID-19 pandemic, more than trebling an earlier appeal made by the UN chief, with special focus on more vulnerable countries and combating food insecurity and gender-based violence.

The UN Emergency Relief Coordinator Mark Lowcock launched the appeal and  a global plan to fight the COVID-19 in fragile countries.

Mr. Lowcock stated that while the virus has now affected every country and almost every person on the planet, the most devastating and destabilizing impacts will be felt in the world’s poorest countries.

The COVID-19 Global Humanitarian Response Plan was launched on March 25th, but with humanitarian needs rising, the  plan is calling for an injection of 6.7 billion US dollars for the remainder of 2020.

The plan includes nine more vulnerable countries, beyond the 54 covered in the original appeal and plans to respond to the growth in food insecurity.

11) Answer: C

The country’s largest lender, State Bank of India slashed benchmark lending rate by 15 basis points and introduced a Special Deposit Scheme for senior citizens with higher interest rates. With that, the marginal cost of funds based lending rate comes down to 7.25 per cent, from 7.40 per cent with effect from 10th of May.

But, to safeguard the interests of senior citizens, the bank has introduced a new product ‘SBI Wecare Deposit’ in the retail term deposit segment.

Under this new product, an additional 30 basis points premium will be payable for senior citizen’s retail term deposits with Five Years and above tenure only. This scheme would be open until 30th of September.

12) Answer: D

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has already authorised financial assistance for 50 member countries during the coronavirus pandemic, stated IMF Spokesperson Gerry Rice.

The IMF’s Executive Board has approved financing under the emergency facilities at record speed for 50 countries, totalling about 18 billion dollars at this point. It is an IMF moving at an unprecedented speed in an unprecedented way to meet this unprecedented challenge, he stated. Rice stated the emergency assistance for COVID-19 is not comparable with normal IMF programmes since the funds are not tied to certain conditions. Importantly, these facilities allow the IMF to provide emergency assistance without the need to have a full-fledged programme. So, they do not entail the usual IMF conditionality, he stated.

In order to ensure full transparency and prevent any misuse of funds, the IMF asked member countries who apply for financing to commit that it is only used for urgent purposes related to COVID-19.

13) Answer: B

The Asian Development Bank (ADB) approved an additional 500 million dollar loan to bolster the efforts of the Bangladesh government to manage the impact of COVID-19 pandemic on the country’s economy and public health.

This package will build on ADB’s ongoing collaboration with Bangladesh on structural reforms by supporting government efforts to speed up the country’s social and economic recovery, stated ADB President Masatsugu Asakawa.

The loan is expected to benefit over 15 million poor and vulnerable people in Bangladesh. Around 1.5 million workers, mostly women, in export-oriented industries will receive extended salary support while doctors, nurses and medical workers fighting COVID-19 in government-run hospitals will receive special honorarium.

The government’s social protection programmes for people of old-age and women in distress will be expanded to cover all eligible senior citizens and women in the 100 poorest local government units in the country.

14) Answer: D

Moody’s Investors Service stated it estimates India’s GDP growth to hit ‘zero’ in FY21 and pointed to a wide fiscal deficit, high government debt, weak social and physical infrastructure, and a fragile financial sector.

The quality of India’s economic growth has declined in recent years, demonstrated by financial stress among rural households, relatively low productivity and weak job creation, the agency stated.

In its forecast for FY21, the agency estimated India’s gross domestic product (GDP) growth at zero, meaning the country’s economic growth will remain flat this financial year, and the same is seen accelerating to 6.6 per cent in FY22.

In its credit opinion which comes following the change in the forecast, Moody’s warned that the Covid-19 “shock will exacerbate an already material slowdown in economic growth, which has significantly reduced prospects for durable fiscal consolidation“.

15) Answer: B

Beijing-backed Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank will offer a $500 million loan to aid India’s Covid-19 efforts. The financing will enable the Government of India to scale up efforts to limit the transmission of cases, strengthen the health system to expand its response capacity and enhance preparedness to manage future outbreaks, AIIB stated in a statement.

The project is funded by AIIB’s Covid-19 Crisis Recovery Facility created to adapt to urgent financing needs of the Bank’s members impacted by the pandemic.

It was created as part of the coordinated international response to counter the Covid-19 crisis, has an initial size of $5-10 billion to support AIIB members’ urgent economic, financial and public health pressures and quick recovery from the crisis, the company stated.

16) Answer: C

Nanosafe Solutions have developed ‘NSafe masks’ that can be re-used for upto 50 times.

Nanosafe Solutions is a startup of FITT (Foundation for Innovation and Technology Transfer) at IIT Delhi.

The NSafe mask is 99.2 percent efficient for bacterial filtration and it complies with ASTM standards for breathability, Dr Anasuya Roy, Founder and CEO of Nanosafe Solutions.

It has three layers. Inner layer which is in contact with the wearer is made of a hydrophilic cotton layer. The middle layer is made anti-microbial and it is also the filtration layer. The outer layer is made of oil and water repellent to repel the virus.

17) Answer: E

Leela Samson will head the five-member jury that also includes Aruni Kashyap, Tejaswini Niranjana, Ramu Ramanathan and Deepika Sorabjee

Noted Bharatanatyam dancer, former chairperson of Sangeet Natak Akademi and author Leela Samson will head the five-member jury for the Rs.25 lakh JCB Prize for Literature 2020. Writer and translator Aruni Kashyap, cultural theorist and author Tejaswini Niranjana, playwright and director Ramu Ramanathan and Deepika Sorabjee, head of the arts and culture portfolio at Tata Trusts, are the other members of the jury.

The jury represents a diverse range of influential thinkers from a broad spectrum of creative fields to select the best offering of fiction from India in this year,” a JCB Foundation statement stated.

18) Answer: C

ELSA Corp (English Language Speech Assistant Corporation), India a global Edu-tech company has announced the appointment of Ajinkya Rahane, the Vice-Captain of the Indian Cricket Test Team, as its brand ambassador for India, Middle East, ANZ & SAARC. ELSA Speak is a Mobile App, which uses speech recognition technology and artificial intelligence (A.I.) to help language learners improve their English pronunciation.

The announcement was made through a web conference in the presence of Ajinkya Rahane along with Manit Parikh, Country Head – India, ELSA Corp.

Ajinkya Rahane will be endorsing the brand’s mobile application. This association aims to popularize ELSA Speak amongst Indian individuals who want to better their English pronunciation.

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