SBI Clerk Prelims 2019 English Questions (Fill in the blanks) Day- 01

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Directions (1-10): Fill in the blanks with appropriate phrases from the options given below:

1) In an “extraordinary and unusual hearing” presided over by him and called at a moment’s notice on Saturday, Chief Justice of India (CJI) Ranjan Gogoi took on the _____________of sexual harassment published against him ___________some online news portals, saying “things have gone too far” and “the judiciary cannot be made a scapegoat.”

a) allegation ,by

b) allegedly, by

c) alleged , through

d) blamed, at

e) accusations, along

2) The day saw a sudden rush of events with news websites ____________the report about a former Court employee ______________the CJI of making sexual advances towards her while she was working as a junior court assistant last year.

a) commemorating, alleged

b) coronation, blamed

c) publishing ,accusing

d) published, blaming

e) publishing, praising

3) Mr. Mehta ______________the allegation “rubbish”. Mr. Venugopal said not only the judges but lawyers were also under attack for ________________their clients.

a) termed , representing

b) has termed, representing

c) had termed, presentation

d) has been termed, regarding

e) terms , hosting

4) A break-up of the donations made to two major national parties, the Bharatiya Janata Party and the Congress, and ______________in their audited annual statements for the last two fiscals shows that the implementation of the electoral bonds scheme has substantially ______________the cash component of donations.

a) have revealed, reduced

b) have revealed, reduces

c) reveals, reducing

d) revealed ,reduced

e) revealing, had reduced

5) A militant was killed in an encounter with security forces in Baramulla district of Jammu and Kashmir, an Army official said Saturday. The encounter ______________at Watergam town in north Kashmir’s Baramulla district. Some weapons and war-like stores ______________from the site of the operation, the official said.

a) has been taking place, has recovered

b) took place, was recovered

c) took place, were recovered

d) takes place, has been recovered

e) will take place , was being recovered

6) Images of the unrest ____________ on social media showed a car and van ablaze and hooded individuals _____________petrol bombs and fireworks at police vehicles.

a) posting, thrown

b) was posted, will be thrown

c) has been posted, threw

d) posted, thrown

e) posted ,throwing

7) “A single gunman fired shots in a residential area of the city and as a result ____________Ms. McKee,” said Mr. Hamilton, adding that police believed the gunman was a “violent dissident republican”. “We __________this as a terrorist incident and we have launched a murder enquiry,” he added.

a) have wounded, will treat

b) had been wounded, were treating

c) has been wounded, treating

d) wounded, are treating

e) wounded , shall be treated

8) A journalist ____________dead during riots in Northern Ireland in what police on Friday were treating as a terrorist incident following the latest _____________in violence to shake the troubled region.

a) was been shot, upsurge

b) was shot ,upsurge

c) were shooting, up rise

d) was being shot

e) were shot, upscale

9) Interestingly, the Election Commission of India has also ____________the scheme arguing against anonymity as it militates against transparency and prevents citizens ____________knowing the sources of funding for political parties.

a) ridiculed, around

b) prophecy, along

c) ridiculed, about

d) criticized, than

e) critiqued ,from

10) Justice Mishra, ______________for the Bench, said there was no need to pass a judicial order in the case. _____________than a judicial order, the Court would leave it to the wisdom of the media to show the restraint required of them.

a) speaking , Rather

b) spoken, instead

c) speaking, besides

d) has spoken, despite

e) speaks, rather

Answers :

Directions (1-10):

1) Answer: a)

Correct form of preposition should be ‘by’ here. ‘Alleged’ is a verb while ‘allegation’ is a noun.

2) Answer: c)

Since the sentence has a negative undertone, out of options E and C , option C is suitable.

3) Answer: a)

Suitable form of verb should be ‘termed’ as present perfect and not ‘has termed’ here.

4) Answer: d)

Options A and B are easily eliminated because ‘have’ cannot be used for a single entity. Only D is suitable here.

5) Answer: c)

In options B , D , E  they all use has/was with the verb which cannot be used with plural entity so they are eliminated.

6) Answer: e)

Option E has the correct combination of tenses suitable for the sentence.

7) Answer: d)

Other choices are eliminated, out of E and D, latter is suitable as it has the correct combination of tenses.

8) Answer: b)

Since the sentence talks about a singular person, C and E are eliminated. It is in past perfect so option B is suitable.

9) Answer: e)

Options D and E both can be suitable, but the suitable form of preposition should be ‘from’ here.

10) Answer: a)

Out of options A and C , option A is suitable since , ‘rather’ is suitable in the second blank here.


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