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Dear Friends, SBI Clerk 2018 Notification has been released we hope you all have started your preparation. Here we have started New Series of Practice Materials especially for SBI Clerk 2018. Aspirants those who are preparing for the exams can use this “20-20” English Questions.

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Direction (1-10): In a passage given below there are 10 blanks, each followed by a word given in bold. Every blank has four alternative words given in options (a), (b), (c) and (d). You have to choose which word will best suit to the respective blank. Choose (e) as your answer if the word given in the bold after the blank is your answer i.e. “No change requires”.

With the ink still drying on the Singapore declaration, President Donald Trump was asked why the North Koreans were any likelier to honour its terms than all the previous nuclear agreements they have _ (1) _ [break]. Negotiations had long been frozen over America’s demand that Kim Jong Un’s regime should give up its nuclear arms and the regime’s refusal to do so. Whatever the merits of the _ (2) _ [occurred] detente, the tactic has paid off handsomely for the president. It has enabled him to create a semblance of historic progress, which has driven his supporters wild with glee and bookmakers to slash their odds against him _ (3) _ [get] the Nobel peace prize. Almost all his disruptive foreign-policy moves, the rows with allies and threats of worse on every front, can be viewed primarily as tactical ploys _ (4) _ [planning] to push his self-image as a decisive leader. Yet this strategy is liable to produce _ (5) _ [reduced] returns. _ (6) _ [delete] Barack Obama’s legacy, by withdrawing from the Trans-Pacific Partnership, the Paris climate accord and Iran deal, was a cinch. Each step was applauded by partisan Republicans, and the costs America will _ (7) _ [suffered] as a result are mostly remote and hard to quantify. The stifling etiquette of diplomatic relations has magnified the dramatic effect of his grandstanding. Yet the common diplomatic view that the sky fell in because he refused to sign the shindig’s communiqué seems faintly ludicrous. Mr Trump’s decision to withdraw from the Iran nuclear deal and levy metals tariffs on Canada and the Europeans has already raised the cost of mistreating allies. Yet the negative consequences of the tariffs on foreign cars and trade war with China he has threatened might make them think again. There are three ways this could go. First, he could _ (8) _ [controlled] himself a prediction often made. All presidents become more active abroad as their troubles mount at home; and he, beset by legal peril, could use a foreign distraction more than most. So if the rising costs of his confrontational foreign policy _ (9) _ [spoiled] his support, he would probably moderate the policy.That raises a third possibility. He may still threaten war, in trade and militarily, but he will not start one, because wars are expensive and end up unpopular. He will still float _ (10) _ [dared] deals, but he will settle for smaller-bore pacts recognition of an Israeli land-claim.


a) Outrage

b) Flattered

c) Deride

d) Flouted

e) No change required


a) Ensuing

b) Pursued

c) Pioneering

d) Seriated

e) No change required


a) Apprehend

b) Emancipating

c) Bagging

d) Abduct

e) No change required


a) Betrothing

b) Intended

c) Waffled

d) Affiancing

e) No change required


a) Attenuated

b) Subsided

c) Distending

d) Diminishing

e) No change required


a) Obliterating

b) Effaced

c) Expunged

d) Animating

e) No change required


a) Provoked

b) Proffer

c) Incur

d) Succumbed

e) No change required


a) Restrain

b) Proscribes

c) Concede

d) Tethers

e) No change required


a) Augment

b) Scoured

c) Erode

d) Abraded

e) No change required


a) Blanched

b) Audacious

c) Prudent

d) Vigilant

e) No change required

Direction (11-15): In each of the questions given below a sentence is given which is then divided into five parts out of which one bold part is correct. There are no errors in three out of four remaining parts and therefore only one of the parts other than the bold one is incorrect. You must choose the grammatically incorrect part as your answer. Choose e if you find out there is no error.

11) The RBI announced the rules to ensure transparent a)/recognition of NPAs and to align existed rules b)/with the new Insolvency and Bankruptcy c)/Code, however this led to a sharp spike d)/in NPAs and provision requirements of banks e)/

a) b

b) a

c) d

d) e

e) No error

12) Britain would thus find itself a)/in a notionally temporary but in b)/ fact indefinite, arrangement that included membership c)/of the EU’s customs union and full alignment d)/with much in the single market e)/

a) c

b) d

c) e

d) b

e) No error

13) The proposed suspension of concessions a)/or other obligations takes the form of b)/ an increase to tariffs on selected c)/products originating in the United States, d)/based on the measures of the United States e)/

a) b

b) c

c) d

d) e

e) No error

14) Rating agency Fitch has downgraded the viability a)/ratings of State Bank of India and Bank b)/of Baroda, citing, their weakened intrinsic c)/risk profile due to the negative effect of persistent d)/poor asset quality and earnings on their capital position e)/

a) d

b) c

c) e

d) a

e) No error

15) The letter said that the RBI could train new a)/recruited computer-savvy assistants b)/in banks for assisting this monitoring exercise c)/, which will stand RBI in good stead without d)/stretching its human resources too much e)/

a) c

b) e

c) b

d) a

e) No error

Direction (16-20): In each of the following questions on phrase has been given and it has been followed by four sentences. You have to find out on which sentences phrase has been used properly according to its meaning and mark your answer from the options denoted a), b), c), d)Mark e) as your answer of you find that the phrase has been applied properly in all sentences

16) Break into

i.David broke into the conversation at a crucial moment.

ii.Someone broke into and made off with all the furniture.

iii. The moment she was out of sight she broke into a run

iv.The crowd broke into after the game.

a) ii and iv

b) i and iii

c) ii and i

d) All except iv

e) All are correct

17) Mark out

i.He had been marked out for an army career from early childhood

ii.Her independence of spirit marked her out from her male fellow officers

iii. He couldn’t sign his name, so he made his mark out.

iv.Let me take one example which may mark out the outline of the contention.

a) ii and iii

b) i and ii

c) iii and iv

d) All except iii

e) All are correct

18) Go for

i.Silent movies went for as soon as the talkies were perfected.

ii.The team has a lot going for them.

iii. These rules go for the adults as well as the children.

iv.The mechanic went for the car but found nothing wrong.

a) ii and iii

b) i and iv

c) ii and iv

d) i and iii

e) All are correct

19) Scrape away

i.Tanya scraped away the rough places from the fender

ii.Once the hole was stabilized, firefighters used bulldozers to scrape away the hillside

iii. Using a large nail gently scrape away a sequence of wavy lines to create pattern

iv.Scrape away old food and bird droppings before putting out fresh food.

a) iii and iv

b) i and ii

c) ii and iii

d) All except iv

e) All are correct

20) Bliss out

i.I blissed out lying on the beach under the sun.

ii.Suzanne was blissed out by the friendly spirit of the crowd.

iii. After the second movement, rami was totally blissed out.

iv.I’ve been blissing out the strange issue with my car

a) i and ii

b) Only iii

c) ii and iv

d) All except iv

e) All are correct


Direction (1-10):

1.Correct Answer is: d) according to the sentence flouted will be used as it means to openly disregard a rule or law.

2.Correct Answer is: a) according to the sentence ensuing will be used as it means to happen or come about.

3.Correct Answer is: c) according to the sentence bagging will be used as it means to succeed in securing something

4.Correct Answer is: b) according to the sentence intended will be used as it means done on purpose or intentional

5.Correct Answer is: d) according to the sentence diminishing will be used as it means to decline or fall off

6.Correct Answer is: a) according to the sentence obliterating will be used as it means to destroy or erase

7.Correct Answer is: c) according to the sentence incur will be used as it means to become subject to something unpleasant as a result of one’s own actions.

8.Correct Answer is: a) according to the sentence restrain will be used as it means to hold back

9.Correct Answer is: c) according to the sentence erode will be used as it means to destroy

10.Correct Answer is: b) according to the sentence audacious will be used as it means showing a willingness to take surprisingly bold risks.

Direction (11-15):

11.Correct Answer is: a)

In part b in place of existed it should be existing

12.Correct Answer is: c)

In part e in place of in it should be of

13.Correct Answer is: b)

In part c in place of to it should be in

14.Correct Answer is: a)

In part d in place of persistent it should be persistently

15.Correct Answer is: d)

In part a in place of new it should be newly

Direction (16-20):

16.Correct Answer is: b)

The meaning of “break into” is to begin suddenly or to interrupt and the phrase has been applied properly in i and iii sentences.

17.Correct Answer is: d)

The meaning of “mark out” is to select or choose for some particular purpose or to mark the boundary of something and the phrase has been applied properly in i, ii and iv sentences.

18.Correct Answer is: a)

The meaning of “run into” is to go somewhere in order to get someone or something/ to be true or relevant for someone or something and the phrase has been applied properly in ii and iii sentences.

19.Correct Answer is: e)

The meaning of “scrape away” is to scratch or rasp something off something and the phrase has been applied properly in all the sentences.

20.Correct Answer is: d)

The meaning of “bliss out” is to cause someone to feel intense happiness and relaxation and the phrase has been applied properly in i, ii and iii sentences.


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