Daily Current Affairs Quiz – 28th May 2020

Dear Readers, Daily Current Affairs Questions Quiz for SBI, IBPS, RBI, RRB, SSC Exam 2020 of 28th May 2020. Daily GK quiz online for bank & competitive exam. Here we have given the Daily Current Affairs Quiz based on the previous days Daily Current Affairs updates. Candidates preparing for IBPS, SBI, RBI, RRB, SSC Exam 2020 & other competitive exams can make use of these Current Affairs Quiz.

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1) Which of the following state along with TRIFED and DST launched a Webinar on “Van Dhan Scheme’?

A) Madhya Pradesh

B) Rajasthan

C) Punjab

D) Kerala

E) Haryana

2) Who is all set to be the next Chairman of JP Morgan ?

A) Stephen Burke

B) Leo Puri

C) Linda Bamman

D) Kalpana Morparia

E) Todd Combs

3) PFC has signed an MoU with Narmada Basin Projects Company Ltd. to fund 225 MW hydro-electric projects and Multipurpose projects in which state ?

A) Assam

B) Madhya Pradesh

C) Tamil Nadu

D) Uttarakhand

E) Haryana

4) According to S&P Global Ratings estimate, the Indian economy will shrink by _____ percent during FY21.

A) 15

B) 7

C) 8

D) 10

E) 5

5) Which state government is working to develop 800 km roads as Herbal roads which will have medicinal and herbal trees on both sides. ?

A) Kerala

B) Haryana

C) Uttar Pradesh

D) Tamil Nadu

E) Assam

6) The government of which state is all set to launch a project to maintain a health database of all its citizens ?

A) Kerala

B) Karnataka

C) Andhra Pradesh

D) Tamil Nadu

E) Telangana

7) Who has taken the oath as the President of Taiwan for the second term ?

A) Chen Shui-bian

B) Ho Mei-yueh

C) Tsai Ing-wen

D) Cheng Li-chun

E) Christine Tsung

8) IL&FS has got an approval from the NLCT to sell ______ percent stake in GIFT City to the Gujarat government.

A) 30

B) 20

C) 50

D) 10

E) 15

9) NASA has renamed its Wide Field Infrared Survey Telescope  after ‘Mother of Hubble’ Nancy Grace Roman, the US space agency’s first chief astronomer. It is set to be launched in which year ?

A) 2026

B) 2025

C) 2023

D) 2024

E) 2027

10) Researchers at which institution have developed a light-weight alloy to replace steel and aluminium in cars and aerospace components ?

A) IIT Mandi

B) IIT Delhi

C) IIT Hyderabad

D) IIT Roorkee

E) IIT Madras

11) Facebook has launched which new app to make it easier for friends and family to coordinate phone calls and set up group calls with up to 8 people ?

A) LetsChat

B) CallNow

C) TalkNow

D) CatchUp

E) Ready to Talk

12) Which company has signed an MoU with the Karnataka Mango Board to enable farmers sell produce online ?

A) Snapdeal

B) Flipkart

C) Amazon

D) R-Mart

E) eBay

13) Tamil Nadu has inked ______ MoUs with firms totalling investments of Rs.15,128 crore in the presence of Chief Minister Edappadi K Palaniswami and the rest through video conference.

A) 12

B) 15

C) 17

D) 13

E) 14

14) FIFA has collaborated with which organisation to launch a campaign to help domestic violence victims amid the coronavirus lockdown ?

A) World Bank





15) Which of the following company is all set to launch a surveillance campaign in India with plans to install around 10,000 cams for free in one city ?

A) CSOnline

B) Samvaad E-solutions

C) Sitelock Solutions

D) Secure Cam IT Solutions

E) Alliance Security

16) Arogya Setu, India’s Covid-19 contact tracing, syndromic mapping and self assessment mobile app is now open source. The app was launched on which of the following date ?

A) April 11th

B) April 10th

C) April 6th

D) April 2nd

E) April 7th

17) Noted Urdu writer & satirist Mujtaba Hussain who passed away recently won which of the following award ?

A) Padma Vibhushan Award

B) Shanti Swarup Bhatnagar Award

C) Padma Shri Award

D) Sahitya Akademi Award

E) Padma Bhushan Award


1) Answer: B

A Webinar under Know Your Scheme-Lecture Series on “Van Dhan Yojana : Learning For Post Covid-19” was organized by the Department of Science and Technology, Government of Rajasthan in association with Trifed, Ministry of Tribal Affairs, Government of India

The current crisis situation due to Covid-19 has posed an unprecedented threat across the country. Almost all the States and UTs in India are affected by it, to varying degrees. The situation has also dealt a  blow to the livelihoods of the poor and marginalized communities. The tribal gatherers can be one of  the worst affected in these trying times, since this is the peak season for harvesting Non Timber Forest Produce (NTFP) in many regions.

The biggest challenge for tribal artisans, however, is to market their products effectively and make more people aware of the top quality items they develop.  TRIFED (under Ministry of Tribal Affairs) has been playing an instrumental role in this regard by procuring tribal-made products and selling them to the masses in India and worldwide under the banner of TRIBES India.

2) Answer: B

Veteran banker Kalpana Morparia, Chairman, South and South-East Asia at JP Morgan, plans to retire after nearly 12 years with the investment banking firm. She will be succeeded by Leo Puri.

The  bank stated Morparia has conveyed her desire to retire. It also announced organisational changes for South Asia and South-East Asia and stated Morparia has agreed to stay with the firm until the first quarter of 2021, and will oversee the smooth transition of her responsibilities.

Puri, former Managing Director of UTI Asset Management Company, will become Chairman of South and South-East Asia when he joins the firm in the first quarter of 2021, it added.

Meanwhile, Murli Maiya will take over as the CEO for South and South-East Asia in the first quarter of next year. He was most recently co-head of Investment Banking Coverage for the Asia-Pacific region.

Kalyan will continue as CEO of JP Morgan Chase Bank, India, and will also oversee representative offices in Sri Lanka and Bangladesh.

Morparia, 70, was appointed as CEO, JP Morgan India in 2008 and, in 2016, she was elevated to a regional role.

Answer: B

Power Finance Corporation (PFC), the central PSU under the Ministry of Power and India’s leading NBFC, signed an agreement with Narmada Basin Projects Company Ltd. (NBPCL), a wholly-owned company of the Government of Madhya Pradesh.

The move aims to fund projects worth Rs.22,000 crore for 225 MW hydro-electric projects & multipurpose projects in the State of Madhya Pradesh.

As per the agreement, the funds will be deployed by NBPCL for setting up hydroelectric projects of 225 MW and power components of 12 major multipurpose projects in Madhya Pradesh.

The Government of Madhya Pradesh has conducted the pre-feasibility study of these projects and has provided approval for their execution.

The disbursal of the amount will be linked to the execution of the projects.

Under the MoU, PFC will actively partner with NBPCL and provide finance for hydro-electric plants totaling 225 MW along with power components of multipurpose projects as part of the state government’s endeavor to implement twelve major multipurpose projects.

4) Answer: E

In line with various agencies, S&P Global Ratings estimated that the Indian economy will register de-growth of 5 per cent during fiscal year 2020-21 (FY21), ending March 31. However, for next three years, it forecasts growth rate between 6.5 to 8.5 per cent.

In its research report, SBI stated that FY21 GDP (de) growth would be now around negative 6.8 per cent. Ind-Ra’s forecast varies from a growth of 1.9 percent to a contraction of 2.1 per cent for FY21. CRISIL, in its latest report, expected India’s GDP growth to fall off a cliff, and contract 5 per cent in fiscal 2021.

5) Answer: C

Uttar Pradesh government will develop 800 km roads as Herbal roads in the state. These herbal roads will have medicinal and herbal trees on both sides.

Deputy Chief Minister and state PWD minister of state Keshav Prasad Maurya told that these herbal roads will have trees like Peepal, Neem, Sahjan along with other herb varieties like brahmi, ashwagandha and jatropha.

6) Answer: B

The Karnataka government will soon launch a project to maintain the health database of all its citizens. A first of its kind initiative State Health Register will be a robust and standardized health repository of all the citizens.

Dr Sudhakar stated that Covid-19 experience has demonstrated the necessity of having robust, real-time public health data and therefore, there is a need to maintain a repository of health data of each and every citizen.

He stated that the Government will be undertaking a survey of all 6.5 Crore people in the state using a team of Primary Health Centre officials, revenue officials, Education department staff and ASHA karyakartas. They will visit each household and collect health data of all the members of the family.

This will not only help the government to provide better healthcare, but will also help efficient resource allocation, management and better implementation of various citizen centric schemes in the state, the Minister added.

7) Answer: C

Taiwan President Tsai Ing-wen took the oath for her second four-year term, buoyed by record-high popularity as the country continues its successful response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Tsai also pledged to engage in dialogue with Beijing provided it respects Taiwan’s sovereignty and rejects its “one country, two systems” formula, reiterating the cross-strait stance that fueled her landslide re-election victory .

8) Answer: C

Debt-laden IL&FS will sell its entire stake in Gujarat International Finance Tec-City Limited (GIFTCL) to the Gujarat government.

IL&FS has a 50 per cent stake in GIFTCL, which comprises a multi-services Special Economic Zone (SEZ) and International Finance Services Centre (IFSC) totalling approximately 6 lakh square feet.

The Gujarat government has agreed to pay positive equity value of 100 percent of IL&FS’s stake in GIFTCL. This would amount to Rs.32.7 crore. Valuation by an independent agency earlier had pegged a negative value to the equity stake. The IL&FS Board had sought a higher value given the dire situation of the company.

NCLT has now given its approval to the stake sale at Rs.32.7 crore. Last year, the Gujarat government had indicated a willingness to take over the project. IL&FS Group invited Expressions of Interest (EoI) for real estate space totalling 4.85 lakh sq ft, as it looks to monetise its assets.

9) Answer: B

NASA has renamed its Wide Field Infrared Survey Telescope (WFIRST), a next-generation space telescope set to launch in 2025, in honor of Nancy Grace Roman, the US space agency’s first chief astronomer, who paved the way for space telescopes focused on the broader universe.

The newly named Nancy Grace Roman Space Telescope — or Roman Space Telescope, for short — will investigate long-standing astronomical mysteries, such as the force behind the universe’s expansion, and search for distant planets beyond our solar system

Dr. Nancy Roman is considered as the Mother of NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope, which was launched 30 years ago. It was because of Nancy Grace Roman’s leadership and vision that NASA became a pioneer in astrophysics and launched Hubble, the world’s most powerful and productive space telescope It will be the successor to NASA’s Hubble and Webb Telescopes.

Answer: E

Researchers at the Indian Institute of Technology Madras (IITM), along with the University of North Texas and US Army Research Laboratory, have developed a magnesium alloy with significantly improved properties that can replace steel and aluminium in automotive and aerospace components.

The current industrial application of wrought magnesium alloys in structural components is limited due to their poor moderate or low strength.

There has been a great deal of focus on lowering the carbon footprint of vehicles by using light-weight material in their bodies. Lighter vehicles consume less fuel to run and are therefore play a strategic role in increasing energy-efficiency. vehicular emissions alone contribute 27 per cent of total carbon dioxide emissions currently.

Being one of the lightest and energy-efficient structural materials, magnesium alloys are potential candidates to replace steel and aluminum alloys in automotive and aerospace components since their density is two-thirds of aluminum and one-quarter of steel.

The team is all set to apply the same strategy of processing to other known magnesium alloys and metallic alloys with the intention of obtaining highly efficient stronger materials with superior performance.

11) Answer: D

Facebook’s internal R&D group, NPE Team, has launched a new app called CatchUp that makes it easier for friends and family in the U.S. to coordinate phone calls or set up group calls with up to 8 people.

While there are a number of group chat apps available to users today, what makes CatchUp unique is that the calls it enables are audio-only, not video, and it flags when users are available. In addition, CatchUp won’t need a Facebook account to use the service — the app works with your phone’s contacts list.

Similarly, CatchUp shows users as “Ready to Talk” in the top section of its home screen, with offline users and other contacts listed below.

Facebook explains the app’s intention is to address one of the key reasons people no longer make phone calls — they don’t know when someone has time to talk and they don’t want to interrupt them.

12) Answer: B

India’s leading ecommerce marketplace Flipkart has entered into a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with Karnataka State Mango Department and Marketing Corporation, to enable mango farmers to sell their produce online.

According to Flipkart, this partnership will provide farmers with the much-needed market access to consumers, creating a potential revenue stream during these testing times of coronavirus.

As part of the MoU, Flipkart will provide its marketplace platform to the Mango Board farmer producer organisations/sellers, growers and traders by enrolling them on the platform.

Flipkart will also provide training and capacity building of how to use the app and other user interfaces. Along with the Mango Board, Indian Post Offices will function as the last-mile delivery operations partners during this season.

Over the last few months, Flipkart has partnered with various FMCG and retail companies to bring a wider range of essentials on its platform. With this partnership, the company forays into the farmer producer organisation’s community further contributing to supporting the livelihoods of mango growers and the farmer community.

13) Answer: C

Tamil Nadu signed 17 MoUs with various companies involving investments totalling Rs.15,128 crore.

Nine of the MoUs were signed in the presence of Chief Minister Edappadi K Palaniswami and the rest through video conference. This is likely to generate over 47,150 jobs.

The MoUs were signed by Usha Kakarla, Managing Director and CEO, Guidance, and Aneesh Sekhar, Executive Director, Guidance with various company officials.

Daimler India Commercial Vehicles will invest Rs.2,277 crore (expected to generate employment of 400) while Salcomp, the Finland-based mobile phone charger manufacturer, is investing Rs.1,300 crore in Chennai (expected to create employment for 10,000)

Ashton Shoes Private Ltd has entered into a joint venture with the Taiwanese company Chung Jye Shoes to manufacture footwear at an investment of Rs.300 crore (to create employment for 25,000).

The Singapore-based ST Tele Media is investing Rs.1,500 crore in a data centre in Siruseri while HDCI Data Centre Holdings is investing Rs.2,800 crore in a data centre. The Japanese company Polymatech Electronics will investRs.900 crore in a semiconductor chip manufacturing facility, which will provide employment for 600.

French renewable energy company ENGIE Group, through Vivid Solaire Pvt Ltd, will develop a wind farm in Tuticorin with an investment worth Rs.2,000 crore (expected to create employment for 600).

14) Answer: D

FIFA, the World Health Organization (WHO) and the European Commission have announced the #SafeHome campaign designed to support women and children at risk of domestic violence during the coronavirus pandemic.

With many families all over the world quarantined during the pandemic, there have been spikes in recent reports of domestic violence as at-risk women and children are forced into dangerous situations at home.

The three organisations have launched a five-part video campaign designed to raise awareness, with several past and present footballing stars taking part.

Among the players featured are Alvaro Arbeloa, Rosana Augusto, Vítor Baia, Khalilou Fadiga, Matthias Ginter, David James, Annike Krahn, Marco Materazzi, Milagros Menendez, Noemi Pascotto, Graham Potter, Mikael Silvestre, Kelly Smith, Oliver Torres and Clementine Toure.

15) Answer: D

Secure Cam IT Solutions, UAE-based security surveillance and IT solutions, has plans to install around 10,000 cameras for free in one city of about 150 countries by 2025 as part of the $1.5-billion worldwide campaign announced in October last.

The company has earmarked about Rs.200 crore for the project in India, stated Chairman and CEO Rijoy Thomas.

The global campaign ‘Secure Our City’ was postponed due to Covid-19 pandemic. The campaign was scheduled on April 20, and has been postponed to September.

‘Secure Our City’ campaign will be launched in India across five cities in a phased manner.

An each CCTV unit, which the company provided includes an eight-channel HD IP camera system with 30 days of recording capacity. ‘Secure Cam’ is also offering installation, a two-year warranty, and one year service for free as part of the campaign.

The company had already started its operations in Kochi under the name ‘Secure Cam India’. Apart from Kochi, the company has also started operations in Bengaluru, he stated.

16) Answer: D

Arogya Setu, India’s Covid-19 contact tracing, syndromic mapping and self assessment mobile app is now open source. NITI Aayog CEO Amitabh Kant stated, transparency, privacy and security have been the core design principles of Araogya Set since its inception and opening of the source code upto the developer community signifies Government of India’s continuing commitment to this principle. He stated, it is a unique thing as no other government product anywhere in the world has been open sourced at this scale.

Mr Kant stated, the scale and size of Arogya Setu is 115 million and it cuts across every smart phone and IVRS in 12 languages. He stated, in just 41 days the mobile app crossed 100 million.  That correspondent open sourcing an app’s code means the government will publish it on a public code repository.

On 2nd April, Government launched Aarogya Setu mobile App for helping augment the efforts of limiting the spread of COVID19, with an objective of enabling Bluetooth based contact tracing, mapping of likely hotspots and dissemination of relevant information.

17) Answer: C

Renowned Urdu writer and satirist Mujtaba Hussain, who had returned the Padma Shri award to the union government last year, passed away.

Hussain was awarded the Padma Shri, the fourth highest civilian award, in 2007 for his contribution to Urdu literature.

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