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Synonyms/ antonyms

Directions (1-5): In each of the question below, there is a word given in bold which is followed by the five options. In each of the option, a pair of words is given which is either the pair of synonyms or antonyms or synonym & antonym of the word given in bold that pair of words is as answer.

1) Affirmative

a) Potent- vital

b) Concurring-dissenting

c) Strenuous-compelling

d) Passive- apathetic

e) Assiduous- lethargic

2) Bafflingly

a) Bewilderingly-perplexedly

b) Frisky-sprightly

c) Lively-replete

d) Bubbling-perky

e) Precisely-indubitably

3) Envisage

a) Flummox-stump

b) Wilder-gravel

c) Confound-deflect

d) Contemplate-apprehend

e) Applauding- disposed

4) Myriad

a) Benign-sympathetic

b) Affirmatory-ratifying

c) Sundry-multifarious

d) Ideate- manifold

e) Roger-vehement

5) Posterity

a) Ebullient-peppy

b) Legion-horde

c) Mammoth-hulking

d) Progeny-scions

e) Behemoth-herculean

Directions (6-10): Each sentence below has one or two blanks, each blank indicating that something has been omitted. Below the sentence are five sets of words. Choose the set of words for each blank that best fits the meaning of the sentence as a whole.

6) The ___________ granted to state institutions from acquiring informed consent from principals or processing personal data appear to be too blanket, such as those __________ to the security of the state.

a) Privilege, bothering

b) Absolutions, complied

c) Exemptions, pertaining

d) Dispensation, admissible

e) Liabilities, trivial

7) Schools can be the temples of new India, with the constitutional values as the sacred good, _________ in to the endless reservoir of __________ that children have.

a) Percussing, stinginess

b) Tapping, generosity

c) Ousting, nobleness

d) Straying, altruism

e) Broaching, malevolence

8) Remnants of this colonial are difficult to spot in an urban area __________ transformed by an industrial boom and that today is a ________ scientific and technological hub.

a) Extremely, bootless

b) Acutely, otiose

c) Enormously, vain

d) Keenly, futile

e) Profoundly, dynamic

9) The human brain generates strong waves of _________ when it ________ individual stories and not when it hears statistics dished out by a government official.

a) Empathy, encounters

b) Affinity, confront

c) Insight, dodges

d) Compassion, espy

e) Disdain, sustains

10) Case studies and textbooks need to capture and _________ the ________ crisis management by the state, district administrations and ordinary folk.

a) Perpetuate, impotent

b) Commemorate, effective

c) Obliterate, dynamic

d) Trespass, cogent

e) Solemnize, despicable

Directions (11-15): Choose one of the words from the given options which makes sentence incorrect such that it changes the whole meaning of the sentence 

 11) Government interference in markets on the basis of a faulty a)diagnosis b) can have a chain of unintended c) negative consequences d).

a) B-verification

b) C-prophesied

c) D-aftermaths

d) A-fallacious

e) None of these

12) The scale and market power of big-tech has enabled a) it to pump b)money into innovation and provide c) services that are cheap d) or free.

a) D-slashed

b) C-proffer

c) B-expel

d) A-fettered

e) None of these

13) Banks in India are so weak a) that they are reluctant b) to lend c) to even healthy firms, and many need a taxpayer-funded bailout to survive d).

a) A-feeble

b) C-accord

c) B-amenable

d) D-endure

e) None of these

14) One of the most notable a) results of this scheme is FlatFish, an underwater robot for inspecting b)offshore drilling c) infrastructure developed d) by CIMATEC institute in the state of Bahia.

a) B-evading

b) A-prominent

c) C-inculcating

d) D-undertaken

e) None of these

15) The excess a)liquidity b) in the banking system had to be sucked c) out as money market interest rates drifted d) below the channel of policy interest rates.

a) A-surplus

b) D-dissipated

c) B-mobility

d) C-drained

e) None of these

Directions (16-20): In which of the following given sentences the usage of the given word is correct.

16) Profligacy

a) Profligacy of sleep had made him irritable.

b) Fiscal profligacy has sharply constrained the ability of policymakers to borrow and spend more.

c) There is a profligacy of reasonably priced housing for rent.

d) Hospitals are being forced to close departments because of profligacy of money.

e) All are correct

17) Conspicuous

a) He tried not to look conspicuous and moved slowly along the back of the room.

b) Carbon monoxide gas is so deadly because it is both conspicuous and has no scent

c) Some top secret military airplanes have a setting that makes them conspicuous to other aircrafts

d) Layla felt conspicuous because everyone ignored her and pretended like she wasn’t there

e) All are correct

18) Splurged

a) I thought we had splurged money for a holiday

b) Scraps of material were splurged, cut up and pieced together for quilts.

c) This has splurged the expense and trouble of buying two pairs.

d) Since Marie barely has enough money for rent, she has not able to splurged on clothes right now.

e) All are correct

19) Exogenous

a) Maths is an exogenous part of the school curriculum.

b) The ulnar nerve innervates the remaining exogenous muscles of the hand.

c) A decrease in demand for honey led to an exogenous overflowing of honey in the company’s warehouses

d) The presence of antibodies to parietal cells and to exogenous factor are characteristic findings.

e) All are correct

20) Onerous

a) The tax bill was aimed at lifting the onerous tax burden from the backs of the middleclass.

b) The flight attendant was not prepared to deal with the onerous passenger.

c) While the assignment seems simple, in reality, it is quite onerous.

d) Taking care of the puppy is an onerous task

e) All are correct

Answers :

Direction (1-5) :

1). Answer: b) the meaning of affirmative is agreeing to a statement or request.

2). Answer: a) the meaning of bafflingly is to puzzle or set someone thinking.

3). Answer: d) the meaning of envisage is to foresee or predict

4). Answer: c) the meaning of myriad is countless or extremely great in number.

5). Answer: d) the meaning of posterity is all future generations of people or successors

Direction (6-10) :

6). Answer: c)

The meaning of “exemptions” is “the action of freeing from an obligation imposed on others” and it is suitable for i blanks and the meaning of “pertaining” is “related, or applicable to” so it is appropriate for ii blank

7). Answer: b)

The meaning of “tapping” is “to draw off or open” and it is suitable for i blanks and the meaning of “generosity” is “the quality of being kind and generous” so it is appropriate for ii blank

8). Answer: e)

The meaning of “profoundly” is “greatly/very” and it is suitable for i blanks and the meaning of “dynamic” is “productive or progressive” so it is appropriate for ii blank

9). Answer: a)

The meaning of “empathy” is “understanding” and it is suitable for i blanks and the meaning of “encounters” is “to come across” so it is appropriate for ii blank

10). Answer: b)

The meaning of “commemorate” is “to observe” and it is suitable for i blanks and the meaning of “effective” is “successful in producing a desired or intended result.” so it is appropriate for ii blank

Direction (11-15) :

11). Answer: b)

C- prophesied which means to predict or foretell

12). Answer: d)

A- fettered which means to restrain

13). Answer: c)

B- amenable which means open and responsive to suggestion

14). Answer: a)

B- evading which means to escape or avoid someone or something

15). Answer: b)

D-dissipated which means to disappear or cause to disappear.

Direction (16-20) :

16). Answer: b) the meaning of profligacy is excess or overspending

17). Answer: a) the meaning of conspicuous is clearly visible or attracting notice or attention.

18). Answer: d) the meaning of splurge is to spend money freely or extravagantly.

19). Answer: c) the meaning of exogenous is having an external cause or origin or derived externally

20). Answer: e) the meaning of onerous is involving a great deal of effort, trouble, or difficulty.

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