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Data Interpretation Online Test Practice – Day 78 | Data Interpretation Questions

Dear Readers, Important Practice Data Interpretation Questions for IBPS Exams 2018 was given here with Solutions. Aspirants those who are preparing for the Bank Examination and other Competitive Examination can use this material.

Data Interpretation Test Practice – Day 78

Direction (1-4):The below table shows the number of days taken by 4 persons to complete two projects (A and B). Some Data’s are missing here.

PersonNo of days to

Finish project A

No of days to

Finish project B



1)P & Q together works for 2 days (for project A) and they were replaced by R & S.  R and S works for 2 days (for project A). How much work is still left. If P & Q finishes the whole project (A) in 7 1/7 days?

  1. 75 units
  2. 78 units
  3. 80 units
  4. 85 unit
  5. None of these

2) P, Q & R work together (for project B), how much time they will take to finish the project B, if Q, R & S together finishes the whole project(B) in 13 1/3 days?

  1. 9  3/13 days
  2. 3 5/13 days
  3.  10 days
  4. 11 days
  5. None of these

3)P and S started work for project A.  P worked at 120% of his efficiency and S worked at 150% of his efficiency. In how many days P & S finish the whole project A ?

  1. 4 days
  2.  5 18/30 days
  3. 4 18/33 days
  4.  10 days
  5.  None of these

4)If the project B completed in 7 47/79 days by all the persons then in how many days R alone can complete the whole project B?

  1. 25
  2.  30
  3.  35
  4. 40
  5.  None of these

Direction (5-9) Study the table carefully and answer the questions that follow.

Table below shows the different items sold by shopkeeper, quantity of items sold in k.g, discount offered on list price, percentage mark up/kg and list price/kg.

Some values are missing. You need to calculate these values if required.

Q5) List price per kg of wheat is what percent less than the list price per kg of tea if selling price of 2.5 kg of tea is 900Rs(approx). And discount offered on list price is 400/49%.

  1.  80%
  2. 83%
  3. 93%
  4. 90%
  5. 85%

Q6) What is the ratio of percentage discount offered on wheat to the  percentage discount offered on Rice if shopkeeper gains 1330 Rs. On selling whole quantity of wheat and % markup price of wheat is 110% and percentage of discount offered on Rice is half the percentage discount offered on Honey.

  1. 15:28
  2.  18:23
  3.  24:29
  4.  23:21
  5. none of these

Q7) What is the average of all quantities (in kg) sold by the shopkeeper if total profit in Selling Honey is 1800 Rs. And ratio of difference between List Price and selling price to the difference between selling price and cost price of Honey 4:3 and quantity of Coffee sold is 33 1/3 % less than quantity of tea sold.

  1. 35.2
  2. 36.4
  3. 28.2
  4. 32.2
  5. 30.5 

Q8) 8kg of Rice got spoiled then what is the total profit or loss made by the shopkeeper in Selling remaining quantity of rice if a discount of 16 2/3% is given and list price per kg Of rice is 60 Rs.

  1. 15%
  2.  20%
  3.   18%
  4.  No profit or No loss
  5. None of these.         

Q9) What is the ratio of cost per kg of Tea to the cost price per kg of coffee if profit of 12% is obtained on selling coffee and list price per kg of both item is same.

  1. 6:5
  2. 4:5
  3. 3:2
  4. 2:3
  5. 7:4


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