English Practice Test SBI Clerk Prelims 2019 (Fill the blanks) Day- 06

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Directions (1-10): Fill the blanks and complete the sentences properly.

1) The number of blue whales has ____in the last 5 years.

a) Dwindled

b) Aggravated

c) Destroyed

d) Shed

e) Both a and d

2) Agriculture _____ the most important sector of our economy.

a) have had being

b) have been

c) had been

d) has been

e) None of these

3) A small business has to struggle _____ when its profits decrease)

a) For meeting operation expense

b) To meeting operating expenses

c) To meet operating expenses

d) To meet operate expense

e) None of these

4)  _____ accused of stealing the neighbour’s car?

a) Were it they who were

b) Was it they who had

c) Were they who

d) Were it they who

e) Was it they who were

5)  _____ enable the company to expand its operations in Europe)

a) Strike this deal that

b) To strike off this deal

c) By striking this deal to

d) Striking this deal will

e) This deal was struck which

6) If thereafter, their subcontracts are for some reason reduced, such firms _____fixed expenses.

a) Could face potential crippling

b) Could be a potential cripple

c) Could face potentially cripple

d) Could face potentially crippling

e) None of these

7) A pyrotechnic week of geopolitical intrigue has yielded new clarity about the ________ of the Russia imbroglio, including one insight straight from Russian President Vladimir Putin.

a) Whole caboodle

b) Worm’s eye view

c) Whys and wherefores

d) Xeros subsidy

e) Soft Option

8) Previous obituary writers have had to ________ and acknowledge that paperless offices are a bit like fantasising a date with an adored actor— possible, but improbable

a) Rob the cradle

b) Silver surf

c) Blot their copy-book

d) Eat a humble pie

e) Break every rule in the book

9)  Don’t you think you _________ by not showing up at the meeting you underwent so much of trouble to organize?

a) Made your head spin

b) Burnt Bridges

c) Cut Corner

d) Got a taste of your own medicine

e) Hung in there

10) The detention lasted for three long hours; the teacher made us work _______.

a) At our wit’s end

b) Catch-22

c) With our noses to the grindstone

d) In dire straits

e) The tip of the iceberg

Answers :

Directions (1-10):

1) Answer:  a)  

Options ‘c’, d’ and ‘e’ are inappropriate here)  And from among options ‘a’ and ‘b’ ‘a’ is

the right option because we do not use aggravated with number.

2) Answer:  d)  

The emboldened part is grammatically incorrect. The auxiliary verb “has” is followed by “been” to form the present perfect tense to indicate an action that started in the past
and continues till the present. Thus, the correct phrase should be “has been”. Thus, option D is the correct answer.

3) Answer:  c)  

The statement is in the simple present form as is evident from the verbs ‘struggle’ and ‘decrease’. Therefore, the other verb ‘met’ needs to changed to the first form ‘meet’. Also, “expense” should be in the plural form. Thus, C is the correct answer.

4) Answer:  e)

Since the subject “It” represents the singular form, “was” will be used accordingly.

5) Answer:  d) 

The sentence is correct with option d)  therefore the correct response is option d)

6) Answer: d)

“potentially” as well as “crippling” is an adverb)  Only an adverb can modify another adverb)  Thus, the term “potentially crippling” is correct.

7) Answer: c) 

Imbroglio refers to an extremely confused, complicated, or embarrassing situation. Only option C fits perfectly in the context of the sentence)

Therefore, option C is the correct answer.

8) Answer: d) 

The blank is followed by the phrase “and acknowledge) ..” This means that the obituary writers acknowledged an idea, which they might have denied earlier.

Therefore, option D is the apt answer.

9) Answer: b) 

In the given sentence, the concerned person who put a lot of effort to organize a meeting did not appear in it, so he/ she lost the opportunity. Thus, option B is the correct answer.

10) Answer: c) 

With our noses to the grindstone: It means to work very hard

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