How to Develop Time Management Skills for Competitive Exams?

The word “Competitive Exams” itself denotes the huge competition that takes place to crack these exams. Competitive exams are held to select candidates for pursuing a particular course or a job. Usually, most competitive exams have a huge syllabus to complete. On top of that, these exams need you to answer around 100 (sometimes even more) questions within a duration of 2-3 hours.


But, despite good preparation, candidates sometimes fail to answer their exams well due to a shortage of time. This is a common problem for a lot of candidates. This is because we focus only on completing the entire syllabus for the exam without taking time-management into consideration. As a result, we sometimes end up answering less than we know. which affects our marks and our selection to further levels.

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All exams are time-bound, hence, time management is an important factor to consider before writing any kind of exam. Competitive exams don’t just test your knowledge but also your efficiency. The faster you’ll to able to solve questions correctly, the more will be your probability to succeed. If you too, run out of time in exams, then this article will help you develop the right time-management skills. Keep reading to know how:

Make a study plan

The beginning of good preparation starts with a good study plan in place. Make a study plan that’s flexible and adds variety to your study schedule. Avoid studying a single subject for the entire week. Take up 2-3 subjects and try to complete a chapter or two from each. Incorporate variation in your learning process to make your study sessions interesting.

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Speed up your learning process

If you keep reading books week after weeks you will end up forgetting most of them by the time your exam begins. Try to speed up your learning process by adopting various learning methods apart from reading books. Try watching video tutorials, reading from ebooks, creating charts and graphs to understand tough subjects and solving exercises simultaneously with reading books to speed up your learning process

Learn shortcut methods 

Solving complex mathematical sums during competitive exams can take up a lot of time preventing you from answering the simpler ones even though you know the answers. Always begin with solving the easier questions and then move to the tougher ones. Learn tricks and shortcut methods to solve tough sums in the shortest possible time

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Memorize formulas and tables

What is 20×23? If you can’t answer this within 5 seconds, you need to memorize the tables and formulas soon. If you are taking any competitive exam, try to memorize tables up to 25, this will save you a lot of time. Also, practice doing calculations in your head without the need to jot down everything in pen and paper.

Practice mock tests

Finally, mock tests are the best-proven way to improve your time management skills in the exam. The more mock tests you practice, the more you’ll be able to identify your weak points and rectify it. Also, with time, you will improve your timings drastically. So make sure that mock test practice is a part of every exam preparation, be it for your school college or job.

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Try these methods mentioned above and you’ll be able to improve your time management skills with time.

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