English Practice Test SBI Clerk Prelims 2019 (Double Fillers) Day- 08

SBI Clerk Prelims English is the easiest scoring part only when you know the basic concepts and grammar rules. If you are not updated in the English section, here the English Practice Test this is a tool to increase your overall score in the SBI Clerk Prelims exam. If you are troubling to find an answer for SBI Clerk Prelims English Questions, follow our website regularly. So that you can get English Practice Test. We are regularly providing Editorials, Reading Comprehension, Error Spotting, etc. Also, The best videos are available on youtube channel to watch. So that you can get clarification to pick the right answers from the given options. Once you are clear in concepts you can take daily Quiz for SBI Clerk Prelims English section. At the end of each SBI Clerk Prelims English Quiz, your level will be assessed.

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Directions (1-10): Choose the correct alternatives out of the given options to fill in the blanks.

1)  The naxals set the ____________and the security forces blindly took it. In the process, standard operating procedures, including letting a road-opening team lead the way, seem to have been ignored. Yet, the authorities still remain in a state of___________.

a) bait, denial

b) trap, accepted

c) trapped, acceptance

d) puzzle, accepted

e) None of these

2)  It is no _____________either that the perpetrators chose the Maharashtra Foundation Day, after the polling in the district, to send this __________message.

a) coincident, violence

b) coincidence, violent

c) unfortunate, forwarded

d) destiny, violent

e) None of these

3) The Puducherry legislature is the ____________of a parliamentary law, based on an enabling provision in Article 239A of the Constitution, whereas the NCT legislature ______________by the Constitution itself under Article 239AA.

a) product, has created

b) amalgamation, have been created

c) creation, has been created

d) launch, created

e) None of these

4) That the naxals should be able to control the narrative, __________on top of the intelligence, stay ___________and several steps ahead of the security planners should be a matter of deep concern.

a) remaining, focused

b) has remained, hiding

c) remaining, idle

d) remain, nimble

e) None of these

5) Justice R. Mahadevan, who ___________the Madras High Court judgment, is conscious of the difference in status ___________Delhi and Puducherry.

a) delivered, between

b) delivers, among

c) has delivered, amongst

d) delivered, within

e) None of these

6)  A first step to the reset would be the completion of the ___________process of updating the 1950 Treaty of Peace and Friendship. Nepal would acknowledge that its citizens ____________from the ease of employment and residence in India that the treaty provides.

a) upcoming, has benefitted

b) ongoing, have benefited

c) incoming, has benefitted

d) forthcoming, benefitted

e) None of these

7)  Kathmandu has been too __________to conspiracy theories about Indian meddling, __________New Delhi and its diplomats in the Nepal embassy have sometimes lent credence to the theories by adopting a patronizing attitude.

a) trustworthy, whereas

b) doubtful, since

c) susceptible, while

d) honorable, whereas

e) None of these

8) This year, over 8.7 lakh candidates took the Intermediate examination, and the inquiry _____________that there was no significant variation in the pass percentage in some of the difficult subjects, compared with 2018. But the agency contracted to do the processing had encountered problems with data even during the collection of fees, which should have led to rigorous ____________of the technology. 

a) have been determined, skepticism

b) have determined, skeptical

c) had determined, implementation

d) has determined, scrutiny

e) None of these

9)  India has ____________concerns over enhancing the constitution’s provisions for Nepal’s plains-based Madhesi population, but these should be taken up discreetly and diplomatically. Recovery in the relationship is still___________, and any grandstanding must be avoided.

a) residual, fragile

b) grappling, customary

c) growing , formal

d) residuary, informal

e) None of these

10)  ___________the issues raised after the Telangana fiasco is ____________the private agency selected to process the results could handle the scale of the operation.

a) Between, while

b) Among, therefore

c) Among, whether

d) Between, since

e) None of these

Answers :

Directions (1-10):

1) Answer: a)

Out of options a) and c) which look suitable, a) is correct because here it should be bait or trap instead of ‘trapped’.

2) Answer: b)

First blank should have an abstract noun, while the second blank should have an adjective.

3) Answer: c)

Option c) has the suitable combination of alternatives. ‘Creation’ is the suitable alternative here.

4) Answer: d)

Nimble is quick and light in movement or action; agile. So d) is correct.

5) Answer: a)

While comparing only two entities, use ‘between’ as it is used in this case.

6) Answer: b)

Use ‘has’ + past perfect form of tense for a singular entity( here, Nepal)  in past perfect form.

7) Answer: c)

‘While’ should be the correct connector here when comparing two sentences.

8) Answer: d)

Always use ‘has’+ past perfect form of tense for a singular entity in past perfect form.

9) Answer: a)

The relationship being talked about is ‘fragile’ or vulnerable. So a) is suitable.

10) Answer: c)

While comparing more than two entities, use ‘among’ as it is used in this case.

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