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Direction (1-5): In the mentioned questions, a paragraph is given. Fill the blank with the correct sentence from the options.

1) Negotiations on the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership, among 16 Asian and Pacific Ocean countries, have entered a decisive phase. Most potential member-countries of the grouping, that comprises the 10 ASEAN members and their Free Trade Agreement partners, Australia, China, India, Japan, New Zealand and Republic of Korea, would like to see a substantive agreement on the trade deal by the end of this year. At a meeting in Singapore, which is driving the effort as the current ASEAN chair, countries which still have issues _______________________ and allow a smaller group to go ahead with finalising the RCEP, with the option to join it at a later date.

a) About demands by other RCEP countries for lower customs duties on a number of products and greater access to the market

b) Are headed for elections next year, a point where governments traditionally turn protectionist.

c) Has broken from the global concord on multilateral trade agreements, an Indian walkout would endanger the united message that RCEP countries

d) With the outline of the agreements reached so far may be told politely to step aside

e) Have been unwilling to accommodate India’s demands to liberalise their services regime

2) The reduction in rainfall should help the National Disaster Response Force, which has committed 55 teams, intensify its efforts to reach those who are stranded. In fact, disaster management units in other States too should assist those working on the ground to deal with Kerala’s catastrophic floods; apart from helping, they will gain valuable experience as well. Going forward, the task of reconstruction _______________

a) Programming can be needed in the worst-hit areas, with tax breaks offered to residents.

b) Can be better targeted if the district authorities in Kerala put out advisories on the nature of relief needed

c) Will have to be addressed, covering public buildings, residential homes, roads and other infrastructure.

d) By merging the various phone numbers into three or four and allocating sufficient phone lines, will help citizens use them more easily.

e) Desperately needs a benign shift in the weather to be able to cope with a disaster on a scale

3) Underscoring the vital need for the registry, the PCR _______________________________ from point of origination of credit to its termination, Dr. Acharya said its main benefit would be to provide lenders with a 360 degree view of the borrower’s outstanding credits and past performance. This would allow better screening at the time of providing credit and superior monitoring during the life of the borrowing.

a) Is planned as an extensive database of credit information for all credit products in the country

b) Can be suitably amended conferring the Reserve Bank powers to conduct the business

c) Expect the costs for onboarding those users who are currently excluded by formal credit to nosedive.

d) Would be to promote an organisation for a matter incidental to the functions of RBI

e) Being set up within the existing RBI infrastructure, the fact that the RBI as a statutory corporation can only engage in those activities that are permitted by the RBI Act

4) Germany’s current account surplus is set to remain the world’s largest this year despite increased trade tensions. The International Monetary Fund and the European Commission have for years urged Germany ______________________________ and stimulate growth elsewhere. Since his election, U.S. President Donald Trump has also criticised Germany’s export strength.

a) To circumvent this, given that India is the one country that doesn’t have an FTA with China, the government has proposed a differential market access

b) To do more to lift domestic demand and imports as a way to reduce global economic imbalances

c) Will not be among the top three surplus countries due to a surge in imports and lower returns from capital held abroad

d) Was especially strong in other euro zone countries as well as European Union members outside the single currency bloc.

e) Has been consistently above the European Commission’s indicative threshold of 6 percent of gross domestic product

5) Greater executive powers, it is being suggested, can help the regulator take swifter action against offenders instead of relying on government bodies. Ostensibly, this could also free SEBI from various manifestations of political influence. Since SEBI is better placed ___________________________ or even those in charge of implementing the Companies Act, it may also be better placed to enforce the law.

a) To impose restrictions on the trading of shares of 331 companies suspected of laundering money

b) To address market manipulation, from better scrutiny of price-sensitive information to the creation of processes to expedite investigation

c) For lowering customs duties on a number of products and greater access to the market than India has been willing to provide.

d) Not only against listed entities under its extant powers but also against those who aid or abet financial fraud

e) To understand the complex nuances that financial market fraud entails, compared to other investigative agencies

Direction (6-10): Which of the following phrases given below each sentence should replace the phrase printed in bold letters to make the sentence grammatically correct? Choose the best option among the five given alternatives that reflect the correct use of phrase in the context of the grammatically correct sentence. If the sentence is correct as it is, mark (e) i.e., “No correction required” as the answer.

6) Ikea’s first store in India will be drawn the crowds, but for success in the long term, the innovative Swedish giant will need a robust online presence on platforms like Amazon or Alibaba

a) Might be drawing

b) Will be alienating

c) May be drawing

d) Might be propelling

e) No correction required

7) For Flipkart, this buyout is crucial as it possibly serve the online retailer overcome the language barrier problem, an issue faced by most leading consumer internet companies.

a) It potentially helps

b) It astonishingly assists

c) It likely support

d) It probably uphold

e) No correction required

8) Elon Musk’s now-infamous taking Tesla private tweet has sent the automaker’s stock price on a bumpy ride, but it had not disturb the faith of young retail investors.

a) Has not allayed

b) Had not swayed

c) Has not stroked

d) Has not shaken

e) No correction required

9) The government has also sought a technological solution from the social media giant that will be effective in tracing the origin of fake messages which has being distributed across the country.

a) Are being couched

b) Has been published

c) Are being circulated

d) Has been reported

e) No correction required

10) The new MacBook Air could be adjusted toward consumers looking for a cheaper Apple computer, but also schools that often buy laptops in bulk.

a) Will be geared

b) Could be organized

c) Would be regulated

d) Will be shunned

e) No correction required

Direction (11-15): In the following questions two columns are given containing three sentences/phrases each. In first column, sentences/phrases are A, B and C and in the second column the sentences/phrases are D, E and F. A sentence/phrase from the first column may or may not connect with another sentence/phrase from the second column to make a grammatically and contextually correct sentence. Each question has five options, four of which display the sequence(s) in which the sentences/phrases can be joined to form a grammatically and contextually correct sentence. If none of the options given forms a correct sentence after combination, mark (e), i.e. “None of these” as your answer.


a) A-E

b) C-D

c) A-E & B-F

d) B-F

e) None of these


a) C-D

b) B-D

c) A-E & B-D

d) B-F

e) None of these


a) A-F

b) B-D

c) C-E

d) A-E

e) None of these


a) C-D

b) B-F

c) A-E

d) C-E

e) None of these


a) B-D

b) A-E

c) C-F

d) A-F

e) None of these

Directions (16-20): In each of the question below, there is a word given in bold which is followed by the five options. In each of the option, a pair of words is given which is either the pair of synonyms or antonyms or synonym & antonym of the word given in bold-that pair of words is as answer.

16) Inculcate

a) Attune- inure

b) Inseminate- impart

c) Brainwash- habituate

d) Integrate- correspond

e) Persuade- yelling

17) Annotate

a) Elide- trifle

b) Acuity- infraction

c) Detour- burke

d) Elucidate- mystify

e) Remark- outflank

18) Robust

a) Potent- vigorous

b) Exertion- acclimatize

c) Specious- flourishing

d) Wicked- manifested

e) Reconcile- simulants

19) Diligence

a) Prudence-ostensible

b) Acumen-credible

c) Assiduity- lethargy

d) Husky-indolence

e) Erudition-sagacity

20) Compliant

a) Docile-flexible

b) Vigilance-wariness

c) Slumber-habitude

d) Submissive- languor

e) Aloofness- stoicism

Answers :

1). Correct answer – the option (d) seems to be logical for the context and is the correct part to complete the incomplete sentence of passage.

2). Correct answer – the option (c) seems to be logical for the context and is the correct part to complete the incomplete sentence of passage.

3). Correct answer – the option (a) seems to be logical for the context and is the correct part to complete the incomplete sentence of passage.

4). Correct answer – the option (b) seems to be logical for the context and is the correct part to complete the incomplete sentence of passage.

5). Correct answer – the option (e) seems to be logical for the context and is the correct part to complete the incomplete sentence of passage.

6). Answer: c) ‘may be drawing’ is the correct option which makes a grammatical and contextual sense here.

7). Answer: a) ‘it potentially helps’ is the correct option which makes a grammatical and contextual sense here

8). Answer: d) ‘has not shaken’ is the correct option which makes a grammatical and contextual sense here

9). Answer: c) ‘are being circulated’ is the correct option which makes a grammatical and contextual sense here

10). Answer: a) ‘will be geared’ is the correct option which makes a grammatical and contextual sense here

11). Answer: a) – Ending human interference in the pathways of elephants is a conservation imperative, more so because the animals are then not forced to seek alternative routes that bring them into conflict with people.

12). Answer: c) – The sector faces operational problems due to its size and nature of business, and is, therefore, relatively more susceptible to various shocks to the economy.

The flow of bank credit to micro, small and medium enterprises that took a hit in the aftermath of demonetisation seems to have picked up again

13). Answer: b) – The movement of elephants is essential to ensure that their populations are genetically viable, and help regenerate forests on which other species, including tigers, depend.

14). Answer: d) – To catch up and potentially lead the AI race, it is imperative for India to form a bold AI policy that focuses on data collection, analytics, research and application

15). Answer: a) The experts we believe hold the answers to difficult questions are often so accustomed to doing things the tried and tested way that they are unable to find new and innovative solutions to problems even in their area of expertise.

16). Answer: b) the meaning of inculcate is to instil an idea or habit by persistent instruction.

17). Answer: d) the meaning of annotate is giving explanation or comment.

18). Answer: a) the meaning of robust is tough/strong

19). Answer: c) the meaning of diligence is careful and persistent work or effort.

20). Answer: a) the meaning of compliant is disposed to agree with others or obey rules

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