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Direction (1-10): In a passage given below there are 10 blanks, each followed by a word given in bold. Every blank has four alternative words given in options (a), (b), (c) and (d). You have to choose which word will best suit to the respective blank. Choose (e) as your answer if the word given in the bold after the blank is your answer i.e. “No change requires”.


Every other Tuesday at Facebook, and every Friday at YouTube, executives _ (1) _ [gathered] to debate the latest problems with hate speech, misinformation and other disturbing content on their platforms, and decide what should be removed or left alone. The forum has become a frequent stop on the company’s publicity circuit for journalists. Decisions made at these meetings eventually filter down into instructions for thousands of content reviewers around the world. Seeing how each company _ (2) _ [checking] content is encouraging. The two firms no longer regard making such decisions as a peripheral activity but as core to their business.  Politicians are paying ever more attention to the content these platforms carry, and to the policies they use to _ (3) _ [judging] it. Sheryl Sandberg, Facebook’s number two, and Jack Dorsey, the boss of Twitter, testified before the Senate Select Intelligence Committee, allowing their platforms to be _ (4) _ [handle] by Russian operatives seeking to influence the 2016 presidential election. Scrutiny of Facebook, Twitter, YouTube et al has _ (5) _ [raise] recently. At the same time the tech platforms have faced accusations of anti-conservative bias for suppressing certain news.  Internet firms in America are shielded from legal responsibility for content posted on their services.  In Myanmar journalists and human-rights experts found that misinformation on Facebook was _ (6) _ [encouraged] violence against Muslim Rohyinga. In the aftermath of a mass shooting at a school in Parkland, Florida, searches about the shooting on YouTube surfaced conspiracy videos alleging it was a hoax involving crisis actors. Although most of the moderators work for third-party firms, the growth in their numbers has already had an impact on the firms’ finances. When Facebook posted disappointing quarterly results higher costs for moderation were partly _ (7) _ [enmeshing]. Human monitors decide quickly what to do with content that has been flagged, and most such flagging is done via automated detection. Twitter also uses AI to _ (8) _ [inquiring] out fake accounts and some inappropriate content, but it relies more heavily on user reports of harassment and bullying. More _ (9) _ [overwhelmed] change is also possible. If misinformation, hate speech and offensive content are so _ (10) _ [common]


a) Assembled

b) Convene

c) Mustered

d) Adjourn

e) No change required


a) Assuaging

b) Relenting

c) Moderates

d) Instigates

e) No change required


a) Evaluate

b) Overleap

c) Elide

d) Procrastinate

e) No change required


a) Maneuver

b) Beguile

c) Manipulated

d) Renounced

e) No change required


a) Extenuated

b) Intensified

c) Minified

d) Waned

e) No change required


a) Tranquilizing

b) Inciting

c) Muffling

d) Dismaying

e) No change required


a) Implicated

b) Embroiling

c) Exonerated

d) Inculpating

e) No change required


a) Shun

b) Retort

c) Echo

d) Sniff

e) No change required


a) Cursory

b) Superficial

c) Profound

d) Apparent

e) No change required


a) Tenuous

b) Pervasive

c) Attenuate

d) Subtle

e) No change required

Directions (11-15): In which of the following given sentences the usage of the given word is correct.

11) Mordant

a) She can’t accept even mordant criticism of her work.

b) The mordant news anchor lost his job after he made racist jokes on television

c) Caffeine, which is found in coffee and tea, is a mordant stimulant.

d) He has suffered a mordant heart attack, nothing too serious.

e) All are correct

12) Stringent

a) You can actually accomplish a lot more by stringent persuasion.

b) The children rolled over and over down the stringent slope.

c) Outside the flat, she could hear the stringent wash of the waves on the beach.

d) We need to introduce more stringent security measures such as identity cards.

e) All are correct

13) Banal

a) I was bored to death because of his banal conversation

b) Filled with repetitive tasks, Sally’s job can only be described as banal.

c) He just sat there making banal remarks all evening.

d) His jokes consist of banal clichés we have heard too many times

e) All are correct

14) Wreaked

a) The recent storms have wreaked havoc on crops.

b) Since his wreaked attempt in college, John has always wanted to write a novel.

c) The experiment wreaked because of poor planning.

d) His health wreaked after the operation.

e) All are correct

15) Render

a) He currently renders the position of technical manager.

b) The company had failed to render accounts to its shareholders two years in a row.

c) You have to render my hand when we cross the road.

d) Despite incurring heavy losses, the rebels now render the town and the surrounding hills.

e) All are correct

Directions (16-20):  In each of the following questions on phrase has been given and it has been followed by four sentences. You have to find out on which sentences phrase has been used properly according to its meaning and mark your answer from the options denoted a),b),c),d)Mark e) as your answer of you find that the phrase has been applied properly in all sentences

16) Part with

i) After months of negotiations, we’ve decided to part with the company.

ii) She did not want to part with her friend

iii) I could never part with my books.

iv) I hated to part the mother with her child.

a) i and iii

b) ii and iv

c) i and ii

d) All except iv

e) All are correct

17) Give away

i) We have six copies of the book to give away.

ii) Riau haven’t given away the books you borrowed from me.

iii) The flower gives away a very strong fragrance.

iv) They felt like they were giving away company secrets.

a) ii and iv

b) i and ii

c) ii and iii

d) i and iv

e) All are correct

18) Ferret out

i) Officials are attempting to ferret out abuses in the welfare program.

ii) He’s good at ferreting out the facts.

iii) I had to ferret out all the information for myself.

iv) We can ferret out the mouse with the aid of the cat.

a) iii and iv

b) ii and iii

c) i and ii

d) All except iv

e) All are correct

19) Track down

i) Many English words track down to Greek or Latin.

ii) I tracked down the book I was looking for.

iii) I’ve been trying to track down that book but haven’t had any luck.

iv) We tracked our family history down 200 years.

a) i and ii

b) i and iv

c) ii and iii

d) iii and iv

e) All are correct

20) Stir up

i) That old picture stirs up many memories for me.

ii) The protesters hope to stir up the public through this demonstration

iii) The danger stirred them up action.

iv) He’s always stirring up trouble among the campers

a) i an iv

b) ii and iii

c) All except iii

d) i and ii

e) All are correct

Answers :

Direction (1-10) :

1). Answer: b) according to the sentence convene will be used as it means to come or bring together for a meeting or activity

2). Answer: c) according to the sentence moderates will be used as it means to hold in or keep under control

3). Answer: a) according to the sentence evaluate will be used as it means to assess or analyse

4). Answer: c) according to the sentence manipulated will be used as it means to handle or control information in a skilful manner.

5). Answer: b) according to the sentence intensified will be used as it means to augment or become or make more intense.

6). Answer: b) according to the sentence inciting will be used as it means to induce or stimulate

7). Answer: a) according to the sentence implicated will be used as it means to involve or connect

8). Answer: d) according to the sentence sniff will be used as sniff out means to investigate

9). Answer: c) according to the sentence profound will be used as it means very great or extreme

10). Answer: b) according to the sentence pervasive will be used as it means spreading widely throughout an area or a group of people

Direction (11-15) :

11). Correct Answer: b)

The meaning of mordant is having or showing a sharp or critical quality

12). Correct Answer: d)

The meaning of stringent is strict or rigid

13). Correct Answer: e)

The meaning of banal is ordinary and boring

14). Correct Answer: a)

The meaning of wreaked is to cause a large amount of damage or harm

15). Correct Answer: b)

The meaning of render is to provide or give something

Direction (16-20) :

16). Answer: d)

The meaning of “part with” is to give up or let go of someone or something and the phrase has been applied properly in i, ii and iii sentences

17). Answer: d)

The meaning of “give away” is to a thing that is given free or to give up or abandon something and the phrase has been applied properly in i and ivsentences

18). Answer: e)

The meaning of “ferret out” is to search out, discover, or bring to light and the phrase has been applied properly in all the sentences

19). Answer: c)

The meaning of “track down” is to pursue someone or something until found or captured and the phrase has been applied properly in ii and iii sentences

20). Answer: c)

The meaning of “stir up” is to evoke some mental image or to rouse the emotions of someone and the phrase has been applied properly in i, ii and iv sentences

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