English Double Fillers with Detailed Explanation – IBPS, SSC Exam (Day-24)

English Double Fillers with Detailed Explanation – IBPS, SSC Exams (Day-24):

Dear Readers, Here we have given Practice English Double Fillers quiz and questions for IBPS PO, IBPS Clerk, RRB, SSC & other competitive exams with detailed explanation. Candidates those who are preparing for IBPS PO/Clerk, SSC and other competitive exams can make use of it.

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Directions – Q 1-10: Choose the set of words for each blank that best fits sentence and are grammatically correct.

  1. From whimsical _______ on ethics and death to hour-long laugh-riot mental-health musicals, comedy on _______has never been so adventurous.
  1. dissertate, sound
  2. soliloquies, television
  3. debacle, air
  4. oratory, radio
  5. evanesce, real
  1. While erosion is a _______process, human activities have increased by 10-40 times the rate at which erosion is occurring _______ .
  1. artificial, steadily
  2. man-made, world
  3. natural, globally
  4. constant, vastly
  5. slow, vaguely

3.India said the construction of the Chabahar port in Iran will  _______to regional trade and provide Afghanistan with “alternate access” to global markets, after the  _______of the first phase of the Shahid Beheshti Port in the Sistan-Baluchestan province by Iranian President Hassan Rouhani.

  1. contribute, inauguration
  2. move, launching
  3. enhanced, open
  4. help, establishment
  5. growth, introduction
  1. Evidence shows that weight and height of children are not _______ determined by food intake but are an outcome of a complex interaction of factors _______ to genetics, the environment, sanitation and utilisation of food intake. 
  1. alone, interconnected
  2. completely, analogous
  3. unique, which
  4. solely, related
  5. just, compare
  1. Enthusiasts argue that cryptocurrencies like bitcoin are _______transforming into mainstream money that will offer serious competition to national currencies _______by central banks. 
  1. vastly, drawn
  2. quickly, offered
  3. enormously, provided
  4. speedily, extended
  5. rapidly, issued
  1. Ransomware attacks in cyberspace are _______to increase and become more sophisticated in 2018, _______ high net worth individuals and corporates.
  1. obvious, like
  2. likely, targeting
  3. probable, affect
  4. naturally, bid
  5. suitable, intend
  1. With the_______ growth in vehicles on the road, safety needs to come _______ .
  1. rapid, for
  2. increase, later
  3. decrease, sure
  4. explosive, first
  5. decline, obvious
  1. The need for a specialised regime to cope _______large financial firms on the verge of going bust is well-understood especially since the _______financial crisis of 2008. 
  1. for, national
  2. to, international
  3. with, global
  4. beyond, local
  5. up, artificial
  1. From matchmaking to brokering on _______ of the state to making deals with foreign companies, the presence of middlemen and brokers is a _______ phenomenon in India. 
  1. representative, obvious
  2. for, true
  3. things, negated
  4. behalf, ubiquitous
  5. top, common
  1. The constitutional body is _______ with recommending a fiscal road map and a sharing of resources  _______     the Centre and the States. 
  1. tasked, between
  2. responsibility, to
  3. aim, when
  4. pervasive, amidst
  5. general, until

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