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Directions (1-5): Each sentence below has one or two blanks, each blank indicating that something has been omitted. Below the sentence are five sets of words. Choose the set of words for each blank that best fits the meaning of the sentence as a whole. 

1) Employing the strict ________ standard, which demands that ________ governmental interest be proved, would have established a healthy precedent.

a) Perusal, deterring

b) Scrutiny, compelling

c) Inspection, overawing

d) Audits, coercing

e) Surveillance, appalling

2) The state has failed to ________ that a less ______ measure other than biometric authentication will not subserve its purposes.

a) Proclaim, protuberant

b) Distort, prominent

c) Exhibit, protruding

d) Demonstrate, intrusive

e) Validate, blatant

3) Indian strategic thinking has evolved over the last several decades deeply _________ of American multilateralism and a strong ________ of preserving the nation’s sovereignty.

a) Heedless, backer

b) Conclusive, partisan

c) Suspicious, proponent

d) Unerring, protector

e) Sundry, defender

4) It is a sign of the _______ nature of the times in which we live that many in India are _______ when the US is speaking a language that India should be rather comfortable with.

a) Reliable, bewildered

b) Treacherous, befuddled

c) Competent, dazed

d) Innocuous, flustered

e) Vigilant, inebriated

5) Nor should they generally welcome a situation where President Trump’s ______are deemed to be successful, that might only encourage further_______; after all, there have been 31 Godzilla movies so far.

a) Maneuver, turmoil

b) Tactics, rampages

c) Technique, harmonies

d) Cessations, destructions

e) Campaign, blow up

Directions (6-10): Choose one of the words from the given options which makes sentence incorrect such that it changes the whole meaning of the sentence 

6) A seven-member ministerial panel will study a) whether a disaster levy is needed b) to provide relief to states struck by natural calamities c) such as the recent floods that ravaged d) Kerala

a) C-adversities

b) B-entailed

c) D-rectified

d) A-examine

e) None of these

7) Counting a) procedures were changed b) at the last minute, which led to some confusion during Sunday’s polling, and many foreign journalists, including c) from India, were denied d) visas.

a) D-rebuffed

b) C-precluding

c) B-transmuted

d) A-underlying

e) None of these

8) In upholding a) the constitutional validity of Aadhaar and clarifying b) areas in which it cannot be made mandatory c), the Supreme Court has restored d) the original intent of the programme to plug leakages in subsidy schemes

a) B-elucidating

b) A-validating

c) D-gentrified

d) C-prodigal

e) None of these

9) A unique identity number that could be availed a) on a voluntary basis and was conceived b) to eliminate the rampant c) fraud had threatened d) into something that was mandatory for various aspects of life.

a) C-restrained

b) A-sufficed

c) B-formulated

d) D-imperiled

e) None of these

10) The market would continue to monitor a) the likelihood of meeting the budgeted targets for revenues related to the goods and services tax and assess b) whether the outlays required c) for revised d) minimum support price

a) C-statutory

b) A-supervise

c) D-modified

d) B-disdain

e) None of these

Direction (11-15): Which of the following phrases given below each sentence should replace the phrase printed in bold letters to make the sentence grammatically correct? Choose the best option among the five given alternatives that reflect the correct use of phrase in the context of the grammatically correct sentence. If the sentence is correct as it is, mark (e) i.e., “No correction required” as the answer.

11) The majority opinion had try to check the import of the scheme to aspects directly related to welfare benefits, subsidies and money spent from the Consolidated Fund of India.

a) Has eluded to curb

b) Had aimed to restrict

c) Has sought to limit

d) Had shunned to control

e) No correction required

12) Eurosceptics see this as aligning the country too close to the EU and For Brussels, it could still total to an unacceptable division of the EU’s four freedoms.

a) Could still come to

b) Would still amount to

c) Could still aggregate to

d) Would still withhold to

e) No correction required

13) In his dissent, Justice D.Y. Chandrachud argued that the RajyaSabha’sauthority have been replaced and that this constitutes a fraud on the Constitution.

a) Has been superseded

b) Have been annulled

c) Has been managed

d) Have been discarded

e) No correction required

14) The larger agenda shall be to unite the Maldives in its stability and development rather than engaging in a tug of war with China.

a) Shall be to associate

b) Must be to resister

c) Shall be to collaborate

d) Must be to partner

e) No correction required

15) Mr.Yameen responded to India’s criticism of the emergency he declared with fixing down on visas, hundreds of whom await some movement in the matter after the new government takes over.

a) With fastening down on

b) By clamping down on

c) By impeding down on

d) With attaching down on

e) No correction required

Direction (16-20): The sentences may contain multiple errors, find out which part of sentence has an error and mark the option given below as a),b),c),d). Choose e) as an option if you find out that sentence has no error. 

16) Vehicles can be driven straight in the parking space A)/ and moved in the same direction while disembarking, B)/it will bring off the time taken for embarking and C)/ disembarking, according to the civic authorities D)/ No Error E)/

a) A-C

b) B-D

c) C-D

d) A-B

e) No Error

17) Among the different flavours of judicial review A/, the strict scrutiny standard, originated in US courts, is B/the sternest, it is generally reserved on assessing C/legislation that is discriminatory reservation laws D/No Error E/

a) A-C

b) B-C

c) A-D

d) B-D

e) No Error

18) Plastics are now widely present in the environment, as visible waste over A)/coastlines, in lakes and rivers, and even in the soil, the recent B)/finding that micro plastic particles are found even in C)/‘safe’ bottle water indicates the magnitude of the crisis D)/ No Error E)/

a) A-D

b) B-C

c) A-C

d) B-D

e) No Error

19) Only US President can stand in the biggest multilateral A/platform, which was build to help nations shed their nationalistic B/ impulses, and call upon the international community C/to reject globalism and embrace patriotism, in his speech D/No Error E/

a) C-D

b) A-C

c) A-B

d) B-D

e) No Error

20) The administration distancing A/itself from multilateralism is beginning B/to have an impact at the UN whereas a rising China C/is making their presence felt in multiple ways D/No Error E/

a) B-D

b) A-D

c) B-C

d) A-C

e) No Error


1) Answer: B

The meaning of “scrutiny” is “critical observation or examination” and it is suitable for i blanks and the meaning of “compelling” is “to bring about (something) by the use of pressure” so it is appropriate for ii blank

2) Answer: D

The meaning of “demonstrate” is “clearly show the existence of something by giving proof” and it is suitable for i blanks and the meaning of “intrusive” is “unwanted or interrupting” so it is appropriate for ii blank

3) Answer: C

The meaning of “suspicious” is “doubtful or questionable” and it is suitable for i blanks and the meaning of “proponent” is “a person who support a theory, proposal, or course of action” so it is appropriate for ii blank

4) Answer: B

The meaning of “treacherous” is “condition presenting hidden or unpredictable dangers” and it is suitable for i blanks and the meaning of “befuddled” is “cause to become unable to think clearly” so it is appropriate for ii blank

5) Answer: B

The meaning of “tactics” is “approach or policy” and it is suitable for i blank and the meaning of “rampages” is “a period of violent and uncontrollable behavior by a group of people.” so it is appropriate for ii   blank.

6) Answer: C

D-rectified which means to amend

7) Answer: B

C-precluding which means to prevent from happening

8) Answer: D

C-prodigal which means wasteful or excessive

9) Answer: A

C- Restrained which means controlled or checked

10) Answer: D

B- disdain which means to disregard

11) Answer: C

‘has sought to limit’ is the correct option which makes a grammatical and contextual sense here

12) Answer: B

‘would still amount to’ is the correct option which makes a grammatical and contextual sense here

13) Answer: A

‘has been superseded’ is the correct option which makes a grammatical and contextual sense here

14) Answer: D

 ‘must be to partner’ is the correct option which makes a grammatical and contextual sense here

15) Answer: B

 ‘by clamping down on’ is the correct option which makes a grammatical and contextual sense here

16) Answer: A

In part a) it should be into instead of in and in part c) it should be down in place off (bring down means to lower something)

17) Answer: B

In part b) it should be originating instead of originated and in part c) it should be for in place on

18) Answer: A

In part a) it should be along which means next to or close by instead of over and in part d) it should be bottled in place of bottle

19) Answer: C

In part a) it should be at instead of in and in part b) it should be built in place of build

20) Answer: B

In part a) it should be administration’s instead of administration and in part d) it should be its in place of their

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