English Practice Test SBI Clerk/EPFO Assistant Prelims 2019 (Error Spotting) Day- 11

SBI Clerk/EPFO Assistant Prelims English is the easiest scoring part only when you know the basic concepts and grammar rules. If you are not updated in the English section, here the English Practice Test this is a tool to increase your overall score in the SBI Clerk Prelims exam. If you are troubling to find an answer for SBI Clerk Prelims English Questions, follow our website regularly. So that you can get English Practice Test. We are regularly providing Editorials, Reading Comprehension, Error Spotting, etc. Also, The best videos are available on youtube channel to watch. So that you can get clarification to pick the right answers from the given options. Once you are clear in concepts you can take daily Quiz for SBI Clerk/EPFO Assistant Prelims English section. At the end of each SBI Clerk/EPFO Assistant Prelims English Quiz, your level will be assessed.

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Directions (1-10): Given below sentence is divided into four parts, find if there is error in any part of the sentence and mark that as your answer. If there is no error then mark E as your answer.


a) In the absence of an EPIC card, voters need to carry one of 12 documents described by

b) the Election Commission to vote. These include passport, driver’s licence, service identity card,

c) bank/post office passbook, PAN, smart card issued by RGI, MNREGS job card, health insurance

d) smart card issued by Ministry of Labour, pension document with photo and Aadhaar.

e) No error


a) More than two minutes into stoppage time, Manchester City forward

b) Raheem Sterling slid around the field and puffed his chest to the crowd,

c) roaring in elation. Tottenham players collapsed to the turf, some

d) flat on their backs, forlorn and heartbroken.

e) No error


a) Indonesia’s Joko Widodo was on track to be re-elected leader of the world’s third

b) largest democracy as unofficial results put him in a comfortable lead over firebrand

c) ex-general Prabowo Subianto after voting closed on Wednesday

d) across the 17,000-island archipelago.

e) No error


a) The BJP hopes to ride its resolve to push the Citizen (Amendment) Bill through to

b) win the rest two seats in the Bengali-dominated southern Assam’s Barak

c) Valley. While the Congress won the Silchar seat, the All India United

d) Democratic Front (AIUDF) won the Karimganj seat in 2014.

e) No error


a) About 9.2 per cent of the over 86 lakh electorate in Odisha excised

b) their franchise in the first two hours of polling in Bihar

c) on Thursday, with reports of EVM malfunctioning

d) and poll boycott in some booths.

e) No error


a) Give our farmers a chance to usher in India’s second green revolutionand India

b) will become a powerful country. Kick-start our economy and get it back on

c) track and India will be a very powerful country. Empower

d) India’s poor and we will become a powerful country.

e) No error


a) This time around, traditional rivals, the Congress and the JD(S),

b) are fighting together in a general election for the first time,

c) making it a straight fight between the coalition partners and

d) the BJP in most of the constituencies.

e) No error


a) Peace meetings were held a few times with factory

b) representatives and govt officials, but the villagers

c) walked out; the residents also surrendered

d) their ration cards two months before.

e) No error


a) He claimed that he had been bearing the brunt of defamatory statements made

b) against him by Mr. Vijayvargiya. He said the allegations against him were

c) not sourced from the probe of any investigation agency or from the

d) courts, but from the utterances of a politician in a public meeting.

e) No error


a) Over 50 people were killed as rain, coupled with thunderstorm and lightning,

b) hit several parts of Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat and Maharashtra

c) overnight, officials said on Wednesday. The unseasonal rain and storm

d) also caused damage to property and crops in Gujarat and Rajasthan.

e) No error


Directions (1-10):

1) Answer: a)

Describe is to give detailed account about something in words while Prescribe is to state authoritatively or rule that should be carried out. Hence described should be replaced with prescribed.

2) Answer: b)

Around means on the every side of something where as across means from one side to other side of area or place. Hence around should be replaced with across.

3) Answer: b)

Largest is preferred with countable or quantifying objects whereas biggest is used when discussing the dimensions of the object  either literal or figurative. Hence largest should be replaced with biggest.

4) Answer: b)

Rest is generally used when we don’t know the quantity of things where as remaining is used when we know the quantity of things. Here number is mentioned clearly hence rest should be replaced with remaining.

5) Answer: a)

Excise is a tax or duty levied on something while exercise is an activity carried out for a specific purpose. Hence excised should be replaced with exercised.

6) Answer: e)

Given sentence is grammatically and contextually correct.

7) Answer: d)

Most generally used for uncountable things which refers the greatest amount whereas majority is more than half of some group. Hence most should be replaced with majority.

8) Answer: d)

Before shows time from past to past while using this no present time is involved whereas Ago shows time from present to past. Hence Before should be replaced with ago.

9) Answer: d)

Meeting means a situation where two or more people meet by chance or by arrangement whereas gathering means assembly of people especially held for a specific purpose. Hence meeting should be replaced with gathering.

10) Answer: e)

Given sentence is grammatically and contextually correct.

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