SBI Clerk/ Repco/ IDBI and South Indian Bank Mains English Questions 2019 (Day-01)

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Directions(1-5): A set of six statements is given out of which the statement in bold is fixed and the remaining are jumbled in random order. Rearrange the statements in right order to answer the questions.

  1. The ministry also said it would be launching the 7th economic census in June and use its results to create a national business register, which would be updated periodically.
  2. Economists, however, said that given the problems with the existing state business registers and the economic census (EC) data, this won’t be an easy gap to fill.
  3. Plugging data gaps in estimating business and economic activity won’t be easy as most enterprise and corporate databases used in India are flawed, economists warned on Thursday, a day after India’s statistics ministry said it would find ways to do so.
  4. Mintreported on Tuesday that a key database introduced in India’s new gross domestic product (GDP) series, MCA-21, has now been found to be full of holes, citing a report prepared by the National Sample Survey Office (NSSO).
  5. On Wednesday, the ministry of statistics and programme implementation (Mospi) said it was examining the findings of the NSSO report and that it would take “remedial steps” based on the findings to improve the GDP series when the next base change revision takes place.
  6. “Each enterprise database has different coverage and some limitations,” said Renu Kohli, a Delhi-based economist.

1) Which of the following will be FIRST sentence after rearrangement?

a) C

b) D

c) A

d) B

e) E

2) Which of the following will be SECOND sentence after rearrangement?

a) B

b) A

c) D

d) E

e) C

3) Which of the following will be THIRD sentence after rearrangement?

a) D

b) E

c) A

d) C

e) B

4) Which of the following will be FOURTH sentence after rearrangement?

a) E

b) C

c) A

d) B

e) D

5) Which of the following will be FIFTH sentence after rearrangement?

a) B

b) D

c) A

d) E

e) C

Directions(6-10): In the passage given below there are blanks filled with numbers, find out the word in each case which replaces the number to make the sentence grammatically and contextually correct and mark that word as your answer

Ending a six-year-long dispute between McDonald’s Corp. and it’s __(6)__India partner Vikram Bakshi, the local unit of the US fast-food chain on Thursday said it has bought out Bakshi’s 50% stake in their joint venture Connaught Plaza Restaurants Ltd (CPRL).The move marks an end to the fast-food chain’s __(7)__with Bakshi, who opened the first McDonald’s restaurant in the country in the mid-1990s and then expanded to more than 160 restaurants in north and east India.McDonald’s India Pvt. Ltd (MIPL), along with its __(8)__McDonald’s Global Markets Llc, now wholly owns CPRL, the US fast-food chain said in a statement on Thursday. CPRL will now be headed by Robert Hunghanfoo.McDonald’s India did not disclose the financial details of the transaction.Over the next one-two weeks, McDonald’s India will review its over 160 outlets in north and east India, Barry Sum, director of corporate __(9)__ for Asia at McDonald’s, said in an interview. The restaurants would remain shuttered during this period starting 9 May, he added.“We will see if any remedial action is necessary at these outlets,” Sum said.However, the company is still actively looking out for a partner for its north and east India business. “McDonald’s… intends to facilitate future growth by continuing to actively progress finding the right development licensee (DL) for the region. As this process continues and until the company has __(10)__the right DL partner for the business, CPRL will remain owned by MIPL and its affiliate,” said the company.


a) Estranged

b) Biggest

c) Offering

d) Running

e) All of the above


a) Trading

b) Association

c) Unfathomable

d) Inventor

e) None of these


a) Founder

b) Former

c) Reaping

d) Affiliate

e) None of the above


a) Stock

b) Population

c) Relations

d) Division

e) All of the above


a) Secured

b) Running

c) Created

d) Vision

e) None of these

Answers :

Direction (1-5) :

C will be the first sentence which gives introduction by explaining about the warning given by economists that plunging data gaps in estimating won’t be easy as most enterprises in India are flawed.

D will be the second sentence which explains the report by mint on Tuesday about the key data base introduced in India’s new GDP has now full of holes citing a report prepared by NSSO

E will be third sentence which explains the statement given by ministry of statistics that they will examine the report given NSSO and will take remedial steps in next base change revision

A will be the fourth sentence which explains about the further statement of the ministry that it is going to launch 7th economic census in June to create national business register it will be updated periodically

B will the fifth sentence which explains about the statement given by economists that the business register and economic census won’t be able to fill the gap of the given problems

F the last sentence is fixed according to the question which explains the statement given by a Delhi based economist

1) Answer: a)

2) Answer: c)

3) Answer: b)

4) Answer: c)

5) Answer: a)

Direction (6-10) :

6) Answer: a)

Estranged: No longer close or affectionate with someone

7) Answer: b)

Association: A connection or cooperative link between people or organizations

8) Answer: d)

Affiliate: Officially attach or connect to an organization

9) Answer: c)

Relations: The way in which two or more things are connected or relevance to another.

10) Answer: a)

Secured: Succeed in obtaining something.


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