LIC AAO Mains English Language Questions 2019 (Day-03)

Dear Aspirants, Our IBPS Guide team is providing new series of English Language Questions for LIC AAO Mains 2019 so the aspirants can practice it on a daily basis. These questions are framed by our skilled experts after understanding your needs thoroughly. Aspirants can practice these new series questions daily to familiarize with the exact exam pattern and make your preparation effective.

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Directions (Q. 1-5): Read each sentence carefully to find out whether there is any grammatical error in the sentence. There is one part of the sentence may have error. If you not find any error in any part of the sentence, then option E will be you answer.

1) The police officer could see (A)/ the bank manager clearly from the corridor on the third floor (B)/as the office is just near to the bank (C)/hardly leaving any space in between (D)/ No error (E)

a) B

b) A

c) C

d) D

e) E

2) I was surprised to hear (A)/ that it was the seven hour trip (B)/ up green mountains which (C)/ they completed so fast (D)/ No error.(E)

a) C

b) D

c) A

d) B

e) E

3) Any businessman will be able to (A)/create a monopoly for himself if (B) / he succeeds in (C)/ including people to believe that his product is superior to others (D)/ No error (E).

a) B

b) D

c) A

d) C

e) E

4) Over  a long period of time, (A)/it became increasingly clear (B)/ that despite working hard tireless day and night,(C)/ it was not possible for Harish to crack the XII board exams (D)/ No Error (E)

a) B

b) A

c) D

d) C

e) E

5) One of the key contributions of the feminist theory (A)/ is the creation of a distinction between (B)/ ‘sex’ and ‘gender’. A distinction that has subsequently been developed differently (C)/ by various strands about feminist thought (D)/ No error (E)

a) A

b) B

c) C

d) D

e) E

Directions (6-10): In each of the following questions, a short paragraph is given with one of the lines in the passage missing and represented by a blank. Select the most suitable option out of the five answers given, to make the paragraph complete and coherent.

6) Schooling in Sikkim is beyond the boundary of textbooks. _______________. The school authorities have made yoga and meditation mandatory to fight drug addiction. Last year, nearly 600 teachers were sent to Baba Ramdev’s ashram in Hardwar for availing the yoga training. On return, they set up yoga centres in the schools across the state.

a) More than 70 per cent schools have playground and libraries and EE% have computer facility.

b) All the schools ensure the drinking water and separate toilet for boys and girls.

c) Apart from education, uniforms, raincoats, school bags and shoes are free of cost for all the students.

d) The government wants its schools to be centres of happy learning.

e) None of these

7) Recently, 18 climate scientists released a report targeted at urban policymakers. The C0-page document was a follow up to the IPCC’s seminal report, which had stressed on the urgency of keeping global warming to less than 1.E degree Celsius above pre-industrial level. As per the report of scientists, the cities hold nearly 7E% of the carbon footprint. Last year, mayors of several cities promised to act on the report’s recommendations. Copenhagen has become the first city to present a plan to cancel out its carbon footprint by B0BE. The Danish capital has already reduced its GHG emissions by more than D0% compared to B00E. _____________. It is reported that well-connected and pedestrian friendly cities have a relatively low carbon footprint. There are other cities, which should follow the guidelines made by climate scientists.

a) However, the committee has given the proper guidelines for maintaining the carbon footprint in check.

b) The people of Copenhagen are more environments conscious rather than other western cities.

c) Majority of the people live in Copenhagen use bicycle to commute and the city has specially designed road for cyclists.

d) None of these

e) The mayor of this city believes to attain low carbon footprint, one city should take positive action such as implementing the electric buses, using of waste to generate electricity and so on.

8)  ________________. In other words, a delay in transferring a particular packet of data does not cause a chain reaction of delays for all the transmissions that come after. When it comes to voice calls, network like these use an allied technology called voice calls, networks like these use an allied technology called voice over LTE (VoLTE). With VoLTE, the call latency, or the time taken to convey call signals over a distance is greatly reduced. Simply put, a caller will hear few or no beeps before the phone rings at the other end.

a) Long Term Evolution or LTE refers to a standardised method of communication between high-speed wireless networks.

b) Under the new protocol, the data is first broken down into ‘packets’ of a standard size, which are then transferred independent each other.

c) LTE is far more efficient than older standards because the ‘circuits’ do not have to remain occupied for quite as along as before.

d) Fibre optic cables are bundles of glass ‘threads’ used to transfer data.

e) To put it simply, LTE serves as an agreed-upon ‘international language’ technology.

9) Demonetisation has encouraged the entire economy to use less cash but has left various challenges for their people and also for the government _________________________. But can this be achieved without proper infrastructure? It is difficult to find an ATM in a rural area. E-wallets and mobile payment systems need a smart phone and an internet connection, but less than a quarter of the population owns a smart phone.

a) India will not turn cashless over night; first the government will have to consider the problems people face and how to overcome them.

b) There is unanimous agreement on the need to go digital.

c) In fact, high level corruption does not involve cash.

d) In a dramatic system of government, political party funding is one of the major sources of corruption.

e) None of these.

10) This year there was no maddening rush at the White House to reach Serena Williams, like in 1999, when she won the first of her BC Grand Slam titles in Flushing Meadows. ______________________. The din of Serena’s feat, now officially the most decorated player in the Open era, died out in the bustle of America’s latest, and loudest, president’s “extreme vetting” immigration diktat.

a) Yet, the symbolism or Serena’s triumph couldn’t be more relevant.

b) Or, as it was when she won her third Wimbledon, a few months into Barack Obama’s first term.

c) To put it simply, there has been no better player than her in the best century.

d) None of these.

e) Even after she broke into the circuit Williams has had to confront racism and racist stereotypes-from official, commentators and even her adversaries.


Directions (1-5):

1) Answer: c)

The preposition “near” is incorrect. It is better to use “next to” which means just besides the building.

2) Answer: d)

The uses of “the” is incorrect. Instead of that “a” will be used.

3) Answer: a)

The usage of ‘for” is incorrect. The preposition “of” should be used after monopoly in the sentence.

4) Answer: d)

The word “tireless” is not correct. The word “tirelessly” should be used in place of “tireless”.

5) Answer: d)

The preposition “about” will be replaced by the preposition “of”.

Directions (6-10):

6) Answer: d)

Other options will not fit here.

7) Answer: c)

 Other options do not fit here.

8) Answer: c)

Other options will not fit here.

9) Answer: b)

Other options will make no sense if put here.

10) Answer: b)

Other options will not fit here.

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